[Above: Norway official stamps. Circa 1942-1944. Note the 'Nasjonal Sammlung' symbol. The National Unity party was founded by Vidkun Quisling.]

[Above: Norway's 'Nasjonal Sammlung' (National Unity) party membership dues.]

[Above: Norway's 'Nasjonal Sammlung' (National Unity) party membership dues (1945).]

[Above: Close-up.]

[Above: Postal vignette.]

[Above: Postal vignette.]

[Above: Postal vignette.]

[Above: Postal vignette.]

[Above: Postal vignette.]

[Above: An envelope from 1942 showing two postal vignettes (the one on the left is Red Cross).]

[Above: An envelope from 1941 showing a cool adveritsing print on the back. Note also the German censor tape.]

[Above: Postage stamp honoring the Waffen-SS Norwegian Legion. This stamp was for the Norwegian Legion Support Fund. Circa August 1941.]

[Above: Block of four.]

[Above: Partial sheet.]

[Above: Envelope showing stamp usage. Circa August 1941.]

[Above: Another charity issue for the Waffen-SS Norwegian Legion whom was fighting communism on the Eastern Front. Released August 2, 1943.]

[Above: Three stamps bearing Quisling's image.]

[Above & below: Postage stamp sheets bearing the image of Norway's National Sammlung party leader Vidkun Quisling. Circa October 1942.]

[Below: Quisling stamps on envelope, circa 1942.]

[Below: Envelope from initial German occupation showing Norwegian stamps overprinted with a 'V' for German victory. Note also the cancel has a big 'V', August 30, 1941.]

[Below: Same as above but with a Norwegian censor stamp. The stamp that says 'Bedes omganende refurnenet Hovedkontoret hvis Indholdikkeprivat' = 'Please ask the surrounding refugee headquarters if content not available', October 6, 1941.]

[Below: Another victory stamped envelope sent to New York. It bears the stamp 'Over the Atlantic and from New York', September 25, 1941.]

[Below: Propaganda vignette from Norway showing the 'V' and 'Victoria'.]

[Below: 1 Kroner, front. Circa 1943.]

[Below: 2 Kroner, front/back. Circa 1944.]

[Below: 5 Kroner, front. Circa 1943.]

[Below: 5 Kroner, back. Circa 1943.]

[Below: 10 Kroner, front. Circa 1944.]

[Below: 10 Kroner, back. Circa 1944.]

[Below: 50 Kroner, front. Circa 1943.]

[Below: 50 Kroner, back. Circa 1943.]

[Below: 50 Ore, front/back. Circa 1944. Aluminum.]