[Above: British communists celebrate their countries love affair with communism.]

The treacherous American president Roosevelt enacted a program called The Lend-Lease Act of March 11, 1941 which enabled him to 'sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of, to any such government whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States'.

Roosevelt initially approved one billion dollars in Lend-Lease aid to Russia on October 30, 1941. The first deliveries of military aid began in November 1941 and were delivered to Russia via convoy across the North Atlantic to the port of Murmansk, through the Persian Gulf into Iran, or from Alaska across the Pacific to Vladivostok in the Soviet Far East. In total a whopping eleven billion dollars in war materiel was given to Russia up until the Lend-Lease agreement ended in 1945.

Here is a list of some of the vital and life-sustaining supplies Roosevelt gave to the communist devils:

Tanks, armored vehicles and other assorted vehicles:

Bren Carriers - 2,336
M3 Halftracks - 900
M3A1 Scout Cars - 3,092
M3A1 Stuart - 1,233
Valentine - 3,487
Churchill - 258
M3A3 Lee/Grant - 1,200
Matilda - 832
M4A2 75mm Sherman - 1,750
M4A2 76mm Sherman - 1,850
Half Tracks - 820
Light Trucks - 151,000
Heavy Trucks - 200,000
Jeeps - 51,000
Tractors - 8,070

427,000 out of 665,000 motor vehicles (trucks and jeeps) by the end of the war were of western origin.

Fighter/bomber aircraft:

P-39 Airacobra single-engine fighters - 4,719
P-40 single-engine fighters - 2,397
P-47 - 195
Hurricane single-engine fighters - 2,952
Spitfire single-engine fighters - 1,331
A-20 twin-engine light attack bombers - 2,908
B-25 twin-engine medium bombers - 862


To a total of 14,000 airplanes!

Anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns:

37mm Anti-Tank - 35
57mm Anti-Tank - 375
37mm Anti-Aircraft - 340
40mm Anti-Aircraft - 5,400
90mm Anti-Aircraft - 240

[Above: Planes shipping off to communist Russia, 1941.]

Also supplied were 317,000 tons of explosive materials including 22 million shells that were equal to just over half of the total Soviet production of approximately 600,000 tons. 103,000 tons of toluene was also given, the primary ingredient of TNT.

'We assess the production of explosive materials in the USSR during the period from mid-1941 to mid-1945 as approximately 600,000 tons. No less than 325,000 short tons (295, 600 metric tons) of explosive materials were supplied by the US. In addition, 22,300 tons of powder were supplied by Great Britain and Canada. Thus, Western deliveries of explosive materials reached 53 per cent of the total volume of Soviet production.'
-Boris V. Sokolov: The tole of lend-lease in Soviet military efforts, 1941-1945, The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 7:3 (1994) p. 573

In addition to explosives and ammunition, 991 million various shell cartridges were also provided to speed up the manufacturing of ammunition.

Also included in this deathly mountain were less deadly gifts to the communists, like commodities that were essential to the war effort. These included 2.3 million tons of steel, 229,000 tons of aluminium, 2.6 million tons of petrol, 4-5 million tons of foodstuffs including canned pork, sausages, butter, chocolate, egg powder, 1,541,590 blankets, 331,066 liters of alcohol, 106,893 tons of cotton, etc. -- enough to feed an army of 12 million every day of the war!

Additionally given was 56,445 field telephones and 600,000 km of telephone wire. While leather and rubber was harshly rationed in America 15,417,000 pairs of army boots were given to the communists.

And let's not forget all the spare parts for the machines listed, including engines, motorcycles, radar devices, entire locomotives, coaches and even the rails for the trains, countless machine tools, like lathes, dies, presses, measurement devices, electrical equipment -- literally entire machines shops, rubber, clothing and, of course, the commies had to have TOBACCO.

The United States also sent moutains of information -- technical information, expertise and production techniques.

Incredible and insane, isn't it? What's missing... hmm... women! America should've sent 3,000,000 tons of women. But no, the commies already had enough of them. Their rampaging armies literally raped their way to Berlin. They even raped their own Russian girls in the villages and towns along the way. Hell they even raped their own fellow female soldiers. And once in German territory it became an orgy of rape and death. Even men and boys were raped. Women 'from 8 to 80' were also raped, as the famous saying goes. But I have to say, I don't think that old saying is fair. No I've read in numerous sources that it was more like 1 to 100! Yes, even infants were fair game for the Allies.

Anyway, the Lend-Lease list goes on and on... but I think you get the picture. But before you go you should know that America wasn't alone in this crime. Britain and Canada were its murderous partners:

Britain supplied 5,800 planes, 4,292 tanks, and 12 minesweepers.

Canada supplied 1,188 tanks, 842 armored cars, nearly one million shells, and 208,000 tons of wheat and flour.

[Above: A British Valentine heading for Russia. They've lovingly painted Stalin's name on the tank. Ahh, so sweet... Those 'V's stand for VICTORY! A communist victory meant half of Europe would be occupied for forty-five years. Millions would die and millions more would be enslaved. Britain today is almost unrecognizable. Over 300 languages are spoken in the United Kingdom today! London alone has 250 languages spoken and white people are a minority. In polls and interviews British WWII veterans lament that they fought Germany. And don't forget the Cold War... decades of oppression under the threat of nuclear war. V for victory guys!]

[Above: Lend Lease Higgins PT boats, soon to be part of the Soviet Northern Fleet.]

[Above: A boat carrying boats for communist Russia, America's best friend. We've talked about Britain and the U.K., but let's not forget about the good ole U.S.A.! We shrug off the mass violence here like gnats. We're so desensitized to our self-destruction that we don't feel anything any more! Yay. And don't worry, if we start to feel we can just go to our doctors and get a cocktail of pills to numb us into blissful dull oblivion. Our open borders are a subject of great pride to us. We love drug cartels, human trafficking, and third world immigrants! And we're tough and strong, don't you dare forget, we're amped up from years of fighting goat farmers. The white people are aging faster than any other race, with an age average of 56 years old, while other races are averaging younger than 18 years old. What a hoot, white people! Yes! We're already a minority in several states, something we are very proud of. In a decade or so the media gleefully informs us we will be a minority in the U.S.A.! But we're all a bunch of terrible serial killer racists anyway, right? Time to pay back the races we've oppressed and hand over our property and shekels. Oh, and while we're at it, we'll throw in our daughters. Just to be safe so no one thinks we're racist.]