• Note: British Field Marshal Montgomery named his dog 'Rommel'. This disrespect was all too common by the Allies. From Winston Churchill pissing in the Rhine, the inhuman treatment of German POWs, to the cartoon racism of Allied propaganda. Rommel dominated Montgomery, even against great odds, sometimes pulling off shocking victories. But the automatons of darkness know no respect for their enemies.

    [Above: Major General Erwin Rommel at Cherbourg, France, June 1940. At the time of this photo he was commander of the 7th Panzer Division. He is seen here with captured British officers.]

    [Above: Rommel in Africa, 1942. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

    [Above: Rommel in France, February 1944. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

    [Above: Rommel and Admiral Ruge.]

    [Above: Rommel reviewing his troops.]

    [Above: Rommel reviewing his troops.]

    [Above: Shots!]

    [Above: More shots!]

    [Above: Rommel at the victory parade in Paris. Courtest of the Bundesarchiv.]

    [Above: Rommel inspecting the Atlantic Wall. Note the person on the far left is from the Arab volunteer unit 'Free Arabian Legion'.]

    [Above: Rommel, cruising the streets of Africa, looking for some British friends. You can see the palm tree/swastika symbol on the side of the car.]

    [Above: Rommel in Raversijde, Belgium, December 21, 1943.]

    [Above: Rommel is seen here with Paul Hausser (October 7, 1880 December 21, 1972), a high-ranking commander in the Waffen-SS. After the war he became a founding member and spokesperson of HIAG, a lobby group and revisionist veterans' organization that fought for the truth regarding the Waffen-SS.]

    [Above: Rommel in Italy.]

    [Above: Rommel with his field marshal baton.]

    [Above: Rommel on the cover of the magazine Der Wehrmacht, May 1942.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and Rommel, two Old Fighters, shaking hands in March 1943.]

    [Above: A few moments later.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and Rommel, January 1942.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and Rommel, with Robert Ley in the middle.]

    [Above: A gigantic wreath for Rommel's funeral.]

    [Above: Rommel's funeral, you can see a soldier holding a pillow bearing Rommel's medals. During his amazing time as a soldier he earned Germany's top awards, including, but definitely not limited to, the coveted Blue Max and the legendary Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords AND diamonds!]

    [Above: A hero at rest... Rommel's funeral.]

    [Above: A beautifully done postcard of Rommel by W. Willrich, one of the premier artists of the Third Reich.]

    [Above: Another beautiful postcard of Rommel by W. Willrich. This one is called 'Rommel greift an' (Rommel Attacks). Both of these postcards were released by a company called 'Volksbund fur das Deutschtem im Ausland' (War Graves Commission for Germans Abroad)]

    [Above: This is a 2016 commemorative coin.]

    [Above: Here is a modern fantasy sheetlet from 2020/2021.]