[Above: Overprinted postcard from April 6, 1944]

[Above: April 16, 1944]

[Above: July 12, 1944]

[Above: April 7, 1944]

[Above: April 7, 1944]

[Above: April 7, 1944]

[Above: March 27, 1943]

[Above: August 2, 1944]

[Above: Note that this envelope from 1944 shows two different styles of overprints]

[Above: Local overprint design from Belisce. Note that the stamps themselves are perforated with the letters 'SHG'. Businesses would do this to prevent employee theft.]

[Above: Note that this overprint, from a town called Primosten, is different from the others. The originals shown above are machine done, while this is hand stamped.]

[Above: Primosten block of four.]

[Above: This set is overprinted by hand, unlike the machine overprinted examples above. Notice how each overprint is in a different position/angle? If it was a machine overprint they would be uniform.]

[Above: This overprinted postcard is valued at $1,500!]

[Above: Overprinted postcard]

[Above: 1943]

[Above: 1943]

[Above: 1944]

[Above: A mix of Sibenik locals on a registered envelope, 1944]