Sons of Odin, Sons of Thor,

Kings of the cold Sea;

O gods, we go to do you Honor.

Who can stand against us?

See us; we go to feed the Ravens

With your enemies

And to make the wound-dew run red

Upon the grass.

Men of the mount ains, go forth!

Carry the title of Liberty high;

Meet the enemy with righteous might and

With fury, drive him into the sea.

Fight my sons!

Fight for the green graves of your Sires.

Be you a Shield and protect the blood kindred people of

Your Soil;

Reclaim our sacred ground for Aryan man and Aryan woman.

Let the Seas run red with the blood of the fleeing alien hordes;

Go forth, my sons, and carry the banner of Your people high!

In the midst of battle I will be at your side;

Victory will be Ours!

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