[Below: National Bishop Friedrich Coch (December 11, 1887 - September 9, 1945) in Dresden, December 10, 1933. Coch joined the National Socialist Workers Party in 1931. He was the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony. He was murdered by the Allies in a concentration camp after the war.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler shaking hands with Catholic leader.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler greets a Catholic Cardinal at a rally.]

[Below: Another angle of the picture above.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler gives his autograph to a Catholic Nun.]

[Below: Catholic priests salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August 1933.]

[Below: Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth surround unknown priest.]

[Below: Catholic bishops with Goebbels (far right), William Frick (second from right) and other officials salute Adolf Hitler.]

[Below: Public state sponsored funeral procession for the Bishop of Berlin Nikolaus Bares (Jan 24, 1871 - Mar 1, 1935 ), Berlin, March 7, 1935.]

[Below: Bishop Nikolaus Bares, with the Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo (the papal nuncio in Berlin) and Bishop Augustin Pacha during a papal coronation ceremony of the Catholic Action in the Berlin Sports Palace, 1934.]