• Here we shall place everything else that didn't quite fit into the other categories. Things like books, booklets, tinnies (day badges), newspapers, etcetera.

  • The following are little donation song books released during the war to help the German people. Inside of the booklets it says: 'Herausgegeben vom Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes 1942/43' (Published by the Winter Relief Organization of the German People 1942/43).

    'Das Deutsche Lied

    (The German Song
    Love songs
    Booklet 5)
    Click to see inside!]


    Das Deutsche Lied
    Heft 6

    (The German Song
    Children's songs
    Booklet 6)
    Click to see inside!]


    [Below: Here are a selection of NSDAP donation stamps. 'Kreis Mosbach' (Mosbach District). Mosbach is a city in the north of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. These weren't real postage stamps, but instead you would buy them and place them next to your postage stamp on an envelope. You are probably familiar with everyone here except maybe Rust. He is Bernhard Rust (September 30, 1883 – May 8, 1945) who was Minister of Science, Education and National Culture. He also served as the party Gauleiter in Hanover and Brunswick from 1925 to 1940. He was an Old Fighter, joining the NSDAP in 1921. He committed suicide at the end of the war. Death before defeat. Click to enlarge.]

    [Below: Here is an early donation stamp: 'Gross-Deutschland Erwache!' (Greater-Germany Awake!).]

    [Below: This is an advertising stamp (not a postage stamp). It says:
    'Deutsche Ware Deutscher Beist
    Deutsche kaufmann ehrlich preist'

    (German goods German assistance
    German merchant honest prices).]

    [Below: Here's an example of the above stamp used on an envelope from 1932.]

    [Below: Here are two early NSDAP donation stamps depicting Adolf Hitler.]

    [Below: 'Unsere Hoffnung' (Our Hope).]

    [Below: Here's a strange one. I'm not sure what exactly this was for. It's a donation stamp for... castaways? Shipwrecks? It says:

    Deutsche Gesellschaft
    zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger'

    (Donation stamp
    German Society
    for the Rescue of Castaways).]

    [Below: This donation stamp says:

    '10 Spende
    Wehrhaft Volk!'

    (10 Donation
    Healthy Youth- Protecting People!).
    Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: This donation stamp says:

    'Winterhilfswerk des Deutsche Volkes'

    (German People's Winter Relief Fund).
    Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Here is a rare example of the envelope these came in. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Reverse. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Here is a WHW postcard showing various tinnies and other trinkets that were given out. Note that in the middle are the donation stamps seen above. Front.]

    [Below: Reverse.]

    [Below: Here is a large collection of Winterhilfswerk (WHW) donation stamps. These are pretty rare and came in a set of 48. They were housed in the red folder seen below. All of the stamps show different locales in Thuringia (central Germany). Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Here are descriptions of each stamp.]

  • These are large (about a four inch circle) Winterhilfswerk (WHW) donation 'stickers' to stick on your door. You'll notice some of them are circular and some are square (not cut out). Also, there is another type of stickers, also the rarest, that are about an inch smaller than the others (3 inches). Some of the same stickers also have different printing details, and lastly, some of them have ink stamps on the front or back. Click to enlarge!

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Schützt die Familie
    Wir Opfern'

    (Protect the family
    We sacrifice).

    On the right it says:

    'Für das Tägliche Brot
    Wir Opfern'

    (For daily bread
    We sacrifice).]

    [Below: Here is a stick pin of the art above!]

    [Below: Here is a pin of the art above!]

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Des Fuehrers und des Volkes Sorge: Schützt Mutter und Kind!'
    (The concern of the leader and the people: Protect mother and child!)

    On the right it says the same, with the addition of:

    'Gau Mainfranken - Februar 1935'
    (Gau Main Franconia - February 1935).]

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Harte Zeiten-Härterer Wille
    WHW 1934/35'

    (Hard Times-Harder Will
    WHW 1934/35).

    On the right is the same sticker, but with different printing (note the aura around the man).]

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Du Gabst dem Führer Dein Ja
    nun Steh zu deinem wort!'

    (You Gave Your Yes to the Führer
    Now Stick to Your Word!)

