K. Flamme:

    I suppose the logical place to start our conversation on World War Two would be a little over two decades before its official beginning with the Versailles Treaty, which was specific to Germany and her 'defeat' and signed on June 28, 1919, about seven months after the armistice was signed ending World War One on November 11, 1918. Of the many provisions in the treaty, and one of the most important, was the devilish requirement that Germany accept sole responsibility for causing World War One (the so-called 'Guilt Clause') and, to disarm, make substantial territorial concessions and pay reparations to their enemies. It was clear that the so-called 'Big Three' (Britain, France and The United States) meant to cripple Germany militarily, politically, and economically by the conditions they laid out in the treaty.

    These terms were nothing short of national suicide for Germany. They limited Germany's army to 100,000 men and its navy to 15,000 (also spelling out massive restrictions to the number of boats it could have; 6 battleships, 6 cruisers, 6 destroyers, etc. and even these had restrictions upon them). They were banned from manufacturing weapons or their importation. Armed aircraft, tanks and even armored cars were prohibited. These are just some of the military restrictions laid out in the treaty. It is also worth noting that it also prohibited Germany from uniting with Austria to make up for the territorial losses the treaty included. Although in 1938 Austria would overwhelmingly vote to rejoin with their ancestral land of Germany, defying the moribund treaty.

     Which brings us to the butchering of Germany's frontiers and colonies, where they literally chopped up and gave away much of Germany's land...

Here's a short example:

  • West Prussia, which was given to Poland (this effectively made Germany's territory of East Prussia into an exclave, which is like a little island.) Can you imagine the horror of the people of East and West Prussia? Or suddenly traveling through Germany and having to pass into a foreign country before first reaching its edge? Absurdity.

  • Alsace and most of Lorraine (both originally German speaking territories)

  • Northern Schleswig

  • Eastern Upper Silesia

  • The towns Eupen and Malmedy went to Belgium despite a plebiscite to the contrary (The Vennbahn railway was also handed over to Belgium)

  • The area of Soldau in East Prussia

  • An important railway junction on the Warsaw-Danzig route

  • The Memelland

  • The coal-rich province of Saarland was to be a under the control of the League of Nations for 15 years, after which a plebiscite between France and Germany, was to decide to which country it would belong. During this time, coal would be sent to France.

  • The strategically important port of Danzig with the delta of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea was taken from Germany and renamed the so-called 'Free City of Danzig.'

  • Lastly, the German people lost all of its colonies abroad.

         The total sum of war reparations demanded from Germany was 132 billion Reichsmarks, which were set to be paid until 1988! There are many more points and mountains more details about this insidious treaty, but, we must move on. Let's go backward in time to the autumn of 1917. On October 24th, the German army won a massive victory against the Italians. One that shocked their allies and the world. In the first week alone the Germans captured 250,000 Italian soldiers and 2,300 artillery guns. The following spring of 1918, and the final year of World War One, Germany launched a decisive offensive on the Western Front where German forces achieved an unprecedented advance of 40 miles. It is important to note that just weeks before this offensive Russian forces signed an armistice with Germany, officially backing out of the war, and ceding massive territories to the German victors. This effectively eliminated the entire Eastern Front of battle for Germany and her allies. She could finally concentrate her forces on one front. But alas, it was not to be. The treachery of labor strikes which had been brewing back home had severely weakened the German armies ability to supply itself. By 1917, there were roughly five hundred strikes across Germany, resulting in over 2,000,000 total work hours lost!

         Something dark and insidious was creeping into both the public back home and the soldiers at the fields minds. Defeatism grew as the soldiers fought a war that they increasingly envisioned their country didn't support. Can you blame them? Five hundred strikes, 2,000,000 work hours lost?! That nearly halved Germany's production.

         So, who was behind those labor strikes and the growing unrest among Germany's soldiers and civilians? One can study this important patch of bloody history and see the hidden front at Germany's heart and who the National Socialists would call 'The November Traitors.' It's true that the various powers-that-be have never wanted to see a strong Germany. Since its barbarian hordes first emerged from its primordial black forest, with fresh Roman Legion blood on their hands. To find the truth about this hidden enemy at home, we'll have to travel even further back in history. Before the time of European empires. Before the great warriors like Stonewall Jackson, Napoleon, Julius Caesar or even Alexander. Before even the rise of ancient Rome or Greece.

         Here, hiding throughout the shadows of human history, we'll find the arch-enemy of mankind. The poisoners of truth. The ugly face of our ancient adversary. The destroyers of the first civilization on earth. At least six thousand years before 'The November Traitors' and their secret masters. Glorious Sumeria. The Fertile Crescent. Eden. But, before we discuss this ageless fiend, let's get back to our discussion. World War Two anxiously awaits. You are still listening, aren't you?

