[Above: Mildred Elizabeth Gillars in a prison cell in Germany, 1947.]

[Above: Mildred on the day of her capture and arrest in March 1946.]

[Above: In Frankfurt-am-Main Gillars leaves Germany as she is repatriated to America.
Before she stepped on the plane she looked to her surrogate home of Germany and like a movie star waved farewell "Goodbye Frankfurt!".]

[Above: Another shot from the above.]

[Above: Gillars being interviewed by a 'war correspondent'.]

[Above: On the plane to the United States where upon landing she was officially charged with treason.]

[Above: Mildred speaks to reporters at Bolling Field after her arrival in Washington, DC in 1948.]

[Above: Mildred with an unidentified FBI agent.]

[Above: Extremely odd postwar picture of a fake 'Axis- Sally' with a 'SS Sockenhalter' (garter ration) ration stamp stapled to the card. After the war American men, many of them veterans of WWII, were obsessed with 'sexy Nazi women.' There were floods of magazines and movies. This is perhaps one of the strangest things in the history of mankind. Imagine: you go and destroy a country to absolute ruin. Kill millions of innocent civilians, women and children and P.O.W.s. Gang rape and murder every woman and little girl in sight. Then you go home and spend years fantasizing about your enemy's women tying you up and brutalizing you. Hmmm...]