[Above: A French woman accused of sleeping with Germans is attacked and her head has been shaved by her neighbors in a village near Marseilles.]

[Above: A French woman with a bloody face is forced to look at the camera while French soldiers do nothing.]

[Above: The brave, heroic, sexual sadist.]

[Above: Naked French women smeared with tar and oil are forced to stiff arm salute.]

[Above: A sobbing French woman with a swastika smeared on her face is paraded through the streets with civilians and a soldier.]

[Above: Sadistic soldiers parade a naked French woman through the streets. I'm sure they felt very manly and tough doing this cowardly and perverted act.]

[Above: Another shot of the cowardly act above.]

[Above: Another naked woman dragged through the streets...]

[Above: A despondent woman has her hair cut off by commie terrorists.]

[Above: Women with their tops torn off and swastikas scrawled with tar on their faces are paraded through the streets of Paris. Notice on these women a commonality: the deviant idiots who drew them couldn't even draw the swastikas correct!]

[Above: Another woman beaten and tarred with her shirt ripped off.]

[Above: A young woman has her hair forcibly cut off while a 'tough guy' in a beret tries to give his most intimidating expression. Real scary huh? Cowardly loser.]

[Above: A group of armed men escort a 'dangerous' teenager whose been beaten and tarred.]

[Above: Another woman's head is shaved. Look at the monsters sadistically laughing in the background. I wonder if she would still be laughing if she could see France today and what the wonderful victors did to it? She wouldn't even recognize it--nearly void of white faces.]

[Above: Another poor woman about to be brutalized by 'heroes'.]

[Above: Another shot of the woman above.]

[Above: Nowhere to run...]

[Above: A teenager is brutalized by a mob incited by communist 'partisans'. Note she is being 'painted' by a 'french artist' at the bottom of the screen. I'm sure he went on to paint the 'modern masterpieces' that are pushed down our throats today.]

[Above: Women half naked, one of them with her head shaved, await their fiendish captors.]

[Above: Endless lines of women... these ones are stripped to their undergarments and paraded through the streets. Their tormentors think this is VERY funny. Was there anyone human left at the end of WWII? Or had they all already died fighting to save us?]

[Above: Not even a mother with a newborn is spared these monsters' wrath.]

[Above: I wonder if they smeared swastikas on the newborn? Afterall, his/her mother was a no good 'nazi'...]

[Above: Nothing shows the evil of the victors more than these photos. The horror these women endured. Can you imagine being a mother with a newborn, maybe with a German father, and being brutalized and led through the streets, with a mob drunk on Judeo-propaganda?]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: Note the thugs have shaved their heads leaving a swastika of hair on the top of their heads. Very creative.]

[Above: Brutalized women, their heads shaved, are loaded into the back of a truck. A dark fate of death and rape in their future? It was very likely for many. MILLIONS died in Allied captivity AFTER the war.]

[Above: Close-up of the above. The 'man' behind them is holding a sign that says 'collaborators', but who is the real collaborator? These 'victors' were tricked into fighting and dying to keep their secret rulers filthy rich. It's been admitted by British and American politicians that they made war with Germany because she pulled out of the stock market--therefore international finance couldn't make anymore money there. Sickening.]

[Above: She looks strong, defiant and unfazed by it all.]

[Above: These two abused girls are little more than children!]

[Above: These thugs are tightly holding her arms and cutting off her hair.]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: Wow, some real tough guys...]

[Above: Pretty and defiant...]

[Above: They forced her to wear a swastika and carry a picture of her German boyfriend/husband. Laval, France.]

[Above: She's old enough to be his mother. But they cared not. They were in a frenzy of Judeo-capitalist-communist propaganda.]

[Above: This young monster is having the time of his life.]

[Above: Hair covers the ground from other women who have endured this travesty.]

[Above: These women are accused of being 'German sympathizers'. They are being led to the local prison.]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: Probably the first time some of these perverted losers ever seen a naked woman.]

[Above: Perhaps one of the most vile photos of them all... A child gleefully holds the chains of an abused, half naked man and woman.]

[Above: ...]

[Above: ...]

[Above: This poor Corsican woman, her head shaved and her clothes ripped off, is poked and prodded by a crowd. Note the heroic Allied pervert leaning over to catch a better look at her backside!]

[Above: The French communists and their brainwashed mobs weren't the only monsters after the war. This picture is from Amsterdam. Note these big, tough heroes force the girl to hold up a picture of Adolf Hitler and salute.]

[Above: These teenagers from the Netherlands 'collaborated' with Germans.]

[Above: This pathetic picture was taken in May 1945. Note the childish cape they've pinned on one person -- they must have been a 'super Nazi'! After the war many thousands of European girls were arrested, beaten, raped or murdered for having relationships with Germans. The insane 'crime' was called 'denunciation. Women were not the only ones charged with this erroneous 'crime', men also were charged in great numbers.]

[Above: This picture was taken in a refugee transit camp controlled by the Allies after the war. The story is that this young woman is Belgian and had worked with the German authorities against Allied terrorists. Like most attacks on woman after the war, this was a sexual attack in nature. Dessau, Germany, April 1945.]

[Above: A victory for the Judeo-capitalist-communist forces of darkness...]

[Above: Sudeten Germans were viciously attacked, murdered and raped. They were also painted with swastikas on their backs and in the case of the women in this picture - on their faces!]