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Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA : 1908 - 1950), Friday 15 December 1939, page 5

The following article, issued by the United Ratepayers Advisory Association, England, on April 20th, 1939, and quoted in the U.S. Senate by Senator Darcey on May 17th, 1939, is of particular interest tn close students of the international situation, in view of the obscurity now enshrouding the world political horizon through the emergence of Russia as an aggressor nation:

“War in Europe, with its consequent destruction of what remains of stable and civilised society, will not be averted unless responsible officials in the Governments of Britain, Germany, France, and Italy recognise the identity of the true opposition forces in the world, and that the fate of themselves, their Governments, and the people of their country depends very largely upon their Governments formulating policies in accordance with that recognition.

If war should come, the fate that would befall Europe and it governments was well defined by a well-known Englishman in a speech at a city club luncheon in Cleveland. Ohio, as reported by tile “Sunday Times“ on Easter Sunday. He “predicted that a world war would start during 1939 from which America would emerge as ‘dictator of the world’.“ “He added that the conflict would ‘reduce Germany, Italy, France, and England to ruins.” The Great Powers of Europe in ruins, and America Dictator of the World!

Let it be stated at once that the true identity of the masses opposed, from ¡the point of view of who will gain and who will lose (which, of course, is the only realistic basis of decision) is Europe against America and Russia (politically and economically in vassalage to America). No appreciation of this statement of fact is possible unless it is realised who constitutes the real rulers of America and Russia, as distinct from the figure-heads officially reputed to he in control.

President Roosevelt’s own position was succinctly described by Walter Lippman in the “New York Herald Tribune” on June 27th, 1932. He said It is evident that Roosevelt is not the leader of the forces behind him. He is being used.’

Mr Walter Lippman is in a position to know. He, it should be remembered, is commonly credited with being the author of President Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points.” In the Encyclopaedia Britannica matter is quoted to the effect that this document, laying down the general conditions of peace, was drafted by Dr S. Mezes, D. H. Miller, and Walter Lippman.

The real rulers of America are the great New York bankers, the leading group being Kuhn, Loeb and Co. The controller of this group is Felix Warburg, whose father, Paul Warburg, was well-known as the “Father of the U.S.A. Federal Reserve Board”. Before the war a “de facto" dictatorship was imposed upon the policy of the United States by the “concentration of banks." So great was the popular clamor in America in 1912 against this Banking Trust that President Wilson was obliged to set up a Commission of enquiry.

The report presented by the Commission of Enquiry to Congress contained findings which were alarming: ‘A Banking Trust’ did exist. It included five principal banks, which controlled one hundred and twelve important banks, as well as numerous financial and industrial groups scattered throughout the United Stales and other parts of the world: the power of the 'coalition' was enormous. In adding together the capital sums represented by the banks which formed pari ot the ‘Trust.’ and by enterprises dependent upon them, the Commission arrived al the almost incredible figure of dollars, or at five dollars to the pound. 4.449.000.000 English pounds, all of which was alleged to be grouped, in 1912, around Jacob Schiff, and was dependent upon his sole will.

The Commission of Enquiry was in no way deceived, and concluded its report in the following impressive terms: “The powerful grip of these men is placed upon the lever which controls all credit, and its wheels turn or stop at their signal.” The contact of this powerful banking trust with President Roosevelt is effected through its close associates, who are the President's chief “advisers.”

The measure of Baruch’s domination of the American Government is evidenced by his own reply to cross-examination at a senate Official Enquiry, at which he claimed: “I suppose I was the most powerful man in the United States during the war."

During the war, Bernard Baruch was head of the War Industries Board. In him reposed authority over: (1) The use of capital in the private business of Americans; (2) over all materials; (3) over all classes of men to be called to military service; (4) over all industries; (5) over the personnel of labor in the country.

No project could be financed without his consent. And what is the most significant of all the considerations governing his assent was that he should fix the remuneration of the capitalist, the wages of the workers, and the prices of the products—prices not only to the Government for war supplies, but prices to the civilian population.