         Of course I'm still listening! Well I'm certainly not a scholar on the particulars of WWI but I think we can best understand the treachery the German soldiers endured from the words of a soldier himself. No one so eloquently illustrates it as did Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, who was a corporal in the Bavarian army and was involved in the first two and the final offensives of World War One.

    Adolf Hitler

         Hitler brings up many points about the way the press tries to undermine feelings of national pride and solidarity during the war. It seems to me that this would be the time to do just the opposite! That right there was a hint that something is definitely amiss in Germany.

         Here are a few examples about the workings of the press from Mein Kampf: (Hurst and Blackett LTD edition)

  • Germany was told by the press that it was tactless and unbecoming to celebrate war victories.

  • Enemy propaganda leaflets and German media alike were allowed to create a wedge between the Prussians and the Bavarians, blaming Prussia for the war. Those in authority did nothing to counteract it.

  • There was no counter-propaganda to alleviate the despair caused by the enemy propaganda.

         Why was this happening? Can you imagine the effect this must have on a soldier? After all their time and sacrifice they weren't even supposed to celebrate victories!

         Hitler says: 'Two years had passed since I had left home, an almost endless period in such circumstances. I could hardly imagine what Germans looked like without uniforms.'' (p.113)

         I think that is a great quote to show the war through the eyes of a soldier and how deeply the betrayal must have been felt after their monumental struggle.

         Now I'll get to the part where they were utterly betrayed, when victory was in sight and all their work and struggles were about to pay off:

         'Just when preparations were being made to launch a final offensive which would bring this seemingly eternal struggle to an end, while endless columns of transports were bringing men and munitions to the front, and while the men were being trained for that final onslaught, then it was that the greatest act of treachery during the whole War was accomplished in Germany. Germany must not win the War. At that moment when victory seemed ready to alight on the German standards, a conspiracy was arranged for the purpose of striking at the heart of the German spring offensive with one blow from the rear and thus making victory impossible. A general strike in the munition factories was organized...''
         'The munition strike, however, did not bring the final success that had been hoped for: namely, to starve the front of ammunition. It lasted too short a time for the lack of munitions as such to bring disaster to the army, as was originally planned. But the moral damage was much more terrible. In the first place, what was the army fighting for if the people at home did not wish it to be victorious? For whom then were these enormous sacrifices and privations being made and endured? Must the soldiers fight for victory while the home front goes on strike against it? In the second place, what effect did this move have on the enemy?'' (p. 115)
         'At the very moment when the German divisions were receiving their final orders for the great offensive a general strike broke out in Germany.' (p.116)

         The world was shocked... Suddenly, British, French and American newspapers began to spread the belief that Germany was facing revolution and an Allied victory was inevitable. Despite growing unrest at home profiteering politicians, and the uncertainty of the various strikes and growing defeatist attitudes, not to mention an enemy renewed by its own propaganda of a failing Germany, in July 1917 forward the soldiers of Deutschland marched.

    Adolf Hitler (far left)

         'In July 1917 we set foot for the second time on what we regarded as sacred soil. Were not our best comrades at rest here, some of them little more than boys-the soldiers who had rushed into death for their country's sake, their eyes glowing with enthusiastic love.' (p.118)

         The young corporal didn't know it yet, but this was the beginning of the end of one of the first of a lifetime of sacrifices yet to come. The future Fuhrer's words take us back to that terrible time:

         'With an artillery bombardment that lasted three weeks the English prepared for their great offensive in Flanders. There the spirits of the dead seemed to live again. The regiment dug itself into the mud, clung to its shell-holes and craters, neither flinching or wavering, but growing smaller in numbers day after day. Finally the British launched their attack on July 31, 1917. We were relieved in the beginning of August. The regiment had dwindled down to a few companies, who staggered back, mud-crusted, more like phantoms than human beings. Besides a few hundred yards of shell-holes, death was the only reward which the English gained. Now in the Autumn of 1918 we stood for the third time on the ground we had stormed in 1914...'
         'During the night of October 13-14, the British opened an attack with gas on the front south of Ypres. They used the yellow gas whose effect was unknown to us, at least from personal experience. I was destined to experience it that very night...'
         '...about seven o'clock my eyes were scorching as a staggered back and delivered the last dispatch I was destined to carry in this war. A few hours later my eyes were like glowing coals and all was dark around me.' (p.118-119)

         Adolf Hitler was sent to a hospital, blind. The doctors determined that he suffered permanent loss of sight due to mustard gas. Miraculously by November the burning became less severe and he began to see general outlines.

         'With the next few days came the most astounding information of my life... from the front came the shameful news that they wished to capitulate!' (p.119)

         Hitler and his fellow wounded comrades were visited on November 10th by a local pastor, detailing the end.

