[Above: Bodyguard unit of the 'Friends of the New Germany'. Circa 1934.]

[Above: Chicago chapter of the German American Bund, May 1931. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Members of the 'Frontkampferschaft'--the veterans organization of the Bund. This picture was taken in Kenosha Wisconsin, 1937. The Kenosha Volksbund was very active around this time. ]

[Above: 'Deutsche Veteran' men guarding against a Jew communist picket. Note the sign in the background: 'German Americans Awake!']

[Above: Men of the German-American Bund march at a gathering in New York’s Madison Square Garden, Feb. 20, 1939.]

[Above: Another shot of the march above.]

[Above: Madison Square Garden, New York.]

[Above: A National Socialist rally in Camp Seigfried in Yaphank, Long Island, NY, 1938.]

[Above: Video still. Check out the Horst Wessel column!]

[Above: Video still.]

[Above: This is a German-American Bund poster from 1937.]

[Above: Each nail in this swastika represented a contribution.]

[Above: Camp 'Nordland', New Jersey.]

[Above: Camp 'Nordland', New Jersey.]

[Above: Camp 'Nordland', New Jersey.]

[Above: Camp 'Nordland', New Jersey.]

[Above: An incredible flag!]

[Above: Truck of the 'American National Socialist League' (ANSL). The truck was reported to have been driven into a heavily Jewish New York garment district by five members of the ANSL whereupon violence ensued.]

[Above: Gustav Elmer, the Bund's national organizer.]

[Above: August Klapproth, president of Camp Nordland and leader in Hudson county, N.J.]

[Above: August Klapprott (right) greeting Fritz Kuhn, September 10, 1937.]

[Above: Gustav Kunze, chief of public relations.]

[Above: James Wheeler-Hill, Bund secretary.]

[Above: This booth was part of a National Socialist celebration in New York's Madison Square Garden. It is advertising the 'German Awakener' and the 'Observer'.]

[Above: Adolf Hitler receiving Bund leader Fritz Kuhn.]

[Above: Bund members sharpen up their shooting skills and have friendly competition with one another.]

[Above: A curious pedestrian gazes at National Socialist literature on display at the NSDAP party headquarters in Yorkville, Pennsylvania.]

[Above: A Bund meeting.]

[Above: Bund supporters.]

[Above: A stunning Bund rally sponsored by the German consulate at the San Francisco City Hall in 1935.]

[Above: A Bund property. Courtesy of the New York City Department of Records.]

[Above: A different angle.]

[Above: Men, women and children show their support to National Socialism at the German Day celebration at Yaphank, Long Island.]

[Above: This booklet was for a gathering on November 17-18, 1934, for the Friends of New Germany.]

[Above: The Yaphank train station -- crowds of National Socialists await the arrival of their comrades.]

[Above: A youth with honor and discipline... imagine that. This is taken at the Bund Camp Hindenburg, 1934. Note Hindenburg's picture below the flag. Click to enlarge!]

[Above: The entrance to Camp Siegfried.]

[Above: Another angle of the entrance to Camp Siegfried.]

[Above: Adolf Hitler street within Camp Siegfried.]

[Above: The Clubhouse at Camp Siegfried, Yaphank, Long Island, New York.]

[Above: Bund members at Camp Siegfried pose beside a fake cannon, figuratively aimed at Jewish Rep. Samuel Dickstein, a Democrat from Manhattan who led a committee 'investigating' the Bund. Dickstein was later revealed to be a spy for the Soviets!]

[Above: A birthday celebration for Adolf Hitler in Los Angeles, April 20, 1935, at the Deutsches Haus Auditorium.]

[Above: Bund choir group of the Friends of New Germany. Hindenburg Park. La Crescenta, California.]

[Above: The 'German flag in Los Angeles', Broadway Street.]

[Above: Two young American National Socialists at a 'guard post' at Camp Siegfried.]

[Above: Two uniformed Bund members talking with two unidentified men.]

[Above: Funeral services in New York City for 28 Germans who died in the Hindenburg disaster. The services were held on the Hamburg-American pier, on May 11, 1937. Approximately 10,000 members of various German organizations lined the pier.]

[Above: Bund application.]

[Above: Bund program for the 1939 Madison Square Garden rally.]

[Above: Bund rally.]

[Above: Not Bund related or even on American soil, but still interesting. This picture is taken Unter den Linden, Berlin, August 5, 1934. German and American flags are seen here at half mast following Hindenburg's death. This picture graced the cover of the November 1931 edition of the German newspaper Juustrierter Beobachter.]

[Above: The end of a war hero. Paul von Hindenburg (October 2, 1847 – August 2, 1934) lies in state.]

[Above: The old lion of WWI sleeps.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: International News Photo.]

[Above: German American Bund Forerunner 'Deutsch-Amerik. Zentralbundes' (German American Central Bund), 1935, Philadelphia, 'German Day' ticket.]

[Above: Camp Norland, New Jersey, June 6, 1938.]

[Above: Camp Norland, New Jersey, June 6, 1938.]

[Above: A neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.]

[Above: Bund leader Kuhn and Adolf Hitler.]

[Above: Men of the Bund.]

[Above: Kuhn can be partially seen on the far right.]

[Above: Bund members at a sporting event.]

[Above: This says: 'Grenzenloses Vertrauen... Ein Bild der unbegrenzten Liebe deutscher Menschen aus Deutsch-Osterreich und aus Amerika zum fuhrer (...) des Sangerfestes in Breslau am 31.7.1937.' (Unlimited Trust... A picture of the unlimited love of German people from German-Austria and from America for the leader (...) of the Sangerfest in Breslau on July 31, 1937). Note the American flag...]