    On the right it says:

    'Dein Opfer hilft die Zukunft bauen
    WHW 1934/35
    Gau Mainfranken
    März 1935'

    (Your Sacrifice Helps Build the Future
    WHW 1934/35
    Gau Main Franconia
    March 1935).]

    [Below: This says:

    'Sichert den Sieg über hunger und Kälte
    Wir Opfern!'

    (Ensures Victory Over Hunger and Cold
    We Sacrifice!)]

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Weihnachten in jedem Deutschen Haus
    Wir Helfen!'

    (Christmas in Every German House
    We Help!)

    On the right it says:

    'Dein Opfer Hilft
    Die Zukunft bauen'

    (Your Sacrifice Helps
    Build the Future).]

    [Below: Here are two pins of the art above. Note the differences of the art.]

    [Below (left): This says:

    'Dem Fuehrer Bring als Weihnachtsgabe
    Dein Opfer Fuer des Volkes Not!'

    (Bring to the Führer as a Christmas Present
    Your Sacrifice for the People's Need!)

    On the right it has the stamp of a local DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, or German Labor Front) branch.]

    [Below: 3 inch version. It has the same message as the larger version.]

    [Below: This is a metal door plate. This isn't WHW, but from the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt, or NSV (The National Socialist People's Welfare). This was a social welfare organization.]

    [Below: A variety of pins were produced with the above themes, here are some examples. The first pin says: 'Wir Helfen Gegen Hunger u. Kälte' (We Help Against Hunger and Cold).]

    [Below: This pin says: 'Wir Helfen Gegen Hunger u. Kälte' (We Help Against Hunger and Cold).]

    [Below: This pin, not really related, but of the same style, says: 'Helft Brände Verhüten' (Help Prevent Fires).]

    [Below: This pin says: 'Dein Opfer Schaft Freude' (We Help Against Hunger and Cold).]

    [Below: This pin says: 'Wir Helfen 1933/34' (We Help 1933/34).]

    [Below: Like the stickers above, these are Winterhilfswerk (WHW) donation door plaques to stick on your door. This set is from 1937/1938. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: This set is from 1938/1939.]

    [Below: This set is from 1939/1940 and says 'Freude durch das WHW' (Joy Through the WHW).]

  • The following papers are stickers, usually put on doors and given to those who donated to the Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (Winter Relief of the German People). While they are not rare, they are very hard to find in decent shape. They are from 1935-1937.

    [Below: 'Verschworen in Treue zum Volk'
    (Sworn in Loyalty to the People).]

    [Below: 'Mit vollen Segeln in den Kampf für das WHW'
    (Full Sail into the Fight for the WHW).]

    [Below: 'Deutsche Weihnacht allen Volksgenossen'
    (German Christmas to all our Fellow Countrymen).]

    [Below: 'Seid Sozialisten der Tat'
    (Be Socialists in Action)

    It's terrible how the word 'socialist' has been tainted by communists and leftists. National Socialism is to care for your own people and to help them if they are in need. This is Frederick the Great, by the way, the king of Prussia.]

    [Below: 'Jedem soll der Weihnachtsbaum brennen'
    (Everyone's Christmas tree should be lit).]

    [Below: 'Der Glaube eint der Wille Siegt'
    (Faith Unites the Will to Victory).]

    [Below: 'Der kampf beginnt'
    (The Struggle Begins).]

    [Below: 'Die Grösste Friedens Tat der Welt'
    (The Greatest Act of Peace in the World).]

    [Below: 'Deine Kraft Deinem Volk'
    (Your Power to Your People).]

    [Below: 'Der Kostbarste Edelstein das Opferbereite Deutsche herz'
    (The Most Precious Gem the Sacrificial German Heart).]

    [Below: 'Opfer Wille entscheidet'
    (Sacrifice Decides Will).]

    [Below: 'Die Kameradschaft über windet die not'
    (The Camaraderie Overcomes the Need).]

    [Below: Wow, a sheet! Imagine how rare this thing is...]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: This 1938 book, entitled 'Hitler befreit Sudetenland' (Hitler Liberates Sudetenland), celebrates the liberation of the Sudetenland. As you can see it has been battered, water damaged, mildewed and who knows what else? But the pictures are mostly in great condition, so I thought I'd scan it and put it in a PDF for you! Enjoy.]