         'It was impossible for me to stay and listen any longer. Darkness surrounded me as I staggered and stumbled back to my ward and buried my aching head between the blankets and pillow.'
         'I had not cried since the day that I stood beside my mother's grave. Whenever Fate dealt cruelly with me in my young days the spirit of determination within me grew stronger and stronger. During all those long years of war, when Death claimed many a true friend and comrade from our ranks, to me it would have appeared sinful to have uttered a word of complaint. Did they not die for Germany? And, finally, almost in the last few days in that titanic struggle, when the waved of poison gas enveloped me and began to penetrate my eyes, the thought of becoming permanently blind unnerved me; but the voice of conscience cried out immediately: Poor miserable fellow, will you start howling when there are thousands of others whose lot is a hundred times worse than yours? And so I accepted my misfortune in silence, realizing that this was the only thing to be done and that personal suffering was nothing when compared to the misfortune of one's country.'
         'So all had been in vain. In vain all the sacrifices and privations, in vain the hunger and thirst for endless months, in vain those hours that we stuck to our posts though the fear of death gripped our souls, and in vain the deaths of two millions who fell in discharging this duty. Think of those hundreds of thousands who set out with hearts full of faith in their fatherland, and never returned; ought not their graves to open, so that the spirits of those heroes bespattered with mud and blood should come home and take vengeance on those who had so despicably betrayed the greatest sacrifice which a human being can make for his country? Was it for this that the soldiers died in August and September 1914, for this that the volunteer regiments followed the old comrades in the autumn of the same year? Was it for this that those boys of seventeen years of age were mingled with the earth of Flanders? Was this meant to be the fruits of the sacrifice which German mothers made for their Fatherland when, with heavy hearts, they said good-bye to their sons who never returned? Has all this been done in order to enable a gang of despicable criminals to lay hands on the Fatherland?'
         'Was this then what the German soldier struggled for through sweltering heat and blinding snowstorm, enduring hunger and thirst and cold, fatigued from sleepless nights and endless marches? Was it for this that he lived through an inferno of artillery bombardments, lay gasping and choking during gas attacks, neither flinching nor faltering, but remaining staunch to the thought of defending the Fatherland against the enemy?'(p.120)

         Recently I was looking through an old American magazine called Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (8-20-1914). Among the many illuminating articles on the start of World War One was one called 'Why All Europe is at War' by W. King. It was interesting in its extremely pro-German stance. Here's a quote that speaks for itself: 'Whatever may be the result of this great conflict, or the verdict of history as to the responsibility of each nation in the premises, the heroic figure of the German Emperor will loom through the mist of battle and his bold defiance of the Powers must ever command the admiration of the world.'

         And: '...Doctor Ernst Richard, the apostle of peace, and founder of the New York Peace Society, declares that 'Germany cannot remain passive when a vindictive enemy raises his hand to strike her;' and he wired Andrew Carnegie that England's alliance with Russia against Germany was 'an act of a race treachery which Germans will never forget.'

         I know that the gross majority of Americans did not want to be involved in World War One. Sound familiar? It should, because history would repeat itself just a few decades later in World War Two. Once again the vast majority of Americans wanted nothing to do with another war in Europe. The statistics are there, and so are the facts. Well, these certainly wouldn't be the last wars America would be dragged into!

         Okay, Baldursson, I'm handing the hammer over to you, smash their lies!


         In continuing this discussion I am going to step back a few years to talk of what events led to Germany's defeat and the malicious forces at work that were responsible for the infamous Versailles Treaty. Let's step back in time to the late 1800's at the time when the Zionists started organizing and plotting to foment wars, revolutions and chaos with the ultimate objective of them gaining Palestine as a Zionist Jewish homeland.

    Theodor Herzl

    At the 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel Switzerland, Zionist leader Theodor Herzl spoke of the problems that the Zionists were having at convincing the Turks of giving over Palestine to them. I'll let Herzl's words speak for themself:

         'It may be that Turkey will refuse or be unable to understand us. This will not discourage us. We will seek other means to accomplish our end. The Orient question is now the question of the day. Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations. A European war is imminent. . The great European War must come. With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment. After the great European war is ended the Peace Conference will assemble. We must be ready for that time. We will assuredly be called to this great conference of the nations and we must prove to them the urgent importance of a Zionist solution to the Jewish Question. We must prove to them that the problem of the Orient and Palestine is one with the problem of the Jews -- both must be solved together. We must prove to them that the Jewish problem is a world problem and that a world problem must be solved by the world. And the solution must be the return of Palestine to the Jewish people.'

         It is rumored that the infamous 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' were penned at this Congress. There is no point in debating whether the Protocols are valid or not. But it is highly evident that they speak of almost perfect accuracy of what the Zionists have actually done in the last century. In Herzl's speech one can see that 17 years prior to WWI he spoke of a 'European War' that must come and when the Peace Conference (Versailles) assembles that they must be ready. So did Sergius Nilus really 'forge' them as worldwide Jewry claim? Seems too exact for it to be a coincidence. I encourage all to read the Protocols for yourselves and then you decide.

