Fascism and National Socialism
(Published in Gerarchia, June 6, 1938)

By Rudolf Hess

In the same way in which last year the Italian people followed with great enthusiasm the visit of their Duce to Germany, so in recent days the German people have had their share, and passionately followed the visit of their Führer to your Empire, Italian Fascists! The two great and civil Nations have once again spent days sharing joy, happiness and triumph. They have experienced an atmosphere of sublime awareness, because noble thoughts—conceived by the best minds of the two Empires in a common identity of views—are the source of friendship, and mutual personal friendship between the same two leaders: Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

With noble pride, these two great historical figures can now take a retrospective look at the revolutions which they introduced into European and world history: Fascism and National Socialism.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler liberated their people from Marxism and saved them from Bolshevism. It is they who gained and ensured political freedom and social justice for their people. It is they who created and animated the vital forces of their Nations, secured the honour of labour, and the honour of all the workers of the two Empires. Through their Parties they have rejuvenated the two countries, transforming them into imperial Nations. Nothing could be more natural, therefore, that both in Germany and in Italy the closest comrades of the Duce and the Führer, the comrades of the first hour, the Old Guard of Fascism and National Socialism have proven an inexpressible satisfaction in this pleasant spring of friendship between the two Revolutions which they serve and the two Leaders whom they obey. For them, these days constitute the radiant apotheosis of their battle.

Fascists! We, the followers of Adolf Hitler, and you, the followers of Benito Mussolini, together we unite in a common pride because we enter into history as men who, at a crucial moment in the development of the life of our people, gave our whole beings over to greater men. Destiny gave them to us in these days of anguish and struggle. They are the chosen spirits of all those who have been born on Italian and German soil.

I salute you, therefore, in the fair waiting for the days ahead: Viva Mussolini! Heil Hitler!

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