[Below: Another cover from Estonia, this time from 1942, bearing blocks of stamps for philatelic reasons.]

[Below: This registered Estonian cover bears a combination of two regular 'Hitler head' stamps and one overprinted, January 4, 1944.]

[Below: An official government envelope from April 9, 1942. It bears THREE different types of postage stamps. From left to right, the first stamp is an Estonian stamp printed shortly after the German liberation of Estonia.
The second stamp is a German Adolf Hitler stamp overprinted 'Ostland' to be used in the eastern territories, and the last is a German Hindenburg stamp.
This is an example of an item sent during the window of stamp shortages, where there was an anything goes type of attitude.
Wesenberg is the German name for Rakvere, a town in northern Estonia, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.]

[Below: This Estonian cover bears overprinted 'Hitler head' German stamps used in Tallinn, 1943.]