[Below: The flags of freedom. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Below: Italian women show their support for the Axis.]

[Below: Italian women with hand-made National Socialist flags (swastika is not tilted as it should be) and Italian flags.]

[Below: A German Hitler Youth boy and a young Italian fascist meet a Spanish youth from the Falange Party, Padua (Veneto, northern Italy), October 1940.]

[Below: Note the Mussolini quotes of the walls.]

[Below: The boy here is pointing to Italian Libya, an Italian colony in North Africa established in 1934.]

[Below: Wow this is fanatastic -- M for Mussolini!]

[Below: A fabulous floor mosaic -- M for Mussolini!]

[Below: Boys form an M for Mussolini]

[Below: People lie on the ground to form DUCE]

[Below: A crowd forms 'DUX']

[Below: Italian summer camp form a swastika.]

[Below: 'Mussolini is always right'.]

[Below: A spectacular mural of Mussolini and 'Yes'.]

[Below: Another cool one of Mussolini and 'Yes'.]

[Below: Wow. This spectacular display was in Milan.]

[Below: The Casa del Fascio, which is located in front of the Como Cathedral, is the work of the Italian Fascist architect Giuseppe Terragni. It was built as the headquarters of the local Fascist Party.]

[Below: In English 'Believe, Obey, Fight'. This photo is from Tuscany.]

[Below: A German and his Italian comrades somewhere in the Balkans. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler with Joachim von Ribbentrop (left) and Italian Foreign Minister Gian Galeazzo Ciano (right).]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: European brothers.]

[Below: German soldiers march as an Italian and German flag fly above them.]

[Below: Italian Black Shirts at a rally in Rome standing at attention, their spades bearing the words 'Il Duce'.]

[Below: This extravagant airshow took place in Italy to celebrate the arrival of Adolf Hitler.]

[Below: Italian Independent Parachute Regiment 'Nembo' with the 4.Fallschirmjäger Division in Northern Italy. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv]

[Below: Members of the 'Nuotatori-Paracadutisti' Battalion in Jesolo, March 1945. The little boy is the battalion's mascot!]

[Below: Wow, look at the size of that dog!]

[Below: A beautiful monster!]

[Below: This man is a member of the GNR, otherwise known as the Republican Guard.]

[Below: Circa 1943.]

[Below: Same guy as above, courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Below: Italian Waffen-SS before they earned their Sieg rune collar tabs handling a mortar.]

[Below: Italian soldiers, Armed 6.5-mm karabinami Moschetto per Cavalleria M1891 (Carcano) in trucks during a parade in Belgrade, Serbia.]

[Below: A loyalist of the Italian Social Republic.]

[Below: Fascist Italian women of the Women’s Auxiliary Service pledge an oath of allegiance to the Italian Social Republic and are given benediction by Catholic priests.]

[Above and below: Notice the 'M' on their chests, standing for Mussolini.]

[Below: A young fascist boy shows his allegiance.]

[Below: Young fascist girls on the march during a parade in Rome.]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: ...]

[Below: Men serving the Italian Social Republic.]

[Below: Soldier of the Italian Social Republic.]

[Below: The commander of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia (Corpo di Spedizione Italiani in Russia - CSIR) General Giovanni Messe (1883-1968) reviews a formation of Italian soldiers.]

[Below: Members of the Brigade Ettore Muti, a unit that took the name of an Italian aviator and Fascist politician posthumously, República de Saló.]

[Below: Legionnaire Guard, 1943.]

[Below: Russian front, 1941.]

[Below: Italian delegation presents the bust of Mussolini while meeting the leadership of a Finnish fascist movement, the Patriotic People's Movement, 1933.]

[Below: A paratrooper.]

[Below: Emme Rossa.]

[Below: Note that on the building is an 'M' for Mussolini and the slogan 'Believe, Obey, Fight'.]

[Below: A Close-up of the building above.]

[Below: Italy celebrates Adolf Hitler's visit.]

[Below: Wreck of Bruno Mussolini's (son of Italian leader Benito) Italian Piaggio P.108 Bombardiere heavy bomber, Pisa, Italy, August 7, 1941.]

[Below: Benito Mussolini with his two sons, Vittorio and Bruno (left), 1935.]

[Below: Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero (Sparviero is Italian for Sparrowhawk) heavy bombers.]

[Below: Germany decorated for Mussolini's visit.]

[Below: German soldiers with Fascist Italian youths.]

[Below: German soldiers in Italy getting water from a well, while Italian women and children do the same, September 1943. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Below: Wow. The definition of 'cool'. On the right is an equally cool guy, the great Roberto Farinacci.]