[Below: 'Demand No Convoys - No War' (FRONT)]

[Below: 'Demand No Convoys - No War' (REVERSE)]

[Below: 'Peace For America']

[Below: 'Keep U.S. Out of War - Be Neutral']

[Below: 'Keep U.S. Out of War - Be Neutral' (VARIATION)]

  • The stamps below are post-WWII, but still interesting.

    [Below: 'Help Stop American Trade with Communist Countries']

    [Below: 'Wake Up America! They're Just 90 Miles Away' (this is referring to Cuba, which is 90 miles from Florida).]

    [Below: 'Fight Communism - Talk Americanism']

    [Below: 'Fight Communism']

    [Below: 'Say "NO!" to the New World Order']