[Below: Czechoslovakian locals give flowers to Hungarian soldiers. Circa 1938.]

[Below: Army Group Commander Field Marshal Walter Model inspects Hungarian tanks.]

[Below: Hungarian officer cadets line the roadside just south of Budapest. Circa October 1944.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers gather in this rare color photograph.]

[Below: Another great color photo. Hungarian soldiers on the Eastern Front. Check out the awesome camoflauged vehicle!]

[Below: Hungarian infantry soldiers.]

[Below: Hungarian machine gunner.]

[Below: Hungarian soldier with a 'Király (Danuvia) 39M submachine gun.]

[Below: A German officer with Hungarian army officers. They are studying a situation map and are planning a strategy on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: A camoflauged Reggiane Re-2000 fighter plane, called Héja by the Royal Hungarian Airforce, and its crew somewhere on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: Five Hungarian soldiers posing in a village in the Carpathian mountains. The soldier in the front is holding a 9mm (39-M) submachine gun.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers with the graves of their comrades who died fighting for Europe on the Eastern Front. Most likely near the Don river.]

[Below: A military funeral for fallen Hungarian soldiers at the Don River, summer/fall, 1942.]

[Below: Hungarian officers somewhere on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers on the Eastern Front pushing a staff car through the mud.]

[Below: Hungarian troops sing during a march. They are heavily armed with German Panzerschreck anti-tank guns. Late 1944.]

[Below: German and Hungarian soldiers posing together somewhere behind the front. Circa 1941-1942.]

[Below: Hungarians of the 22nd SS prepare for a Soviet assault.]