[Above: 'Norwegians, Fight for Norway']

[Above: 'With the Waffen-SS and the Norwegian Legion against the common enemy Communism'.]

[Above: 'Come with us up north!']

[Above: 'No!'. Circa 1944]

[Above: Norwegian warrior smashing the 'Red front', 'terror', 'death' and 'sabotage'.]

[Above: 'For the protection of folk and country']

[Above: 'Stuggle for Norway']

[Above: This is probably the last Waffen-SS poster of the war. The date on the poster is May 5, 1945. The war in Europe was over 3 days later!]

[Above: This is the cover of a booklet]

[Above: 'Entertainment for the North Front' magazine. Norway, 1942.]

[Above: Norwegian magazine 'Germaneren'. It announces the death of Adolf Hitler. This was one of the last issues before the end of the war.]