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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of September 9, 2000

The Case of Hendrik Möbus by Dr. William Pierce

"...Three months ago I had a visit from a young German musician who has made a name for himself with resistance music in Europe. He is Hendrik Möbus, and he is 23 years old. I invited him to stay as my guest and help me establish new outlets in Europe for my records. And that's what he did for 10 weeks. He stayed as my guest, and we talked about the role of music in our overall effort.

Hendrik is an extremely intelligent young man, quite serious, and entirely committed to our struggle. When he was a teenager in East Germany, however, he got himself into trouble. At the age of 16 he was involved in a killing. Well, he was tried and convicted as a juvenile, and he served his prison term, using his five years in prison to get his thinking straightened out. Eventually he was released, and after that he devoted himself to his music. But he wasn't as discreet as he might have been: he began telling the mainstream German media what he thought about things. Now, in Germany since 1945 it has been illegal to tell anyone what you think about things, unless your ideas are Politically Correct. That's what happens to you when you lose a war: you lose your freedom. So the German government told Hendrik he would have to go back to prison.

Hendrik decided he'd rather not do that; he'd rather continue producing and promoting resistance music. So he left Germany and came to the United States -- legally, with a passport and a visa. The German government then asked the Clinton government to arrest Hendrik and send him back to Germany, so that he could be put in prison for saying what he thought.

Two weeks ago today, when Hendrik left my place to buy some groceries, a dozen of Mr. Clinton's secret policemen jumped on him, jammed a pistol in his ear, slammed his face down on the back of a car so hard that teeth marks were left in the paint, twisted his arm behind his back with such force that they broke the arm, and hustled him away. Hendrik is a quiet, skinny, non-violent intellectual. He was unarmed and put up absolutely no resistance when he was arrested. And yet they broke his arm.

And the Federal cops who arrested him knew what he was being arrested for. They had copies of the extradition request. They knew that his alleged offense was simply speaking to the press in Germany. And yet they broke his arm when they arrested him. And then, before Hendrik could contact me or an attorney, they shoved a paper in his face and told him to sign it. It would make things a lot easier for him they said. Hendrik, in a great deal of pain from his broken arm and not really understanding the situation, signed an agreement not to contest deportation to Germany for overstaying his visa. That was a mistake, but I believe that it can be undone, so that the government cannot short circuit the extradition process with a deportation.

I'll tell you why the Clinton government would rather deport Hendrik than try to extradite him, and why I prefer to fight an extradition instead of a deportation. The reason why the government prefers deportation and we prefer extradition is that the things Hendrik did in Germany which resulted in the extradition request are not illegal in the United States. In the United States they are constitutionally protected activities. Most Americans don't understand that the Germans have no free speech. They don't understand that in 1945 we didn't liberate the Germans; we took away their freedom and imposed an occupation government on them, from which the present German government is descended. The present German government would like to keep it that way, with most Americans remaining in the dark on this issue. And most Americans also don't understand that their government in Washington collaborates with the German government in punishing Germans who say what they think. The Clinton government would like to keep it that way, with most Americans remaining in the dark about their government's true attitude toward free speech.

I want to use Hendrik's case to expose the utter hypocrisy of the U.S. government where free speech is concerned. Fortunately for this purpose, Hendrik's case is a matter of enormous public interest in Germany now. The German public is fascinated by the fact that a 23-year-old German has been arrested and brutalized by the secret police here for making a Politically Incorrect statement in Germany. I already have given three major interviews to Germany's largest television networks in the past eight days, and if the German interest in Hendrik continues, the controlled media in this country will have a hard time ignoring the principal issue involved: namely, that the present U.S. government, while pretending to be in favor of free speech actually sympathizes with repressive laws of the sort the Jews have succeeded in imposing on the Germans, so that they can continue using Germany as a cash cow for Israel, and the Germans can't complain about it.

Imagine this: A Jew in Saudi Arabia is arrested carrying a sign that says, "Mohammed was a bed-wetter." The Jew escapes from the Saudi police and comes to the United States. The Saudi government requests that our government arrest him and return him to Saudi Arabia to be tried for sacrilege. Can you imagine the sort of cooperation the Saudi government would receive from the Clinton government? Can you imagine Madeleine Albright sending out the U.S. Marshals to round up the Jew, breaking his arm in the process, and handing him over to the Saudis so they can whack off his head in a public square in Riyadh? Can you even imagine that? But when the German government requests the extradition of a young German musician who composes the sort of music and says the sort of things the Jews and the liberals don't like, the Clinton government falls all over itself in its eagerness to help the German government punish the young man who merely did what any American is free to do. The Clinton government and the Jewish media bosses will tell you that they believe in free speech, but I tell you that it is what they do rather than what they say which reveals to us what they really believe. The officials of the Clinton government take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but in fact they themselves are the greatest and most dangerous enemies of the Constitution.