         Moving ahead now to the First World War. The war was being waged by two sides. On one side you had Russia, England and France. On the other side was Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. Two points to bring up here. Palestine was under the control of Turkey and worldwide Jewry hated the Russian nation and Czar Nicholas II. Nicholas II took strong measures so that the Jews would not gain foothold over the Russians and of course they hated him for that. Much the same as they felt about Hitler when he prevented them from controlling the German people in the 1930's.

         Now many factors were at play here. In late 1916 Germany without doubt had victory at hand against England. Russia was practically out of the war and were suffering from internal strife due to Jewish Bolshevik terror internally. The Zionists approached the English government and told them that they did not have to accept defeat and that they could still win this war. They could win by bringing the United States in on the side of England.

    Arthur Balfour

         This led to the 'Balfour Declaration'. A formalized written letter from British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur Balfour to Lord Lionel Rothschild, the recognized leader in England of the Jewish people. I'll include more about this further on. Just a quick note, we are indebted to a former Zionist Jewish man named Benjamin Freedman for much of this information. He was liaison to Henry Morganthau Sr. who was Chairman of the Finance Committee. He was present during almost all the meetings the Zionists had with President Wilson and was also present at the Versailles Peace conference when Germany found out about the hand the Zionists had in bringing about Germany's defeat. Freedman saw the evils of what the Zionists were plotting and tried to warn American patriots of their actions.

         Now how did the Zionists pull America into the war? At the time Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States. Wilson was not a very disciplined man and was very easily manipulated. Prior to becoming President of the U.S. he was a professor at the University of Princeton. He was eventually elevated to the presidency of the University. As a side note he was romantically involved with a woman married to a colleague on the faculty. This fact played a hand in future events. After his time at Princeton he was brought to the attention of the New Jersey Democratic Party due to his very liberal ideas and they chose him as their candidate for Governor in 1910. It was during this time that Wilson was introduced to a leader of the Zionist movement in America. A Jewish lawyer named Louis Brandeis. Wilson and Brandeis later became very good friends and it was said that during Wilson's presidency that he never made any decision without consulting Brandeis first.

    Samuel Untermeyer

         Enter wealthy Zionist Jewish lawyer Samuel Untermeyer. Untermeyer, also a 'friend' to President Wilson approached Wilson during his presidency with a blackmail problem from Wilson's past. It turns out that Wilson's former mistress, who was married to a Professor at Princeton University fell into some very difficult financial trouble and threatened to blackmail Wilson by showing the love letters Wilson had written her. Now in those days just like now the press was firmly in Jewish hands and they could use that information to destroy Wilson. The $40,000 she requested was too much for Wilson to pay. Untermeyer told him that he would pay her off and keep the letters in his possession just for one favor in return. Untermeyer requested that when the time came for Wilson to name his choice for the Supreme Court that he would choose someone who Untermeyer requested. The choice Untermeyer requested ended up being Louis Brandeis.

         Now there were two objectives again for the Zionists in World War 1. First they wanted Czar Nicholas II overthrown. At the beginning of the war and up until America was drawn into it, the Jews and the Jewish press in America were almost unanimously pro-German since they were the enemies of Russia. The Second objective was securing Palestine as a National Jewish homeland and taking it away from rulership of Turkey who was Germany's ally. So the decision to bring America into the war was held off until Russia was on the verge of defeat. It was during that time that Zionist banker of Kuhn Loeb in New York, Jacob Schiff, financed Lev Bronstein Trotsky and his Jewish communist cohorts to install a communist government in Russia. Schiff financed Trotsky and his cohorts 25 million dollars. By today's standards that would equal billions. 25 million dollars was enough to get weapons, print defeatist literature and pro-communist literature to get the job done in Russia which already was in a state of turmoil. So there you have Zionism working in unison with communism. Going back in history again, one of the prominent founders of 'Zionism' was Rabbi Moses Hess. Hess just happened to be a close associate of the principal founder of communism Karl Mordechai Marx, a descendant of Rabbis. Again Zionism and Communism working hand in hand.

    Benjamin Freedman

         So now that the certainty of Russia being defeated was in sight, the Zionists of England and America began to work on President Wilson to bring America into the war on England's side. I will let Benjamin Freeman's words speak on what happened:

