[Below: Very kind of the American press to refer to the murderous band of communists as a 'people's tribunal'. In reality Mussolini, Claretta and many of the group they were with were murdered without a trial, some almost immediately, not to mention the communist group had no authority whatsoever anyway. Some historians believe that Winston Churchill ordered Mussolini's death. A communist leader in Italy even stated in his biography that it was a man in a British covert operations unit whom ordered the deaths of Mussolini and Claretta. Some historians believe that Mussolini knew damaging information about Churchill. We will probably never know the truth. We do know that millions of P.O.W.s died in American concentration camps AFTER the war and that millions of German and other European women were gang raped after the war. No one was ever punished or brought to justice for these ungodly crimes. The is the face of what we've been falsely taught to believe were the 'good guys'. The truth is quite the opposite.]

[Below: These brave and goodly knights of democracy...err... I mean communism... uhh... anyway, here they show their creativity by placing a fascist flag pole in Mussolini's hand. I know of only serial killers who like to play with dead bodies. Sickening stuff.]

[Below: Interesting how the American military refers to the murderous band of communists as 'patriots'...]

[Below: The man on the right is Nicola Bombacci, a Marxist who was murdered with Mussolini, who was his close friend. Odd eh? Things are not always what they seem.]

[Below: Eventually the American army ordered the battered corpses taken down so they could do an autopsy on Mussolini. The US army took the pictures below. They gruesomely staged the photos in a shocking display. In the last color photo of this set you'll see how they sadistically put Mussolini and Claretta's arms together. The Allies loved to play with corpses, just look at the numerous photos of the sea of others they've executed.]

[Below: The horrifying evidence is stuffed into pine caskets.]

[Below: An autopsy of Benito Mussolini was ordered by the American army in charge. An order came from Washington to send brain samples to the USA for testing. Testing for what you ask? Syphilis! The Judeo-communist-democratic Allies were obsessed with syphilis, I kid you not. They created a huge propaganda campaign claiming that Adolf Hitler had syphilis as well. These psychotic obsessions with syphilis are no doubt rooted in the fact that the communist leader Lenin dying from this venereal disease. Anyone the Judeo-Allies didn't like they made up lies that the person had syphilis. Insanity, truly. Of course Mussolini's syphilis test came up negative.]

[Below: It is said that the reason they didn't perform an autopsy on Claretta is that it would have revealed rape.]

[Below: Look at these monsters smiling...]

[Below: The beautiful Claretta Petacci]

'After defeat, I will be furiously covered by spit, but later I will be cleansed with veneration.'
-Last Testament of Benito Mussolini, 1945

[Below: Honor guards in the tomb of Mussolini.]