The following interview is done with Georg Baldursson, the webmaster of W.O.T.A.N. and The Pyramid Prophecy.
Both of which are monuments to David Lane's timeless wisdom and undying dedication. While David's physical body passed away on May 28, 2007, his many deep and spiritual writings ensure his immortality on earth amongst those seeking a path to the Old Gods. David considered Georg to be a 'spiritual son' to him, and we can't think of a higher honor. One thing we know for certain; Valhalla was built for men like David Eden Lane.

First introduce yourself and the websites and projects you're involved in.
To begin let me thank you for the honor of this interview. I am Georg Baldursson. Preceptor of W.O.T.A.N. W.O.T.A.N. consists of individuals who are racially conscious Aryan folk who teach and preserve the ancient wisdom of our Heathen ancestors. We stand by our founder David Lane and his vision of the 14 Words. The website address is I also do assist with managing the website that is the archive of David Lane's writings. The address for that is That site is mainly run and managed by our very good Heathen friend and sister Vicky from Women For Aryan Unity. The website for W.A.U. is Please show your support to them. They work hard and deserve it.

I understand you were very good friends with David Lane. How did you meet him and how long were you in communication with him? Can you tell us about the David Lane you knew? Did you see a side of him that others did not?
Georg Baldursson I can say with certainty that David was my closest friend. I know he felt the same of me. I unfortunately never had the opportunity of meeting him due to the situation he was in. The circumstances of how I came to know him and eventually contacted him is for different reasons than most who wrote him. I will elaborate further on this in the interview of how that came to be. We were only in touch for 7 or more years and we connected on a spiritual level of comradeship instantly. One side of him I always saw was his deeper philosophical side. I wish there was a way to have recorded some of our conversations. I still have every letter of correspondence locked safely away. I connected with him on a level that others didn't. I can say that with confidence. He took the spiritual and mystical side of life very seriously. We never used it as escapism in any way but as Aryans, we always must ponder the mysteries. That is a natural part of our race souls. If I may quote a brilliant Aryan named Norman Lowell of Imperium Europa, "Mysticism and science are not antagonistic. They are complimentary. When one rises a notch, the other follows." The more research David and I did into the mysteries and the Pyramid Prophecy, the more we found it did work in unison with science. Quoting David's 8th Precept which is my personal favorite, "What men call the supernatural is actually the natural not yet understood or revealed." Too much to discuss here. I may have to write a book one day about it all.

Pyramid Prophecy deals with a lot of numerology and abstract metaphysical ideas. Do you think people are receptive to this? How much do you think people understand?
I first heard of David through his racial writings. I knew of his beautifully penned 14 Words and also his history with the Bruder Schweigen but, it was his writings on the Mystery Religions that inspired me to contact him. I was always racially conscious growing up but not "active" in the younger years. I originally came from an occultist background. I used to study into Aleister Crowley, Pagan Religions, The Golden Dawn and Numerology. Just for the record I am not a "Crowleyite." I just studied much of him back in the day. I found him to be a fascinating individual who I do believe was tapped into the so called "super natural" and Hidden Knowledge. I knew of the coding in the King James Bible and that it was translated by a Pagan Adept named Sir Francis Bacon. So when I started to become aware of the facts of our race's plight and started looking into the writings of various people, I find David Lane discussing Hermetic Philosophy and Numerology. From what I noticed that seemed to be taboo in White Pride circles. I knew David was different and I knew I had to contact him because of his higher knowledge.

Fortunately there have been some people who have been very receptive to the Pyramid Prophecy and the Hermetic Coding. These are people that do understand the mathematical laws of probability. Deeper knowledge is only understood by the few of course. To understand the coding is to approach it with uncontaminated reasoning ability. It is mostly simple mathematics. When someone doesn't understand it, they will just say it isn't real. I've heard many of the "Movement People" ridicule David in regards to this subject. Instead of being like a true Aryan and just investigating with an open mind, they just close their minds and resort to insults. I think it may be mainly willful ignorance. Or perhaps they are too stupid to understand simple mathematics. Perhaps it is personal ego. I think many of them do not subscribe to the facts of numerology because they do not have the discipline to take the time to study and understand its validity. Then again we are talking about many brain-dead atheists and Christians. So what else can we expect? The 14 Words they love to quote and misquote are a Hermetic magickal formula and mantra. See the brief article I wrote called "14 Words Decoded" to see the evidence. The names of both Jesus and Lucifer are Hermetic coded formulas as well. Then they will say, "How is that helping our race? Why waste your time on nonsense like that? etc. etc. ad nauseam. Well it exists. There must be a reason for it. As Aryans we ponder existence and seek answers and explanations. That is our Nature. There is a wise saying from the Orient that says, "The man saying that something can't be done shouldn't stop the man who is doing it." The coding will be Zion's undoing. I have worked with David for years deciphering this and credibility of it has remained certain.