         'The reason half-truths often are more harmful than lies. The United States declared war against Germany on April 6, 1917. On April 2,1917 President Wilson addressed both houses of Congress and pleaded with them to declare war against Germany. President Wilson's appeal to Congress to declare war against Germany in effect and in fact was primarily President Wilson's liquidation of his obligation to his blackmailers.
         Congress only declared war against Germany because President Wilson informed Congress that a German submarine had sunk the S.S. Sussex in the English Channel in violation of international law and that United States citizens aboard the S.S. Sussex had perished with the ship. After General Pershing's troops were fighting in Europe, the hoax was exposed.
         The alleged sinking of the S.S. Sussex was used as the 'pretext' to justify a declaration of war against Germany by the United States. The S.S. Sussex had not been sunk and no United States citizens had lost their lives. The United States was now at war in Europe as Great Britain's ally. That is what Great Britain and the Talmudists ('Jews') of the world conspired to achieve in their crooked diplomatic underworld.
         The discovery of the hoax by the British Navy shocked many honorable Englishmen. A large segment of the British public were shocked to learn the S.S. Sussex had not been sunk. The S.S. Sussex was available for anyone to visit who might care to do so to see the S.S. Sussex for themselves with their own eyes. In that war the United States mobilized 4,734,991 men to serve in the armed forces, of whom 115,516 were killed and 202,002 were either injured or maimed for life. Justice Brandeis volunteered his opinion to President Wilson that the sinking of the S.S. Sussex by a German submarine in the English Channel with the loss of lives of United States citizens justified the declaration of war against Germany by the United States.
         Relying to a great extent upon the legal opinion of Justice Brandeis, President Wilson addressed both houses of Congress on April 2, l9l7. He appealed to Congress to declare war against Germany and they did on April 7, l9l7. After the October l9l6 agreement was concluded between the British War Cabinet and the World Zionist Organization, the Talmudists throughout the world were hopeful that an international incident would soon occur to Justify a declaration of war against Germany by the United States.' (excerpts taken from Benjamin Freedman's short book, 'The Hidden Tyranny')

         So after this, all the Jewish owned newspapers that were once 'pro-German' changed their stance and now all the Germans were bloodthirsty murderers killing innocents. Just as a side note I will mention here that during this time and after the First World War, the Zionists were running fund raising campaigns with the claims that '6,000,000' Jews were dying or suffering in Europe. Many of these claims were produced in the New York Times. For more information regarding this, I recommend the book, 'The First Holocaust' by Don Heddesheimer. It includes photocopied pages of these claims.

         Back to the 'Balfour Declaration'. Again I quote Benjamin Freedman:

         'After we got into the war, the Zionists went to Great Britain and they said: 'Well, we performed our part of the agreement. Let's have something in writing that shows that you are going to keep your bargain and give us Palestine after you win the war.' Because they didn't know whether the war would last another year or another ten years. So they started to work out a receipt. The receipt took the form of a letter, and it was worded in very cryptic language so that the world at large wouldn't know what it was all about. And that was called the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration was merely Great Britain's promise to pay the Zionists what they had agreed upon as a consideration for getting the United States into the war. So this great Balfour Declaration, that you hear so much about, is just as phony as a three dollar bill. And I don't think I could make it more emphatic than that.'

         Below is the text of The Balfour Declaration:

    Foreign Office, November 2nd,1917

    Dear Lord Rothschild,
    I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty's Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet: 'His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.' I should be grateful if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

    Yours sincerely,
    Arthur James Balfour

    Bernard Baruch

    Now after America and England had defeated Germany and their allies, the Versailles 'Peace' Conference commenced. A delegation of 117 Zionist Jews were present headed by American Zionist Jew Bernard Baruch. So when the victors were deciding what to do with Germany and how to 'punish' them, the Zionists presented the Balfour Declaration. An agreement made between the Zionists and the British to bring the United States into the war against Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. And the agreement was for the British to take away rulership over Palestine from the Turks and to convert it into a Jewish homeland. At this point is when the Germans realized that they had been swindled and that the Zionist Jews were responsible for Germany's defeat. This now shows a very real explanation of why the National Socialist movement led by Adolf Hitler held resentment towards World Jewry.


         In this Versailles 'Treaty' which by name would indicate an agreement of peace, alliance, and non hostilities would seem to have been anything but the aforementioned. Along with the billions that had to paid for reparations, which also came in the form of coal, different steels and even the intellectual property for Aspirin. It would seem that this 'Treaty' did nothing but cripple Germany to the point of hyperinflation, and with its money devalued made the countries which Germany owed the reparation none too pleased. One could argue that this not a true 'treaty' and one which would lead to more stifle and suffering.

         Edward Mandell House wrote in his diaries: 'To those who are saying that the Treaty is bad and should never have been made and that it will involve Europe in infinite difficulties in its enforcement, I feel like admitting it. But I would also say in reply that empires cannot be shattered and new states raised upon their ruins without disturbance. To create new boundaries is always to create new troubles. The one follows the other. While I should have preferred a different peace, I doubt whether it could have been made, for the ingredients for such a peace as I would have had were lacking at Paris'

         So it would seem Germany was to be brought to its knees, not just the leaders but its civilian populous as well. No need to repeat the terms which could not have been met or the alternative to not signing the treaty.

    James Paul Warburg

         And speaking of Woodrow Wilson he is the one who signed the Federal Reserve act and appointed Paul Warburg as its first member.

         'We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.' James Paul Warburg

         Many people still do not know the FED is not an arm of the government but just a system that contains both private and public entities and to this day still have never been audited and refuses to be. The name 'federal reserve' is a grand deception to make give the illusion of government branch and safety. Nothing could be further from the truth.

