*Photo courtesy of Brett Hendey

[Above: The Greyshirts wore an official grey uniform. The November 1937 SANP newspaper 'The Truth' printed a column explaining the uniform. It stated that aspiring new members needed to apply in writing for membership. If granted they were to pay a membership fee and thereafter there would be a 3 to 6 month probationary period. After this period they would become full members and be issued a party uniform at no cost, but it would remain the property of the SANP. The uniform consisted of a grey shirt (bunny coat type), a Sam Browne belt, a swastika armband, a black tie, an official tie badge and blue ornamental facings on the collar of the shirt.
Additionally grey pants, socks and black shoes were to be worn, supplied by the member himself and would remain his property.

Also mentioned is a cap, which they were in the process of making, but it is doubtful that it was ever made since no photos seem to exist.]