And the Jewish media have employed the same sort of deliberate deception in their reporting of Hendrik's arrest that they have employed in practically every other case where ideological issues are involved. So far not one media report in the United States has focused on the fact that the German extradition request cited only so-called "offenses" in Germany which are not offenses in the United States. Not one U.S. newspaper had a headline anything like, "German musician arrested in United States for making Politically Incorrect music and press statements in Germany." The headline in the Washington Post on August 29 was, and I quote: "Fugitive Neo-Nazi from Germany Is Captured in West Virginia." And the lead paragraph in the Washington Post story is, and again I quote: "After secretly trailing a German neo-Nazi fugitive on his journey . . . to West Virginia, the U.S. Marshals Service arrested the convicted murderer near the 200-acre property of White separatist William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, authorities announced yesterday." -- end quote --

Now, you can read the fine print for more information on the arrest, but the message that will stick in the mind of the average newspaper reader is what is in the headline and the lead paragraph: Hendrik was arrested for being a neo-Nazi, and he also is a fugitive murderer. The pattern was the same for the other U.S. media. The Associated Press story, also on August 29, was headed, "German neo-Nazi fugitive arrested in West Virginia." The story in West Virginia's terminally liberal Charleston Gazette the next day -- that's August 30 -- was headed, "Police catch up with neo-Nazi in Lewisburg."

Again I stress that not one report of Hendrik's arrest in the mainstream media focused on the fact that he was arrested only for what he said in Germany. Instead they all implied that his real offense is being a neo-Nazi and that it's perfectly reasonable to arrest people for that in the United States. And of course, they dragged in the red herring of his juvenile offense and then tried to associate the ideas of "fugitive murderer" and "neo-Nazi" in the minds of readers. And not one of them -- not one -- mentioned that the U.S. Marshals broke his arm when they arrested him, despite the fact that he was unarmed, offered no resistance, and was not believed to be violent or aggressive. And I should mention in this regard that Hendrik was examined by a physician after his arrest, his arm was x-rayed, and it was determined by the physician to be fractured -- but not a word of this appeared in the mainstream media here. They didn't want the public to have any sympathy for a "hate speech" criminal. Again, imagine what they would have had to say about a broken arm in the hypothetical case of that Jew committing sacrilege in Saudi Arabia. You would never hear the end of it. It would have been another Elian Gonzales story, with televised images of the bruises and swelling, with hourly updates on his condition from the prison physician, and so on, day after day. But in Hendrik's case, not a word.

Well, I hope that I have made my point that neither the politicians in the Clinton government nor the media bosses really believe in free speech, and they're lying when they say they do. They believe in free speech only for those people with whom they agree ideologically, those people whose interests are the same as theirs. And they definitely do not want people who disagree with them to be able to express themselves. That is why they're pushing so hard now for so-called "hate speech" laws and trying to make the lemmings believe that they already can be prosecuted and sent to prison for saying anything which is "racist." That's why the Clinton government collaborates so enthusiastically with the German government in persecuting Germans for Political Incorrectness.

My aim in telling you all of these things is to alert you to the danger we are facing from those who want to take away our liberty and to try to galvanize you into speaking out yourself and alerting others. My aim is not to discourage you or make you feel that all is lost because the forces arrayed against our freedom are so powerful. So let me end our program today on a positive note. The German government is not desperate to make an example out of a 23-year-old kid who smarted off to the media because it is confident that history is on its side. On the contrary, the German government is bent out of shape by Hendrik because it's scared to death of him -- and thousands of others like him. The German government senses the instability in the air. It knows that the whole structure on which its power rests is rotten. It is afraid of dissent, afraid of where dissent may lead.

And the Clinton government and the Jews behind the government are afraid of dissidents for exactly the same reason. They don't send a SWAT-team of trigger-happy goons after a skinny, unarmed, 23-year-old musician with Politically Incorrect ideas and break his arm because they're filled with confidence in the historical inevitability of militant lesbianism, or whatever it is the Clinton government stands for.

They do it because they are afraid. Let's help make their nightmare come true.

Thanks for being with me again today.

Save Our Freedom I send the text of my broadcasts every week to you because you requested it. I never have asked anything in return from you -- until now. I want to hire the best extradition attorney I can find to fight the Clinton government's effort to turn Hendrik Möbus over to the German government. One of my reasons for doing this is that I believe Hendrik should not be imprisoned for saying what he believes, either in Germany or in the United States. A more important reason, however, is that I want to make as big an issue as I can of the Clinton government's hypocrisy about the First Amendment. I want to rub the government's nose in its hypocrisy. I already have filed a petition for political asylum for Hendrik in order to prevent the Immigration and Naturalization Service from deporting him. What I want from you is help with the legal expenses of fighting Hendrik's extradition, which easily can exceed $100,000. I cannot pay the whole cost alone. With your generous help, however, I can do it. Please send the largest donation you can to the National Alliance, POB 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946. Please send it today; I must move quickly on this. Note at the bottom of your check "Hendrik's Defense Fund." Thanks. William Pierce

...As of August 29, 2000...

For those unaware, this article is regarding JFN of Absurd/Darker than Black Records.