         The American dollar not on the Gold standard and it seems we just 'print' or just hit a few keys to add more money to the system. The Fed lends money to congress with interest and demands repayment from our income tax. 'They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.' - Congressman McFadden's on the FED

         We are not a republic but an Oligarchy; I'm not a master in macroeconomics but even Woodrow Wilson said 'I am a most unhappy man. 'I have unwittingly ruined my country' (Speaking on the FED)

    K. Flamme:

         First I'd like to comment on some of Shally's points. Indeed, what a better way to understand the first world war than through a soldiers eyes. And what a better soldier than Adolf Hitler. I think it of great interest regarding his character to state that he held the most dangerous of all jobs for a soldier; that of a battlefield courier, delivering messages from trench to trench, often in the midst of shelling, rifle fire and poison gas.

         It should be noted that Adolf Hitler served in a regiment referred to as the List Regiment, named after its commander. There he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, along with the Bavarian Military Medal 3rd class with bar, plus the Cross of Military Merit and Wound Badge for being wounded twice. The first time he was wounded in his leg in October of 1916, at the Somme. The second is already mentioned, by mustard gas.

         Further note is that the List Regiment suffered 'horrendous' casualties, even for World War One. Did you also know that he passed up a promotion to full corporal because it would have meant reassignment from his unit? Comradery. The spirit of self-sacrifice taking shape.

         I remember stumbling upon some of this early in life, thinking 'that's not the Adolf Hitler the world would like me to know.' Indeed the first of many, many revelations through the years regarding his character and life. But it would be a long and often arduous journey seeking that truth. Many decades and countless lies had purposefully obscured it, rewriting history in the process. I always wondered what they were so afraid of. Why were we bombarded with propaganda against this man from cradle to grave? Why did they go out of their way to demonize him in virtually every aspect of society? And most importantly, why was it that the more I learned about him the more I saw the opposite of the picture that his enemies had painted? In most instances, their devilish descriptions of him were perfect illustrations of themselves.

         I'm anxious, after all these years of searching, to share with you three the Adolf Hitler I found through these maddening years. Or, better said, the Adolf Hitler whom found me. In turn, I am anxious to hear your own personal stories.

         But, before I stray too far, I'll return to my original thoughts... Speaking of Mein Kampf, did you know that post-war editions are several hundred pages shorter than the original translations? It's an interesting tactic they use of omitting content that they don't want you to read. If you really want to read Mein Kampf, get a pre-war edition.

         Interesting points as well, Baldursson. The quote from Theodor Herzl is all-too prophetic, in fact, much like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Either they were seers seeing the future, or they orchestrated it. I tend to go with the latter.

         The tragedy of the Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family is one which begs us to speak of it in more detail. It definitely has strong ties to this conversation. Let's talk more in depth about this later.

         The great lie of the sinking of the S.S. Sussex is incredible indeed. Anyone know when and how the American citizens found out about this? Another incident worth noting is the sinking of the Lusitania, often considered to be another reason America got involved in World War One. Here is a few quick details:

         While it was claimed to be a civilian luxury liner, it was classified as a 'Armed Merchant Cruiser' (AMC) and was even fitted with gun mounts. The Lusitania was sailing in a predetermined 'war zone.' Last but not least, her cargo had an estimated 4,200,000 rounds of rifle ammunition, 1,250 empty shell cases, and 18 cases of fuses, all of which were listed in the ship's manifest.

         Those are the facts. There are also some strong theories that the Lusitania was carrying high explosives, detonated by the German torpedo. A mysterious second explosion, more powerful than the first immediately followed. Here is a quote from the U-boat captain's manifest:

         'Torpedo hits starboard side right behind the bridge. An unusually heavy explosion takes place with a very strong explosive cloud. The explosion of the torpedo must have been followed by a second one [boiler or coal or powder?]... The ship stops immediately and heels over to starboard very quickly, immersing simultaneously at the bow... the name Lusitania becomes visible in golden letters.' -Schweiger, U-20

         Lastly, Alessandro, you brought up hyperinflation. Here is a quote from a 1989 book named 'The Ailing Empire' by Sebastion Haffner:

    'At the end of 1923 a dollar cost 4.2 trillion marks. To all intents and purposes Germany no longer had a currency. Before 1923 the inflation had wiped out only monetary wealth, but now monetary income also lost its value... In effect, work was no longer compensated in money, or only in money that had lost its value within the hour.'

    Check out this selection of German notes and mailing envelopes from the period...

    Inflation Notes of Germany/Austria

    Watch their lies wither away...


         Wow all of you guys brought up so many interesting points. While K. Flamme and I touched on the way Germany was visibly affected due to the Treaty of Versailles and the treachery she endured, Baldursson you really illuminated the dark underworld of those pulling the strings. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have always fascinated me in a frightening way. They are so on target to what has been happening in the world that there is no way they could be a forgery. It's crazy that more people cannot see what is going on...or don't wish to.

