[Below: Francis 'Frank' MacLardy, an 'RAMC' Sgt., MacLardy had written several recruiting pamphlets for the British Free Corps, below is one of them. The picture below is taken from his Waffen-SS identity book.]


'Fellow Countrymen!

We of the British Free Corps are fighting for YOU!
We are fighting with the best of Europe's youth to preserve our European civilisation and our common cultural heritage from the menace of Jewish Communism.
MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! Europe includes England.
Should Soviet Russia ever overcome Germany and other European countries fighting with her, nothing on this earth would save the Continent from Communism, and our own country would inevitably sooner or later succumb.
We are British. We love England and all it stands for. Most of us have fought on the battlefields of France, of Libya, Greece, or Italy, and many of our best comrades are lying there-sacrificed in this war of Jewish revenge. We felt then that we were being lied to and betrayed. Now we know it for certain. This conflict between England and Germany is racial SUICIDE. We must UNITE and take up arms against the common enemy. We ask you to join with us in our struggle. We ask you to come into our ranks and fight shoulder to shoulder with us for Europe and England.'