MARLINTON, W.Va. (APBnews.com) -- A German neo-Nazi fugitive and convicted murderer is under arrest by U.S. Marshals after nationwide hunt led them to the property of one of America's most influential white separatists, authorities said. Hendrik Albert Viktor Moebus, 24, was arrested Saturday about 20 miles from the compound belonging to William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries. The book, popular among white separatists, described a bomb plot similar to the one carried out by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. Pierce is not charged in connection with Moebus' flight. Moebus is being held in West Virginia pending an extradition hearing Sept. 7. He was paroled in 1998 after serving two-thirds of his sentence in the kidnapping and slaying of a "non-Aryan" in Germany.

Fled Germany

German authorities requested help finding Moebus in March after learning he had fled the country. Moebus was wanted on parole violations for making extremist comments about the murder victim and giving the Nazi salute during right-wing gatherings in Germany. He was convicted in 1994 along with two accomplices for luring a teenager, described as a "non-Aryan," to an apartment and strangling him. In March, U.S. authorities determined Moebus had entered the country legally in Seattle in December 1999. A federal arrest warrant was issued in early July. U.S. Marshals tracked him to Loon Lake, Wash., before embarking on a six-week chase through Ohio, Richmond, Va., and finally to the Pierce property in West Virginia. Moebus, whom authorities say had been living at the Pierce property for two weeks, was arrested without incident as he stepped out of a car about 20 miles from the compound. Authorities say he was not armed.

'Difficult fugitive to track'

In all, 35 to 40 Marshals were involved in the six-month investigation, described by authorities as one of their more difficult cases. "He was a difficult fugitive to track because he was not living in the open and not using his true name," said Chris Dudley, the senior inspector who headed the probe for the Marshals Service. "A lot of people put in a lot of hours on it." Dudley said Moebus had not been engaged in any violent activities in this country, nor was there evidence he was planning any violent acts. Authorities said there was no known connection between Moebus and Pierce.

-As an afterthought, this recent news forces one to several conclusions. Consider the fact that Hendrik was only wanted on parole violation, and of course 'giving the Nazi salute during right-wing gatherings.' Taking into account that '35-40 Marshals' were involved in this case and 'A lot of people put in a lot of hours on it' in a 'six-month investigation' it makes one wonder how many tax-dollars were spent in this case, not to mention the time the European governments spent on it! Millions no doubt, but for one man? No, not the man himself, they hunted and arrested the music, the belief. This illuminates a number of things to even the semi-intelligent reader. This is not solely a direct attack on freedom, but once again one of Their numerous assaults on our brand of music, which, try as they might, they cannot penetrate. They cannot regulate. They cannot control. And what they cannot regulate and control, they must eradicate. It is Their way. Much of our underground music is a source of truth, of knowledge, unedited and free from their tampering. This stands in their way. This is dangerous to Them. And if you support this music, YOU stand in Their way as well, and are equally dangerous to Them as a supporter of this brand of music. Beware. Maybe you'll be next, maybe sooner than later. Maybe for listening to a particular band, or believing a particular belief or even thinking a certain way. Freedom of speech, religion, political preference and expression have no place in our land anymore, and if you still think they do, then They mean to show you that you have no place any longer either. It's only a matter of time. Awaken and beware!

Black Metal is Their enemy, WE are Their enemy and They are Ours!--MTA

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  • ...As of January 18, 2000...

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, 'a non-profit organization that combats hate, intolerance, and discrimination...' has recently posted one of the most misinformed, stereotypical articles on black metal. Anyone even slightly knowledgeable on this genre of music will find this quite laughable and most likely will be angered by their misinformed and utterly biased portrayals. To read this report go to: www.splcenter.org and click on "What's New," then scroll down and click "neo-Nazi infiltration of the music scene."

    ...As of May 5th, 1999...

    After calling it quits with Sacramentary Abolishment back in December '98, Vermin and Wor have begun a new band called 'Axis of Advance'... The new drummer is J. Read from ex-Conqueror/Cremation. The new mini-CD is expected to be out the 1st of May on Catharsis Records entitled 'Landline.' The new style is said to be more 'militant,' 'brutal' and overall much 'faster' and 'heavier' then in the past.

    ...As of April 12, 1999...

    Misathropy Records is preparing to release their final Burzum album before closing their doors forever, the release will be titled 'Hlidskjalf,' due out April 26...

    Darkmoon will be releasing their latest work on May 8th through Music for Nations entitled-' Seas of Unrest'...

    Abigor's next release is schelduled for May 17th entitled "Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan,' which will once again be released through Napalm Records...

    New Judas Iscariot album coming soon, entitled "Heaven In Flames" on CD through Elegy Records, cassette from At War Records, LP from End All Life Records. Also new Sarcophagus MCD coming soon, label unannounced at this time.

    On other Judas Iscariot news, "Distant In Solitary Night" will be unleashed in the coming months by Moribund Records. In Breath of Night news, the new Avenger album will be released, called "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy"...

    The new Theatres des Vampires 'The Vampire Chronicles' has just been released through Alkaid Records in Italy...

    Thy Primordial has released their new CD as of April 1st, entitled 'At the World of Untrodden Wonder' under Pulversied Records... Indungeon has also released a new CD entitled 'The Misanthropocalypse' after leaving FMP and signing with Invasion...

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