         Baldursson I also liked how you brought up the point about the Jewish press' swing from a pro-German stance to an anti-German stance prior to WWI in America. It made the article I quoted make a lot of sense. I'm also really interested in the claims of a holocaust prior to the one we have ALL heard about our entire lives. I'll have to check out the book you recommended. I know I read somewhere or another about other impossible claims of Jewish 'holocausts' throughout history. Maybe one of you guys knows a little more about this and can enlighten me.

         Both Baldursson and Alessandro said a lot about Woodrow Wilson. A great example of how the Zionists have undermined the nations of the world with the use of blackmail, bribery and deceit throughout history. We must admit that if it weren't him that tricked the United States into war and signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, there would be another corrupt soul waiting in line to betray the people...unfortunately.

    Rudolph Hess

         In researching about Hitler's service in WWI I have learned so many intriguing things. Did you guys know that Rudolph Hess served with Hitler in the same regiment? That would certainly explain the close bond of friendship they shared, so much that Hitler even dedicated Mein Kampf to Hess. Mein Kampf was dictated to and edited by Hess while he and Hitler were imprisoned together.

    Martin Bormann

         So many of the National Socialist hierarchy were veterans of WWI. For example Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary, was a cannoneer in a field artillery regiment. Goering was an ace fighter pilot with 22 kills and earned the Iron Cross 1st class and Pour le Merite for bravery. I personally believe any leader who may send others into war should first be a soldier himself. Many of our 'leaders' here in the U.S. have never served in the military or were draft dodgers, let alone ever worked a hard day in their lives, yet they have the ability to send countless to their deaths. Ludicrous. But I prefer not think about them, let alone write about them and their corrupt ways for now.

    Herman Goering

         Did you guys know that many leaders of the Nazi party were artists and philosophers prior to the war? Joseph Goebbels had a doctorate in philosophy, was a poet and writer. He wrote a novel I read awhile back called 'Michael.' I would absolutely recommend it!

    Joseph Goebbels

         I really identify with the way you said 'the Adolf Hitler whom found me' K.! There was certainly no trail left by the enemies of mankind to find the Adolf Hitler we have come to know, love and admire. There have been so many times that I have really felt the Movement speak to me... The National Socialists of old had so much foresight and they truly do speak to us, to those who have picked up the sword of truth and turned to face the enemy. There is something stirring in the hearts and minds of modern man. Let the glorious past lead the way!


         Everyone's contributions to this discussion have been illuminating to say the least. The internal demoralizing of the German military obviously showed that the powers that be in charge of the German government were setting them up to lose just as the American government set up America to be defeated in Vietnam. They were clearly on the side of the 'opposition.' Shally mentioned the Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (8-20-1914). She mentioned the pro-German stance. That was typical of those times until Worldwide Jewry saw they could gain both prizes they wanted after Russia's internal collapse. When the Russian Czar Nicholas II was public enemy number one to Worldwide Jewry they kept a pro-German stance. That is, until they saw the opportunity for gaining Palestine opened up. Then Germany were 'murderers and butchers' according to their press. As K. Flamme mentioned we will have to discuss the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family later. Of interesting note is the Kabbalistic inscriptions in the room in which they were ritually murdered.

         Back to the switching of alliances of Worldwide Jewry. They started demoralizing the German people in WWI once Russia was no longer a factor. They demoralized them with Communist propaganda and terrorism supported by Jewish Capitalists. Remember how I mentioned Zionist Capitalist Jew Jacob Schiff financed Trotsky, Lenin, Radek and the rest of the Jewish Bolsheviks at the time of Russia's collapse in WWI? There were many other financial contributions of Jewish capitalists to install Bolshevism in Russia. They were also working in Germany at the final days of the war and immediately after the war to install Communism. They briefly succeeded in Hungary with the reign of Communist terror under the Jew Bela Kuhn(Cohen). Rosa Luxemburg being the lead Jewess in Germany causing the communist agitation.

         K. Flamme mentioned how they tried to financially cripple Germany and made Germany solely 'responsible' for WWI and dividing their land and reducing their military and weaponry. In 1916 Germany was offering peace terms to England. There was an attempt at negotiated peace until Worldwide Jewry stuck their noses in. Adolf Hitler and other patriotic Germans knew of these facts and knew that they had been betrayed from within and conspired against from outside. Adolf Hitler being a very observant man who spoke with most of these communists in the worker's labor days prior to WWI learned of who was installing these thoughts into the masses of people. Hitler mentioned in Mein Kampf that he spent his early days reading nothing but communist literature so he could understand and combat their thinking.

