• The photos below are mostly of Freikorps soldiers and their military and paramilitary vehicles. Many of the photos are derived from postcards of the era.

    [Below: A German personal tank?! Wow, this is crazy.]

    [Below: Taken May 19. Photo done by Heinrich Hoffman.]

    [Below: Also taken May 19. Photo done by Heinrich Hoffman.]

    [The two photos below are of the same vehicle. The vehicles name was 'Raudi'.

    [Below: This absolute monster was armored in six inch Krupp steel and was shell-proof, with two 4.7 inch quick-firers. Surprisingly, this beast had a speed of 25 miles and hour!]

    [Below: A group of Freikorps soldiers atop the Brandenburg Gate!]

    [Below: The Freikorps were soldiers who had been betrayed by their government in WW1. They felt, and rightfully so, their blood and sacrifice was in vain. The National Socialist's called those corrupt powers-that-be that surrendered the 'November traitors.' This photo was taken somewhere on the Western Front.]

    [Below: This thing is a beast! Can you imagine this thing coming at you with its guns blazing?!]