[Above: Signal magazine was published fortnightly in 25 editions and 30 languages. It was extremely popular and at its height had a circulation of 2,500,000 copies!]

[Above: A Waffen-SS man and his girlfriend.]

[Above: An officer lends a hand.]

[Above: A Wehrmacht man his a drink with his girlfriend.]

[Above: Wehrmacht soldiers with their girlfriends probably off the coast of France. Circa 1940.]

[Above: A foreign Waffen-SS volunteer with his wife and child.]

[Above: A classy Wehrmacht officer and his wife.]

[Above: Three Wehrmacht soldiers with not enough girls to go around!]

[Above: A young RAD man with his girlfriend.]

[Above: A Waffen-SS officer and his girlfriend.]

[Above: An interesting photo of a couple in war-torn surroundings.]

[Above: This studly fellow should share one of these girls with his three comrades above who are short a girl!]

[Above: A highly decorated Waffen-SS officer and his girlfriend/wife.]

[Above: A romantic Waffen-SS officer poses with his lady after giving her flowers.]

[Above: War booty, no doubt! hehe...]

[Above: Snow angels...]

[Above: An interesting photo showing a group of flirtatious soldiers in front of ruins of a church.]

[Above: Luftwaffe men with their girlfriends.]

[Above: A decorated Wehrmacht sharpshooter with his girlfriend/wife.]

[Above: I believe this picture is after this Luftwaffe man has surrendered and the woman beside him is being treated as a 'collaborator'.]

[Above: Somewhere far, far behind the front lines...]

[Above: Some Afrika Korps men take some young women for a ride.]

[Above: A Kriegsmarine man and his girlfriend/wife.]

[Above: A Waffen-SS man comes face-to-face with what he is fighting for...]

[Below: Different edit showing flag above couple.]

[Above: Two members of the Luftwaffe in love.]

[Above & three below: SS-Standartenführer Gunter d’Alquen (October 24, 1910 – May 15, 1998) and his wife in 1944. Gunther was Chief editor of the propaganda organization of the Waffen-SS and a Waffen-SS combat war correspondent in the famed unit SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers, where he also served as commander. Gunter was also chief editor of the SS weekly newspaper 'Das Schwarze Korps' (The Black Corps).]

[Above: Title of Gunter d’Alquen's Das Schwarze Korps.]

[Above: Crewmembers of King Tiger '112' of the Panzer-Abteilung 505 with German women in front of their tank at the Ohrdruf Training Area in August 1944.]

[Above & below: A convalescing German soldier and his French girlfriend. German soldiers found girlfriends and even wives from France to Russia during WWII. In France after the war many of these women were beaten, publicly humiliated, raped and even murdered, usually by communists or other low-life scum.]

[Above: 'Glückliche Stunden' = Golden Hours.]

[Above: A huge family of 12 children, August 1943. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: A soldier with his elderly mother before leaving for the Western Front, September 1940.]

[Above: Waffen-SS volunteer from Norway]

[Above: I think they're in love...]

[Above: Many hours are spent in the field staring at pictures of the one you love...]

[Above: Look at the size of that guy's beer mug!]

[Above: Wow, what a picture! The picture on the left is a happy woman, the one on the right is a woman angry! Grrrrrr!]

[Above: Husband and wife Ella and Adalbert Schnee.]

[Above: Wow. Something tells me there is a man behind this!]

[Above: Luftwaffe Ace Erich Hartmann and his wife]

[Above & below: Sometimes a broken piece of cardboard is the closest thing to a woman in the field. Just don't tell their wives at home!]

[Above: Dreaming of home...]

[Above: You can faintly see the tropical panzer jacket she is wearing has an Afrika Korps cuff band.]

[Above: This says 'Important supply line. Treat her with the same love that you would treat your Soldier-bride.']

[Above: Adolf Hitler can be seen in the background.]

[Above: Theo Osterkamp and Gudrun Pagge, Hamburg.]

[Above: Another picture of Theo Osterkamp and Gudrun Pagge with a Messerschmitt 108, 1938.]

[Above: A Waffen-SS volunteer from Denmark.]

[Above: An SS wedding in Wewelsburg.]

[Above: The marriage of martyr Meinoud and Florrie Rost van Tonningen on December 21, 1940.]

[Above: Close-up.]

[Above: Meinoud and Florentine ('Florrie') Rost van Tonningen, December 21, 1940.]

[Above: Meinoud and Florentine ('Florrie') Rost van Tonningen, December 21, 1940.]

[Above: Meinoud and Florentine ('Florrie') Rost van Tonningen, December 21, 1940.]

[Above: The brother of Florentine, Wim Heubel, on the day of his wedding (August 5, 1943) to Joanna van den Bergen. Wim was a Waffen-SS soldier who became a martyr on April 28, 1945, the day his sister Florrie's youngest son was born.]

[Above: Fifty National Socialist couples were married in 1933 at the Church of Lazarus in Berlin.]

[Above: Ludwig Wiegenstein's wedding.]

[Above: October 28, 1944]