[Above: Autumn, 1943.]

[Above: Studio photo of 5 soldiers from Turkestan]

[Above: Full picture of the photo above]

[Above: Here a Turkestani volunteer trains with the mortar. This was taken from Signal magazine, a popular publication of the time, circa 1943.]

[Above: Azerbaijani volunteers sharing a laugh between the fighting. Note the Iron Cross award ribbins on their button holes and the assault badges on their uniforms.]

[Above: Is that an American Colt M1911 he's holding!? Or it could be the Polish Radom, which was based on the Colt...?]

[Above: This picture is from the Turkish version of the popular German publication Signal Magazine.]

[Above: You gotta love the mustaches of these guys! The guy on the right has some sort of damage to the side of his face. Scar tissue is visible and his eye is perhaps glass?]


[Above: The Aserbeidschanische Feld-Bataillon 111 during the Warsaw Uprising .]

[Above: Azerbajani man dancing during camp festivities.]

[Above: Azerbajani volunteer.]

[Above: A Turkistan muslim during a religious ceremony.]

[Above: A Turkistan muslim during a religious ceremony.]

[Above: Members of the Ostürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS laying out prayer mat in preparation for holding their religious service.]

[Above: Turkestani infantry regiment volunteers with camels.]

[Above: General Köstring (right) with Turkestani NCO.]

[Above: The 804th Azerbaijani Infantry Battalian.]

[Above: A Turkistan volunteer captured by UK soldiers.]

[Above: Another Asiatic Wehrmacht volunteer captured in Normandy by American troops.]