[Below: Block of four with 1942 Stamp Day cancel.]

    [Below: This is a rare pair of the above stamp. Note that it is not perforated between the two stamps and is imperforate on the top and bottom edges.]

    [Below: Rare imperforate pair.]

    [Below: Used example from 1941.]

    [Below: Here is a block of four postmarked 1941.]

    [Below: Here is an example on a homemade postcard.]

    [Below: 'Borba Udruzene Europe na Istoku' which means 'The War of United Europe Against the East'.
    'Izlozba u Zagrebackom Zboru' means 'The Exhibition in the Zagreb Union'.
    'Prosinac 1941 Sijecanj 1942' means 'December 1941 January 1942'.
    This is an exhibition card to promote the postage stamp to support the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.
    This exhibition card was sold from November 6, 1941 to January 30, 1942 in Zagreb.]

    [Below: Here is a postcard that has been sent through the mail.]


    [Below: This postcard bears a stamp (upper right hand corner) like that of the postcard and stamp above. These types of 'stamps' are sometimes referred to as 'vignettes' and hold no postal value, with their proceeds sometimes going to the cause they represent.]


    [Below: Here is an example of an actual usage of the stamp (the other examples, bearing no address, are for philatelic purposes done by stamp collectors, this one has been sent through the postal service).]

    [Below: This is the cover of 'The War of United Europe Against the East' exposition booklet.]

    [Below: December 3, 1941 United Europe Exhibition admission ticket with 4+2 stamp.]