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[Below: The Gold Mother's Cross]

[Below: The gold Mother's Cross came boxed as seen below.]

[Below: Box closed.]

[Below: The Silver and Bronze Mother's Crosses.]

[Below: The Silver and Bronze Mother's Crosses -reverse.]

[Below: Mini Silver and Bronze Mother's Crosses - front and reverse.]

[Below: Silver and Bronze Mother's Crosses, regular and mini, to show scale.]

[Below: Here is a mini Gold Mother's Cross in an issue box.]

[Below: Here is a mini Gold Mother's Cross in an issue box - inside view (the LDO is the maker).]

[Below: Here is the bag of a silver Mother's Cross. It has the recipient's name 'Anna Teichert' stamped in ink along with the town of Wunsiedel. Wunsiedel is a town in Bavaria where the great Rudolf Hess was buried. Front/back.]

[Below: On the left we see the Mother's Cross reverse with Adolf Hitler's facsimile signature. This particular example is a silver Mother's Cross, but all of the backs are the same. On the right is an example of the rare 1st pattern Mother's Cross reverse. 'Das Kind adelt die Mutter' = 'The Child Ennobles the Mother'. Also note Adolf Hitler's signature is very different on each Mother's Cross. His signature changed several times during his life.]

[Below: The 'Gold Cross with Diamonds' was a proposed award, the criteria being the birth of twelve children (although it is mentioned in some documents that the number was to be sixteen).
This design was never awarded for unknown reasons. The picture below is a prototype design.]

[Below: Gold Mother's Cross award document.]

[Below: Official NSDAP letter informing a mother that she has qualified for the Bronze Mother's Cross. Obviously very rare to find.]

[Below: Envelope the above letter came in.]