Robert Jay Mathews [January 16, 1953  December 8, 1984] One of David Lane's most revered heroes was Robert Mathews, who died in December of 1984, forever cementing his place in the history of the movement. David dedicated the remaining years of his life, since his imprisonment, expressing his ideas and warnings to anyone who would listen. He also cemented his place beside Mathews as an inspiration to a more and more receptive world. It's interesting to wonder if Mathews could have predicted the fame and admiration that David would achieve. Your thoughts?
Robert Mathews was one of the finest men to ever walk on Midgard. Like Hitler and others before him, he knew he wasn't going to be successful in his lifetime for what he was fighting for. They both knew that they were fulfilling roles that the "Creator" assigned to them. Bob even said that he believed he would only last one year before Z.O.G. murdered him. I believe Bob knew that some great men were going to develop from The Order's legacy. David became the most well known. I am sure that Bob believed David to be the wisest man in the Order. I am also certain that he knew that if David survived that he would have become an icon in the cause for our survival. Of course most of what David told me of Bob was what he told people publicly. But David did share with me many deep personal things about how Bob was beyond being just a physical warrior for our race. Things about Bob spiritually and philosophically. Also some funny personal anecdotes Bob and himself shared.

When did you first learn of David Lane's death? Can you explain to us how he died? Do you remember your last conversation with him? Has his death changed you in any way?
David physically died on Monday May 28, 2007. I learned late in the morning that day from a trusted friend. I was a bit disgusted of how the news broke. It was news that shouldn't have appeared on some "movement" forum at that moment. I believe that was very low class and disrespectful. It should of been told initially to few people who were close with him. There are of course rumors about David's death that it occurred due to un-natural causes. I suspect that to be true. But then again, Z.O.G. was slowly killing him with the treatment in prison he had to endure. So it was murder any which way you look at it in reality. I remember taking a walk outside early morning about 4:00 A.M. before I found out about his death. I was feeling a strange sense of loss and emptiness that I couldn't figure out at the moment. I do remember saying to myself that it has been several weeks since we wrote or spoken and I needed to write him that day. Then I received the news.
David Eden Lane [November 2, 1938  May 28, 2007] The last conversation I had with David I do recall being very positive and he was in good spirits. Despite all the physical and psychological torture he endured, he always remained in positive spirits. I am reminded of his 85th Precept, "One measure of a man is cheerfulness in adversity." I am at least relieved knowing that his pain and suffering is over and his soul has been set free.
His death did make me re-evaluate everything. It hardened me and strengthened my determination to achieve the 14 Words. I was also very disgusted how he was dishonored by so many in the so-called "White Pride Movement." None of them truly understood him obviously. David Lane's name was exploited materially by those who care little for him spiritually. While they would praise him for certain things, they would do a turn around and insult him and ridicule certain beliefs he had. Beliefs and knowledge that he took very seriously. Beliefs that they were too ignorant to understand. Things they would never have said if he were still alive. Every insult or mockery of him I take very personally. I am also sickened by those who quote the 14 Words then spout vile hateful remarks about other races. It is disgusting that they drag the 14 Words into that typical American foul mouthed bigotry. Like David, I do not hate other races. Nor do we love them. Neither he or I ever wished genocide upon them. The 14 Words is about love and preservation of our race. Not about hating and destroying other races. In reality the 14 Words are words of love. They are not words of hate as the controlled media claims. I don't want to sound like some pacifist hippy, which I am not by any means. We do need geographic racial separation for our survival. And we do know how that will have to happen without saying it of course. That will be in the future when Z.O.G. begins to crumble. I am angered when these "White Power Primates" in the "movement" attempt to disgrace the sacred 14 Words with their foul mouthed rhetoric. The 14 Words will endure despite the gutter level treatment that the "Movement People" have dragged them through. May they be damned. Never forgive, never forget.

