(Wegwerte, March 29)

"Expatriated Czechoslovaks---Europe's Number One Enemy"

     The whole civilized world, as well as the nations oppressed by world communism, long for true peace. And the latter long for real freedom, which still does not exist, and will not exist, as long as force and arms prevail. A world defense front exists; it is fighting communist imperialism not only by imposing economic restrictions and building up military might, but it is fighting it spiritually and ideologically. The world is tired of being deceived by so-called "peace actions" and being led about by the nose. There will come a day in which communist imperialism will go into bankruptcy. Suppose it happens. Will the world and Europe regain its freedom? Yes and no. Europe is going to be reshaped, and a European federation is going to be the basis for the action and thinking of the community of nations. Indeed there are some national prejudices and other obstacles opposing the all-European federalistic idea; But time will eradicate this for the benefit of all Europe, if we not only expose all the disturbing factors but also eliminate them now.

The main hindrance-for a-united Europe.

     We must name "Exile-Czechoslovakism" as the main hindrance of a future federated Europe. It is to be considered the number one enemy of Europe, and it must be fought. All Slovaks, all expatriated Germans from Slovakia, as well as the expatriated Sudeten Germans, fighting for the reestablishment of a democratic "Slovak Republic", consider the fight against exile "Czechoslovakism" of primary importance, and will prove to the whole world by united/action that this "Czechoslovakism" does not possess the right to speak in the name of nations from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.

     Much was said and written about this "Czechoslovakism". War, mass murder, racial persecution as well as the political and economic bankruptcy of central-Europe have been caused by this "Czechoslovakia". Many learned Europeans observing history objectively wonder if numerous near-sighted western politicians still do not realize that "Czechoslovakia", whether communist ,at the present--or "exile-Czechoslovak", still remains anti-European and anti-democratic. The collepse of the Habsburg monarchy, brought about with the help of Messrs. T. G. Masaryk, Dr. Benes, Kramar, Rasin, and others, proved that Europe, and particularly the Danube area, became the permanent focus of unrest. Czechoslovakia itself, from 1918-1938 and from 1945 up to the present, proved to the whole world that it is a powder keg in the heart of Europe and was the cause of the second world war, or at least the main reason for international tension. The "democratic Czechs" who fled turned over the state in the form of a gift to international communism.

The broadcasting station "Radio Free Europe" in Munich.

     It is shameful that this politically bankrupt "Exile-Csechoslovakism" still receives ideological and material help from the western powers. For instance, they support the station "Free Europe" instead of giving the SOV (Slovak Liberation Committee) and the Sudeten Germans a chance to speak.

     The Slovak organization is directed by the most popular and most able politician abroad, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Durcansky. This movement for liberation is not only supported by 80 per cent of the Slovak emmigrants, but by the whole oppressed Slovak nation. It is equally clear that this is the sole representation abroad which has the right to speak in behalf of the home country. The Germans expelled from Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia have the unequivocal right to determine how to solve their return to their homeland.

     Neither the Czech Hussites, such as Ripka, Zenkl, Osusky, Lettrich, Josko, Peroutka, etc., nor the "neo-Czechoslovak federalists" have anything to say about it. Not one of these people can speak in the name of the Slovak nation, and even less so in the name of millions of Sudeten Germans. All those who approve of the existence of Czechoslovakia automatically join the company of enemies working against the friendship among European nations, and support communist agression, which is aiming to destroy Europe. The history of the past and of the present has proved the falsehood of "Czechoslovakism", and it is, therefore, high time that residents of western lands who come from Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, as well as from Slovakia, do everything to protect the peace of the central European nations from the Czechoslovak "bacillus of unrest".

No postponement for defense.

     It is equally important that Prof. Dr. Durcansky and the representatives of the Sudeten German reach a mutual agreement. Some sort of plebiscite could prove to the whole world that only a small fraction is for the so-called "CSR", that the Sudeten Germans insist on the right of self-determination, and that over three and one half million Slovaks want their own independent state. These desires should be respected by the world. Support given by well-wishers to Czechoslovaks in exile, many of whom are either political opportunists or communists, means lost time and wasted money.

     Therefore we offer a recommendation for action against the "exile-Czechoslovaks": all expatriates and refugees from the so-called "CSR" should demand that the free democratic world and members of the United Nations should abolish this destructive "Czechoslovakism" for ever. Radio "Free Europe" belongs to the SOV, the true representative of the Slovak nation, and to the Germans from Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, but not to the "exile-Czechoslovaks", who collaborated with the communists up to 1948, who committed crimes against human rights themselves, and who now once again are trying to subjugate the Germans and the Slovaks by insisting on the reestablishment of a Slovak Republic.

     Why do we wait? Germans from Sudentenland and Slovaks from "the Slovak Liberation Committee" fight hand in hand against the enemy of Europe, against "exile-Czechoslovakism"!