[Below: Stepan Bandera, fourth from the left, in 1928.]

[Below: Bandera family in 1935. Stepan is second from the right.]

[Below: Stepan Bandera with his son Andriy and his younger daughter Lesia.]

[Below: Bandera and Stetsko proclaiming Ukrainian independence in July 1941.]

[Below: Stepan Bandera.]

  • Below: Modern images showing pictures of Bandera at various rallies, etc.

    [Below: An image of Stepan Bandera held during a march in Kyiv on January 1, 2014 to mark the 105th anniversary of his birth.]

    [Below: Kiev city hall.]

    [Below: A tapestry bearing the image of Bandera.]

    [Below: Flyers bearing the image of Bandera.]

    [Below: A statue of Bandera.]

    [Below: 2009 postage stamps honoring the 100th anniversary of Bandera's birth.]

    [Below: 2007 Postage stamp honoring the Ukrainian Commander of the Nachtigall Battalion - Roman Shukhevych - on the 100th anniversary of his birth.]