[Above: "Kamerad". Note the collar the handler is holding -- the tubular device is for messages on the front.]

[Above: This is Otto, a German air ace who shot down over 25,000 Allied planes, sent 3 million Jews (and 1 Frenchman who was later aquitted) to various death camps in Guernsey and Jersey, dropped phosphorous bombs (that he stole from the Allies) on Polish nurseries and reportedly humiliated Allied posterboy Claus von 'Stumpenberg' Stauffenberg. It has been reported that Otto is living large as a Nazi hero in Argentina.]

[Above: Note that these two dogs are carrying pigeons on the little tubes on their sides.]

[Above: A German soldier gently shows a pigeon to a German Shepherd.]

[Above: The famed fighter pilot Adolf Galland]

[Above: Adolf Galland]

[Above: Obersturmbannführer Paul Kümmel.]

[Above: A soldier of the 3rd Waffen-SS Division, with his wet comrade, at the water's edge, summer of 1943.]

[Above: The crew of a staff vehicle of a motorized infantry unit pose with two puppies. The bullet-ridden vehicle's markings designate it as belonging to the 2nd SS Division Das Reich.]

[Above: The crew of a staff vehicle of a motorized infantry unit pose with two puppies. The bullet-ridden vehicle's markings designate it as belonging to the 2nd SS Division Das Reich.]

[Above: A railway transport of Panther tanks of the Wiking Division ready to be shipped to a new assembly area in the East, July 1944. Check out the German shepherd on top of the tank!]

[Above: A Norwegian vounteers from Den Norske Legion (Norwegian Legion) during training in Fallingbostel in 1941.]

[Above: Dogs were often used as postmen by the Germans in the event that telephone service was disrupted. The harness and container on this dog is for that purpose.]

[Above: Oberleutnant Fritz Schulze-Dickow atop a Bf-110C-6 after a ground attack against British forces. Fuka, Egypt. July 8, 1942.]

[Above: Dutch hero SS-Untersturmführer Gerardus Mooyman with German Shepherd.]

[Above: Finland, 1942.]

[Above: This German soldier managed to keep his mascot dog when he was captured by allied troops in the beachhead sector in France on June 15, 1944]

[Above: Hunting for partisans. Courtesy of Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Red Cross dogs.]

[Above: Panzer-hund!]

[Above: Generalleutnant Erich Reuter (March 30, 1904 – October 30, 1989) was a highly decorated recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves.]

[Above: A very cool picture of a German Shepherd in an old car.]

[Above: Hunting for partisans. Courtesy of Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Pilot lieutenant Ernst Scheufele with a puppy on a Messerschmitt fighter Bf.109.]

[Above: A cool picture. Courtesy of Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Courtesy of Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Luftwaffe ace Erich Hartmann.]

[Above: 'Good Comrades'.]

[Above: The dog doesn't seem very interested in this... groundhog?]

[Above: This photo was published in a German magazine in June 1941 bearing the header 'Kriegshunde' (war dog). It depicts a dog trained to find wounded soldiers.]

[Above: Another picture of the 'Kriegshunde' seen above.]

[Above: A frozen sentinel with a dog at the airport near a German Heinkel He-111 H-6 bomber.]

[Above: German soldiers with a dog carefully guard partisans. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Die Kölnische Illustrierte Zeitung newspaper, 1939.]

[Above: Joachim Peiper with Sepp Dietrich's dog, June 1940, France.]

[Above: SS-Oberscharführer Papka with two puppies in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, 1941.]

[Above: Two SS officers with a guard dog in the Janowska concentration camp.]

[Above: The platoon's mascot of the 5th SS-Panzer-Division Wiking.]

[Above: A German soldier and his dog, USSR, 1942.]

[Above: A VICIOUS concentration camp guard violently squirming in its handler's arms...]

[Above: Two soldiers in Paris.]

[Above: A Waffen-SS soldier and his dog somewhere in Russia.]

[Above: A police officer from Berlin and an SA member patrol the streets after the arson attack on the Reichstag building. The muzzle on the German Shepherd makes it look demonic!]

[Above: A dog and his human comrades atop an Sd.Kfz. 251 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251) half-track.]

[Above: Waffen-SS men with dog.]