[Below: B.U.F. bookshop, 1937.]

[Below: Members of the B.U.F. at work]

[Below: Blackshirt newspaper circulation office]

[Below: Blackshirt Division 1 uniform, circa 1936.]

[Below: Ian Hope Dundas, BUF Chief of Staff. Circa 1933.]

[Below: ...]

[Below: The Black House, 1934.]

[Below: Female Blackshirts leave the 'Black House' for a meeting. Circa 1934.]

[Below: ...]

[Below: Mrs Swire (right) was a popular figure in the women’s section of the British Union of Fascists. She is seen here talking to a member of the HQ staff in London, November 1933.]

[Below: B.U.F. girls in training.]

[Below: B.U.F. on the march. London, circa 1936.]

[Below: ...]

[Below: Cutting the wedding Cake at the Ian Dundas wedding.]

[Below: An honor guard of British Fascists salute Carlo Alberto Straneo and Irene Hart on their wedding day, St. James Church, Spanish Place, London, October 15, 1928.]

[Below: The wedding of Ian Dundas, Mosley's Chief of Staff, and Pamela Ernestine Dorman at St Michael's Church, London on December 28, 1933. Sir Oswald Mosley was the best man.]

[Below: T. Naylor marries Miss Edith Thatcher on February 5, 1934, at the Free Catholic Church, Edmonton, London.]

[Below: 'Stop this war!' Circa late 1930s.]

[Below: 1939 Earl's Court rally.]

[Below: Another shot.]

[Below: Some examples of party regalia and shoulder board explanations.]