[Above: 'Estonian Legions - Embodies the spirit of Kalevipoja!']

[Above: ...]

[Above: 'Road to Freedom'. June 22, 1941.]

[Above: Finnish version.]

[Above: 'Any serious Estonian - Estonian Legion!]

[Above: Note that the helmet shield is different in this poster, not to mention it's in color.]

[Above: 'Churchill telling fairy tales'! HA!]

[Above: 'The legion is calling you! Common Fight - Common Victory!']

[Above: 'Estonia is proud of its Estonian Legionaires!']

[Above: 'Stalin - Criminal & Offender!']

[Above: 'Estonians! Help Our Troops!']

[Above: 'Fight Against Bolshevism!']

[Above: 'They are fighting for us at the Front...']

[Above: 'Cold blooded and brave the Estonians defend their homeland']

[Above: 'Their responsibilities - Estonia's future']

[Above: 'Estonia's Response...']

[Above: 'Our Work and Struggle!']

[Above: 'Rise And Fight!']

[Above: 'June 22 1941 is the beginning of the liberation from the Soviet terror - full force to destroy bolshevism - help to establish a new order in Europe']

[Above: Cyrillic version of the above poster.]