[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Netherlands Legion. It says: 'For your honor and conscience! Fight Bolshevism - The Waffen-SS is calling you!' Circa 1943.]

[Above: Circa 1943]

[Above: 'Europe is prepared!' Circa 1943]

[Above: This poster from Belgium says: 'Join the National Socialist Transport Corps']

[Above: This poster from Belgium says: 'All is well, Madame la Marquise']

[Above: This poster from Holland says: 'Moscow commands!']

[Above: This poster from Holland says: 'And you? Become a W.A. Man']

[Above: Here is a picture of the above poster (and others) in use on a street.]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Netherlands Legion. It says: 'Which of these two is the true Dutchman?']

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Netherlands Legion. This poster depicts Paul Kruger (October 10, 1825 - July 14, 1904) speaking in Afrikaans 'Everything Will Be Alright - Fight Bolshevism with the Waffen-SS'. Paul Kruger was the fifth president of the South African republic. He was also internationally known as the face of Boer resistance against British occupation during the Second Boer War (1899-1902).]

[Above: This says 'Het zeegat uit!' The bottom says: Neerlands Roem herleeft! Meldt u by de Kriegsmarine! = 'Dutch greatness revives! Sign up for the Kriegsmarine!'.]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the 27th SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier Division Langemarck]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Flemish Legion]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Frikorps 'Danmark' Danish Legion. It says: 'Crush Communism'.]

[Above: 'Civilization or barbarism. Do you still not understand?']

[Above: 'Be Brave like a Stormer']

[Above: 'Storm against Bolshevism'.]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the Netherlands Legion. This basically says that the soldier here is in service of the people and asks 'and you?']

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for Dutch recruits. It says: 'Show yourself as a true Dutchman - Fight Bolshevism! Join the Waffen-SS'. This poster bears the picture of Maarten Tromp (April 23, 1598-August 10,1653), said to be one of the greatest admirals of the Dutch navy. In 1639, during the Dutch struggle for independence from Spain, Tromp destroyed a huge Spanish fleet. A warrior till the end, he died on his ship, shot by an enemy sharpshooter.]

[Above: Waffen-SS recruiting poster for Dutch recruits. 'For Denmark! Fight communism!']

[Above: Danish Waffen-SS recruiting poster for the 'Viking' Division. 'Defend your home against Communism – Fight in the SS-Division Viking'.]

[Above: This Danish Waffen-SS recruiting poster represents protecting Europe's culture from Bolshevism.]

[Above: Danish Waffen SS poster.]

[Above: Danish Waffen-SS poster from 1944
A symbol
Also today – front against the east! Join the Danish regiment in the Waffen-SS'

[Above: Danish poster 'Your Place is Still Vacant in the Waffen-SS.' From the Reich Commissioner for recruitment in the Netherlands. Circa 1942.]

[Above: 'Front against the Bolsheviks. Whose side are you on today?' Circa 1942.]

[Above: 'Never!' This is an especially haunting poster. Note the 'Siberia' and communist symbol on the train. Circa April 1945.]

[Above: This Nederland Legion poster roughly says: 'Big Guys – for …! When You Sign (with) the Waffen-SS'.]

[Above: This says 'Boys from the Netherlands!']

[Above: This says:
'Germaansche SS in Nederland
De les van
Het Front'
'Germanic SS in the Netherlands
The lesson of
The front'

[Above: This Danish Waffen-SS poster says:
'De Stem Der SS'
'The Voice of the SS'.]

[Above: This poster from Belgium says: 'Monster, you made us suffer!'.]

[Above: This poster is from the 'Vruwilligen Arbiedsdienst Voor Vlaanderen' (V.A.V.V.) - Flemish labour service. It says:
Dient uw Volk
in den vruwilligen
Voor Vlaanderen'

Serve your people
in the volunteer
Labor service
For Flanders'

[Above: This says:
'Wie leven wil moet kampen'
Adolf Hitler
Op moeders, voor de toekomst uwer kinderen!'

'Who wants to live
Adolf Hitler
Mothers, for the future of your children!'

[Above: A recruiting poster for the SS Volunteer Legion Flandern, which says:
'Gevaar voor ons land!'
'Danger to our country!']

[Above: This says 'Vlaanderen vraagt soldaten'
'Flanders needs soldiers']

[Above: This says 'Yankee - Englishman - Bolshevik - dance to the Jews' pipe'.]

[Above: This says 'Vernietiging van het Sowjet-barbarisme Vrijheid en vrede voor Europa!' = 'Destruction of Soviet barbarism Freedom and peace for Europe!' This poster is announcing the a large battle on the Eastern Front, code-named ‘Operation Typhoon’, an offensive to capture Moscow and destroy the Soviet Army. It began on October 2, 1941.]

[Above: This says 'Handen weg! Europa' = 'Hands off! Europe']

[Above: This says 'Nationaal-Socialisme is zorg voor het volk en zijn Toekomst' = 'National Socialism is caring for the people and their Future']

[Above: This says 'Rotten udryd den' = 'The rat eradicate it']

[Above: This says:
'Wat Beteekent het?
Verlies van het kapitalisme
Verraad van het wereldjodendom
aan alle volkeren
Vlucht en glorievolle terugtocht
van de engelschen
Vernietiging van het bolsjewisme
Vrijheid en vrede
voor alle volkeren van Europa
Duitschland wint
voor Europe op alle fronten.'

'What does it mean?
Loss of capitalism
Betrayal by world Jewry
to all peoples
Flight and glorious retreat
of the English
Destruction of Bolshevism
Freedom and peace
for all peoples of Europe
Germany wins
for Europe on all fronts.'

[Above: Der Pimpf]

[Above: SS-Leitheft]

[Above: This is said to be the last Dutch poster. 'My Honor'.]

[Above: Danish post war poster by veteran Frans Van Immerseel. This poster was produced to help raise funds to help Flanders Legion veterans and tend their graves.]