I want to mention two other individuals who you've expressed an admiration for; Miguel Serrano and Julius Evola. Beginning with Serrano, one could write volumes about the experiences and beliefs of his extremely diverse and colorful life. What is it about him you admire most? Next is Julius Evola, a no less interesting and complicated man. This is a man who would walk the streets of war time Germany during air raids and contemplate existence! What do you admire most about him?
Miguel Serrano [September 10, 1917  February 28, 2009] Two very great men who have not received the recognition they so truly deserve. Very similar but very different men. I admire them greatly for their passion and also their devotion to teaching the ancient Aryan Wisdom. They can be regarded as a modern day Giordano Bruno or Apollonius. They were really like Gods incarnated in my eyes.
Julius Evola [May 19, 1898  June 11, 1974] Serrano really lived life to become, as Nietzsche would say, "More Than Human." His travels, his experiences, his life is so fantastic to read about. I do admire him for his devotion to our Heathen roots and his glorification of Adolf Hitler and the spirit of what National Socialism was. His friendship with 3 of the greatest National Socialists, Otto Skorzeny, Hans Ulrich Rudel and Leon Degrelle is fascinating. For instance they told Serrano that Hitler didn't perish in WW2. His death was staged and he went to South America. Also then to Antarctica. They wouldn't have lied to Serrano about a subject of that nature, especially as close to Hitler as they were. I myself could write volumes on how great Master Miguel was. He is one man I would have loved to have actually met. He recently left our world but his spirit lives on.
I admire Evola for his knowledge in racial spiritualism and mysticism. He really did have the gift of looking beyond and seeing the truths and explaining them in such a logical way. He was one of the greatest philosophers of this modern age. I was astonished when I first read his work "Revolt Against The Modern World". It's like he wrote what was in my soul. He wrote from the spirit and not from the mind.

Savitri Devi's books and ideas are experiencing a renaissance of popularity and interest. With Fowler reprinting many of her long out of print books and providing much needed information about her on his website, The Savitri Devi Archive, people are finally getting a chance to experience her wisdom and genius. How did you learn about her? Why do you think she has been in relative obscurity until recently, while many of her contemporaries of the movement have been more well known?
Savitri Devi is receiving the interest and support that she so rightfully deserves, finally. Fowler is doing a fantastic job with the Savitri Devi archive. She would be very proud and honored to see his hard work. But knowing how Savitri Devi was, she would be very humble and claim she doesn't deserve it. But we know how much she truly does deserve it for all she has gone through in the promotion of our ideals and her dedication to National Socialism and Heathenism. I first heard of Savitri in the year 1998 I believe. The first I read of her was unfortunately from a book written by a typical system hatchet man named Nicholas Goodrick Clarke.
Savitri Devi [September 30, 1905  October 22, 1982] Of course Clarke gets paid very well by his "chosen" masters to write slanderous propaganda. However it is good that I was introduced to her and now I know the truth of what a wonderful woman she truly was. So sometimes their slander has the reverse effect. Savitri has been such a positive influence to me. Especially her books "Impeachment of Man", "The Lightning And The Sun", and "Gold In The Furnace." Her glorification of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Cause has been some of the most inspirational and beautiful words ever penned. I suspect that she was not widely known for a few reasons. I do believe her commitment to Hindu Paganism made people in the "White Pride Movement" ignore her. After all they could never understand the Aryan roots of Hinduism. So many of them are just as bad as the masses of people in that they can't think too abstractly on any subject.

