[Below: Wow. Check out his cuff bands. This extraordinary guy was a veteran of Krete and Africa! He is also bejeweled in medals! Unfortunately I don't know who he is...]

[Below: A studio shot of a panzer soldier.]

[Below: An excellent shot of another panzer soldier.]

[Below: These are men from the truck section of the 553rd Supply Battalion. The number 29035 is the feldpost number of organization.]

[Below: Another shot of the monument.]

[Below: Frying an egg on a tank! 1 of 4.]

[Below: Frying an egg on a tank! 2 of 4.]

[Below: Frying an egg on a tank! 3 of 4.]

[Below: Frying an egg on a tank! 4 of 4.]

[Below: Soldiers eating rations converse with locals.]

[Below: Tunisia, the crew member of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501 bartering with a local.]

[Below: An Afrika Korps soldier getting information from a local.]

[Below: Circa 1942.]

[Below: Luftwaffe personnel sitting on the wing of a Messerschmitt Bf 110 with a local in North Africa.]

[Below: A member of a German tank crew talks to a local.]

[Below: Soldiers eating rations in their Kubelwagon. Note the palm tree/swastika stencil on the door.]

[Below: A bold Luftwaffe sergeant poses for the camera.]

[Below: An Afrika Korps graveyard in the shifting sands.]

[Below: These two tired veterans strangely almost look alike...!]

[Below: Two men prepare a Luftwaffe plane while an armed local looks on. Tunisia.]

[Below: This is a picture of a motorcycle dispatch rider on a 750 cc BMW R75, note the black out cover on the headlight.]

[Below: Another example of a motorcycle dispatch rider. The blackout cover on the headlight enabled vehicles to be less noticable at night.]

[Below: Panzer-turtle!]

[Below: This handsome devil wears an SA sports badge.]

[Below: Hans Jurgen Richtmann.]

[Below: Afrika Korps with a captured British tank!]

[Below: Two Knight's Cross holders stand beneath the barrel of a tank. Look at the stripes on the barrel, each standing for individual kills!]

[Below: An SS man in Afrika Korps garb]

[Below: Men from the Afrika Korps with a Pz.Sf II c 75-mm gun on the chassis of a 5 ton Büssing-Nag.]

[Below: An Afrika Korps soldier on a camel with a guide.]

[Below: Christmas in Africa!]

[Below: Afrika Korps tank with a plaque to honor a fallen comrade whom died June 23, 1940. Note near the front of the tank, partially hidden by a machine gun, is the Afrika Korps symbol of a palm tree and swastika.]

[Below: Hermann Burmeister was killed early in the Africa campaign, he was killed on 4-26-1941.]

[Below: Graves of heroes in the shifting sand.]

[Below: Africa Corps veteran.]

[Below: Deutsches Soldatenkino Bengasi (Germans soldier's cinema, Benghazi) - Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya.]

[Below: An Afrika Korps soldiers on the cover of the Illustrierter Beobachter, 1943. Note he is lighting his pipe with a magnifying glass! The caption says: 'In solchen Fällen ist die Sonne Afrikas Willkommen.' (In such cases, the sun of Africa is welcome.).]

[Below: Modern memorial to the German soldiers and Arab volunteers who fought in Sub-Saharan Africa.]