*See below!

[Below: A beautiful stamp album page explaining the Kurland stamps. Courtesy of www.germanstamps.net.]

[Below: The next page showing a complete Kurland postage stamp collection.]

[Below: Kurland overprinted postcard. The bottom stamps are 'favor' cancels, done for purely philatelic purposes.]

[Below: Here's a closer look at the Kurland overprinted postcard (like that above).]

[Below: An example of the above design except you'll notice on the bottom are perforations. This was common in the past, the postcard had a reply card attached that could be ripped off and sent back, pre-paid.]

[Below: Here's is an interesting airmail envelope from March 1945. A normal feldpost stamp was cut vertically down the middle and then glued to the envelope, due to a shortage of stamps. This envelope was mailed on April 4, 1945.]

[Below: Another example, this time from March 30, 1945.]

[Below: Another example, also from March 30, 1945.]

[Below: Here is an example of a fantasy set of stamps. These are modern Kurland fakes, printed by unscrupulous individuals.]