• Credit: Extra special thanks to Dietrich L. for the time and devotion to history in translating these forgotten gems. You rule!

    [Below: The following poster says: 'My friend, I'll help you, I go to Germany for work!' ]

    [Below: I am unsure what this document is...? The stamp however says: ' Central Archive of the October Revolution, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kharkov, library.'] ]

    [Below: The following poster, geared toward the '14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician)' says: 'Stand up to fight Bolshevism in the ranks of the Galician division.' ]

    [Below: Variation]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'We look calmly into the future!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'Join the SS Infantry Division 'Galicia' to protect your fatherland - fighting together with the best warriors of the world!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'To work for the best future!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'Remember this! The German warrior died for the Ukraine!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'Working in Germany you are protecting your fatherland! Go to Germany!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'By the way of German victories' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'Murderers run away, and they will never come back!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'This year is a year of hope, Ukraine stood up against Bolsheviks!' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'Division! Build up your strength and be immortal in battle. Remember Shevchenko's grave, let fear not find a place in you.' ]

    [Below: The following poster says: 'With the Cross - into the ranks of SS!' ]

    [Below: The following recruiting poster for the SS 'Galicia' Division. The top part says: 'I'm a volunteer' and the bottom says 'Stand up into the ranks of the Ukrainian SS division!' ]

    [Below: Variation of the above.]

    [Below: The following recruiting poster for the SS 'Galicia' Division. The top part is a quote from Adolf Hitler, it says: 'Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live. Adolf Hitler.' and the bottom says 'Galician SS go into battle!' ]

    [Below: The top part of the following poster says: 'June 22th, 1941 the liberation from the Soviet terror began.' and the bottom says 'All forces for the liberation from the Bolshevism. Help with building the new order in Europe!' ]

    [Below: 'They poison our lives']

    [Below: 'The German Army will secure your peaceful work for a better and bright future! We must set to [work], Ukrainians!'']

    [Below: 'Fate of a woman under the Jewish-Bolshevist lash'.]

    [Below: 'Satan has taken off his mask!']

    [Below: Leaflet in Ukrainian regarding the establishment of the Waffen-SS 'Galicia' volunteer division at Lemberg. April 1943. In the frame at the top there is a quote from Bogdan Khmelnitsky, it says:
    '"The martyrs call to you from their graves, demanding revenge for their blood and calling you to protect yourselves and your Fatherland."'
    The following heading says: 'Ukrainians of Galicia will fight against Bolshevism. Creation of infantry Galician division'. ]

    [Below: You and I have one way,
    we strive for peace together.
    And together we will win victory,
    [and] we'll live in freedom!'

    [Below: Poster reporting Soviet atrocities.]

    [Below: Poster reporting Soviet atrocities.]

    [Below: 'The German warrior fights for Europe - We help to win providing the harvest.']

    [Below: This is an odd hand-drawn Ukrainian version of the famous German poster below.]