[Below: SS-Rottenführer William Charles Britten. This picture was taken in Dresden, November 1944.]

[Below: SS-Mann Eric Reginald Pleasants.]

[Below: Here is a picture of Eric Reginald Pleasants (front center). Pleasants fought in the SS pioneer boxing team. In November 1944 he travelled to Prague to box against the SS police team for the final of the SS boxing championship. He was victorious and proudly stated that he was the reigning middleweight champion of the Waffen-SS until his death in 1997.]

[Below: SS-Unterscharführer Francis 'Frank' George MacLardy in British RAMC uniform, 1940.]

[Above & Below: These two pictures are suspected to be SS-Unterscharführer Roy 'Reg' Nicholas Courlander, a New Zealander.]

[Below: SS-Hauptsturmführer Douglas Berneville-Claye.]

[Below: SS-Oberscharführer Thomas Haller Cooper, also known as Tom Böttcher.]

[Below: Douglas Berneville-Clay.]

[Below: Railton Freeman.]

[Below: Another picture of Railton Freeman.]