[Above: Adolf Hitler next to Robert Ley, Christmas, 1941]

[Above: Volksturm men on Christmas Eve, 1944.]

[Above: Father Christmas!]

[Above: He he...]

[Above: The Winterhilfswerk prepares Christmas presents for the poor, 1935, Berlin.]

[Above: Wow, now that's a Christmas tree!]

[Above: Austria National Socialist Party Christmas postcard from 1921.]

[Above: Postcard]

[Above: Unit feldpost postcard by Gefr. Gocke, from Luftgaukommando VI]

[Above: Feldpost card (brown)]

[Above: Feldpost card (black)]

[Above: Feldpost card]

[Above: Feldpost card]

[Above: The coolest Christmas tree ever!]

[Above: This is done by Hans Schweitzer, otherwise known as Mjölnir.]

[Above: 'Brave and True', 1942]

[Above: An early NSDAP Christmas postcard from 1932.]

[Above: Rudolf Hess prepares to give a Christmas speech over the airwaves.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels, embodied with the spirit of the season.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels proudly looking down on two of his daughters during an event celebrating Christmas.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels and his daughter (far left) during a Christmas event.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels and his daughter. Note the microphone is covered in pine branches.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels and his daughter attending a Christmas event.]

[Above: The Goebbels children at Christmas.]

[Above: The Goebbels children at Christmas.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels and his daughters (left) attending a Christmas event.]

[Above: Christmas greetings card from Adolf Hitler to Heinrich Himmler!]

[Above: WWI era postcard.]