[Below: Czechoslovakian locals give flowers to Hungarian soldiers. Circa 1938.]

[Below: Army Group Commander Field Marshal Walter Model inspects Hungarian tanks.]

[Below: Hungarian officer cadets line the roadside just south of Budapest. Circa October 1944.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers gather in this rare color photograph.]

[Below: Another great color photo. Hungarian soldiers on the Eastern Front. Check out the awesome camoflauged vehicle!]

[Below: Hungarian infantry soldiers.]

[Below: Hungarian machine gunner.]

[Below: Hungarian soldier with a 'Király (Danuvia) 39M submachine gun.]

[Below: A German officer with Hungarian army officers. They are studying a situation map and are planning a strategy on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: A camoflauged Reggiane Re-2000 fighter plane, called Héja by the Royal Hungarian Airforce, and its crew somewhere on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: Five Hungarian soldiers posing in a village in the Carpathian mountains. The soldier in the front is holding a 9mm (39-M) submachine gun.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers with the graves of their comrades who died fighting for Europe on the Eastern Front. Most likely near the Don river.]

[Below: A military funeral for fallen Hungarian soldiers at the Don River, summer/fall, 1942.]

[Below: Hungarian officers somewhere on the Eastern Front.]

[Below: Hungarian soldiers on the Eastern Front pushing a staff car through the mud.]

[Below: Hungarian troops sing during a march. They are heavily armed with German Panzerschreck anti-tank guns. Late 1944.]

[Below: German and Hungarian soldiers posing together somewhere behind the front. Circa 1941-1942.]

[Below: Hungarians of the 22nd SS prepare for a Soviet assault.]

[Below: The Hungarian Minister of War, General Karolyi Beregffy (4th on the right) at the trench at the command point of the SS cavalry regiment belonging to the 8th SS cavalry division "Florian Geyer" on the outskirts of Budapest.]