         Also what both K. Flamme and Shally mentioned is the hierarchy of the 3rd Reich's leadership and their service in WWI. Today the Jewish media portrays the Germans as 'cowards'. LIES! The service that men such as Hitler, Hess and Goering performed during WWI shows them to be brave warriors of the highest caliber. Unlike draft dodgers such as William Clinton and spoiled rich boys like George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. Hitler showed a loyal bond to his men who stayed with him from the beginning. Unlike Stalin who murdered all his co-collaborators as soon as he achieved power. Not only did Hitler dedicate Mein Kampf to Hess but also to his longtime friend Dietrich Eckart. Eckart one of the original members of The Thule Society. The Thule Society could be another topic to discuss in the future. Eckart was one of the great intellectual/spiritual minds of the National Socialists who people need to know more about. Yes Goebbels' novel 'Michael' is a great work I agree. He was another of the great intellectuals of the Reich I admire. Absolute genius!

    Dietrich Eckart

         'The Adolf Hitler whom found me.' Great way to express that K. Flamme. I feel the same way. I always heard the lies and slander growing up and it was relentless in every facet of society. For some reason I always had an admiration for him and instinctively knew that what they were saying wasn't true. Relentless never-ending slander of someone should always be a sign of an agenda at work. Likewise the more I learned of Hitler the more the Jews' lies withered away.

         Great information brought up by Alessandro on the Federal Reserve. The illegality of this system is not known by the masses of people. Then again the masses don't know much of anything do they? 7 men were present at a meeting in which the Federal Reserve plan was laid out. Paul Warburg, Henry Davison, Abraham Piatt Andrew, Frank Vanderlip, Charles Norton, Nelson Aldrich, and Benjamin Strong. Warburg being a partner in Kuhn Loeb. The same Kuhn Loeb of one Jacob Schiff ( financier of Trotsky, etc). Schiff was one of the main supporters of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. He was also a financier to Woodrow Wilson's campaign. Readers should check out Eustace Mullins' book, 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve.' Also G. Edward Griffin's book, 'The Creature from Jekyll Island.' Very informative works concerning the illegality of the 'Fed.'


         Comradery, a very special bond. I think that the true spirit of this is lost on many people in these times. I'll speak now of personal experiences I had when I was younger and was traveling about in Italy and Sicily.

         First off, the solidarity and adoration of the majority of people and relatives I came to visit with was overwhelming. They had a love of country and a love of culture which I had never come across here in the states.

         Family was very important; I was told to marry an Italian girl to have many kids and at one point even told to move over to a small town in Sicily where my uncle had land.

         Every night the local folk would go out in droves and just walk (passeggi) and talk among each other, sharing food and drink, stories, tales, jokes and love of being. I would also like to note that I never came across any Italian in Italy that needed a special reason to stop and talk to you over some coffee or wine. This was true comradery, a people with a sense of belonging and with a feverish devotion to who they were. There was no need to force feed this into any of the kids it was just passed on. There was no denouncing of this praise of culture being something evil, wrong or unjust.

         It was something alien to me in my younger years. There was no forced homogenization of people, there were no TV dinners where everyone ate in any room they pleased. This was blasphemy. Everyone ate at the dinner table and it was very structured. The women cooked and served the meal starting from the elder to the child. No one would eat until everyone was seated and even then not before everyone would give thanks or salute Buno appetito or the one I heard most often Buona salute! (Good Health) I would liken it to an event; it was not just the parents and children who came to feast but uncles, aunts and cousins. Making this kind of connection day in and day out formed an iron family bond. A harmonious and salubrious life and friendship.

         It is always effortless to hold a friendship with someone or label someone your comrade when times are tranquil and the water's calm, but a true test of this comes when there is great strife and misfortune. Take some time and think; who do you think would stand with you when times are problematic? Do you think your 'comrades' would stand with you or abandon you?

         This brings me to something interesting that K. Flamme brought up about Hitler. Firstly I did not know that he had suffered an injury from mustard gas. Trench warfare was a true hell on earth. Benito Mussolini also fought in the trenches of World War I and suffered an injury from a grenade.

    Benito Mussolini

         In the troubled times of late WWII, when things were not going well for the Axis powers, Hitler still set out to rescue his friend Mussolini when King Emmanuel arrested him after a meeting. He was secretly rushed off to various locations - small towns and islands in the Mediterranean. He was moved constantly for about two months. The Italian people and the world were told he had taken ill and had resigned, and that the government would again be run by the king. No one believed this, especially Adolf Hitler. After searching for a few months he was rescued by Otto Skorzeny, in a dangerous military action by paratroopers on gliders on top of a mountain in the Abruzzo region of Central Italy. To me this is the axiom of friendship and comradery.

    Otto Skorzeny

         You also touched on something that hit very close to home to me. That things taught to us at an early age in school are not always the truth or not as black and white as they would like to paint it. Unfortunately at times the victors also write, embellish or simply omit certain events or details. I never learned of the fire bombings of Dresden, a city that had no military targets, which killed in a horrific manner thousands of German civilians. Yet this is not considered a war crime.

    Murdered civilians of Dresden

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