After the war, Baruch went to the Economic Conference at Paris as Chairman of the American Commission. The power which Baruch wields today is summed up in the two statements which follow:

“One of the key Roosevelt advisers is Bernard M. Baruch, a power in the Wilson administration. In the absence of Secretary of State Hull and the President from Washington, Mr Baruch would be regarded as the unofficial President, Professor Felix Frankfurter, who has declined a number of important positions in the Roosevelt administration, has nevertheless had his recommendations accepted in filling nearly half a dozen of the most important legal posts in the Government, and continues to function as one of the President's most trustworthy advisers." —"Brooklyn Jewish Examiner."

“Bernard M. Baruch is called into frequent conferences with the President. He has financed many congressional campaign, and is surrounded by a praetorian guard of senators who hang on his every word. The figure of Baruch is swelling into enormous dimensions on the horizon of public life. He has been given credit for Hoover’s appointment of Eugene Meyer jun. as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board. He is the Mystery Man of Washington and Wall street." —‘Fortune,’ U.S.A, monthly magazine.

No understanding of the diplomacy of the American Government can be valid which does not recognise that the policy of that Government is dominated by the powerful New York bankers referred to.


The powerful banking interests which rule the American Government are also the power which governs Russia. The evidence in support of the fact that the Russian Revolution and the subsequent governments of Russia were financed and controlled by the banking interests which govern America is monumental.

It is only necessary here to refer to the chief document treating the financing of the Russian Revolution. This is the one drawn up by the American Secret Service, and transmitted by the French High Commissioner to his Government. It was published by the Documentation Catholiquc of Paris on March 6th, 1920. Section 1 states that “it was found out that the following persons, as well as the banking house mentioned, were engaged in this work of destruction: Jacob Schiff, Guggenheim, Max Breitung, Kuhn, Loeb and Co., Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, S. H. Hanauer."

Kuhn, Loeb and Co. had a complete monopoly of the contracts for the industrialisation of Russia.


The banking interests which govern America and Russia have the most powerful international connections. How ‘unexpected’ as well as extensive is indicated by the fact that during the Great War, whilst Max Warburg was the trusted financial adviser of the German Emperor, Max Warburg's brother, Paul Warburg, Director of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., and founder of the Federal Reserve Bank, was as "Grand Treasurer of the United States of America”, playing a similar role at the side of President Wilson.

The artful conspiracies and paralysing hindrances, with which the Allies found their path beset, may be imagined; while it should be borne in mind that those engaged in the terrible struggle never had the least suspicion.

It is interesting to record that Max Warburg was one of the leading representatives sent by Germany to the Versailles Peace Conference, whilst his brother, Paul Warburg, of the same financial house, was one of America’s chief representatives. The interests of this group of bankers who control America and Russia are international, and their aim is the disruption of Europe with a view to their complete domination of it. The two post-war political heads of Russia have stated the intentions of the banking interests who control them. Away back on November 26th. 1920, Lenin proclaimed: “Our salvation would be more readily assured if the imperialist powers became embroiled in a war.”

On February 21, 1935, the Political Bureau of the Communist International, the highest organ of the international, after being addressed by Stalin, passed a resolution, in which it said: "The Political Bureau is definitely convinced that a new world war is absolutely inevitable, but explains this as the obvious preparation for the world revolution. With the aim of self-preservation, and in the interests of the World Revolutionary Movement, the Soviet Government must do all possible to enter the camp of the States which build the strongest coalitions.”


The stage is rigged for Europe to destroy herself, and nothing is more certain than that; if the personnel of the European Governments play the roles so carefully designed for them by the financial interests who rule America and Russia, they will automatically sign their own personal death warrants. Europe can be saved at this late hour if the members of her Governments will recognise the common enemy and unite against it.

A Europe divided is the aim of American policy, whatever may appear from the "surface" diplomacy of President Roosevelt, who can only keep the support of public opinion for himself by deceiving it as to his true aim. As all the international news-agencies, and almost the entire Press of Europe is controlled directly or indirectly by American banking interests, it is quite easy for him to do that. The continuous war scare which is worked up in that press by publishing every rumor is one of there methods.

The true aim of American policy was stated by a leading political spokesman of the real rulers of America. Senator Key Pittman, in March this year. He said: “It is to our interest to maintain a substantial balance of power in Europe. If any one group obtained substantial predominance, we should be faced with the necessity of defending the Monroe doctrine on the American continent.”

In that statement is an admission that a united Europe would sound the death knell to the American policy for world hegemony.

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