• When the Germans entered Russia they brought with them their cameras. Here are but a few of the thousands of pictures they took...

    [Below: Children wave to a German column]

    [Below: Russian teenagers throw stones at a statue of Lenin]

    [Below: A Russian Wehrmacht volunteer poses with his family]

    [Below: The clothes look like they are rotting off these poor children's bodies]

    [Below: The hell of communism is engraved in their eyes]

    [Below: If this doesn't pull on your heart strings you should probably get to your doctor and check to see if you still have one!]

    [Below: Hopelessness.]

    [Below: Children smoking...]

    [Below: More children smoking...]

    [Below: Unbelievable poverty. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

    [Below: Homeless children sitting in front of a Jewish store. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]