Speaking of Savitri's books, one of her greatest "The Lightning and the Sun" was published, most recently, unedited, by Samisdat Publishers, which was the publishing house of Ernst Zundel. Ernst Zundel was extradited to Germany from Canada after being arrested in the USA for thought and speech crimes. Thereafter he was sent to prison for five years! A glaring example that we do not live in a free world. Your thoughts on this injustice?
Ernst Zundel [April 24, 1939 - ] Ernst Zundel is a very brave and courageous man. Any man that has stood by the courage of his convictions despite all the physical violence, character assassinations by the media, unjust imprisonment etc. deserves the utmost respect and support. It is utterly disgusting that someone such as Zundel sits in a prison separated from his wife, family and friends while completely despicable, vile, lying pieces of vermin like Elie Wiesel and Abe Foxman roam around free spreading their false news and anti-White/anti-German hate propaganda. Everyone of Zundel's claims can be proven with some research and rational thought. All of Wiesel's, Foxman's, and the rest of the self-chosen parasitic tribe's lies can likewise be exposed the same way. Judging so called "history" by "Who Benefits?" applies here. The Jews benefit by getting reparation (blood) money from Germany and any business that aided the German War Effort. Another typical trait of the parasite. Sucking the blood money from nations and businesses without working. The Holocaust fairy tale also frees them from any criticism and gives them the special "victim status." And they can continue their reign of terror against the Arabic populations of the Middle East with support from their Kabbalistic "golem" the U.S.A. They benefit quite well from their anti-German hate propaganda masquerading as "history." In reality the Holocaust fairy tale is the most vile form of hate speech ever conceived.

William Pierce's passing seemed to me to be a great blow to the National Alliance. I understand that a lot of people do not like the new leader and the way the "new" organization is ran. Your thoughts on Pierce's death and the aftermath?
Dr. William Pierce [September 11, 1933  July 23, 2002] I did have the pleasure of meeting Dr. William Pierce a year before he passed away. He was a very brilliant man and truly understood the Nature of our enemy. The National Alliance was, in my opinion, the best legal organization for disseminating the facts in an intelligent, thorough manner. Yes his passing was a tremendous blow to the organization. There are certain factors involved as to why the organization went on a downward path. I do believe financial reasons being the main reason. I've heard all the gossip run rampant from ex-members. The only thing I'll say in regard to that is that the individuals and groups that branched off from it are utter failures and always will be. I prefer not to name names when criticizing the movement as I don't like to give anyone any free promotion. One thing I can't stand about the so called "White Pride movement" is all the mudslinging and gossip mills within it. That is why I want nothing to do with 99.9% of them. It has become nothing more than a group of bigots bickering, arguing and exchanging insults on forums. They are behaving like Jews with their never ending "debating," mudslinging and arguing.

What do you think are some of the greatest lies perpetrated on the masses in these dark times?
So many lies have been force fed upon mankind. To me the most damaging is the lie of racial equality. The Holocaust fairy tale of WW2 which I have mentioned previously has done significant damage. The Christian religion has done much malevolent damage to our race. The myth of evolution is disastrous as well. Despite what all so called "professionals" and "experts" have said, there has been no single shred of evidence to prove the claim of evolution. There is no missing link and never will be one. We never "evolved" from any primates. Aryan man was something much greater in times past. Our race needs to realize that there are other possibilities for how life came about besides what the "experts" claim. Learn To Think!!! The evolution myth destroys Aryan man's sense of uniqueness. I do believe it is spiritually and racially crippling. These are all symptoms of the current age we live in. The Kali Yuga or Ragnarok. Lies are accepted as truth. Evil is seen as good. Chaos reigns supreme during this dark age. But this age does come to an end. When one goes against Nature, Nature will eventually heal itself and place in order the Natural way of life. Our race will not go extinct. But I do believe Nature is cleansing itself. One cannot defeat Nature. Nature is GOD. In this time we must continue to spread the wisdom of the ancients and not lay down and play dead. We must have discipline and patience. Keep strong in body, spirit and mind. All we can do now is keep developing our knowledge, stay physically fit and educate the few who will listen. Direct action against Z.O.G. in this age is suicide.

It is said that truth is a sharp sword, if that be so, its enemies would like to keep it sheathed. Can you give us an example, in your opinion, of the most damaging truths to its enemies?
I am going to quote from the Bible and remember that it is a work with Heathen roots that was bastardized over the ages. I believe this tale is Heathen wisdom that survived. It is a parable that speaks of two men who built houses. One built his on rock and the other built his on sand. The house built on sand could not stand the test of time and was destroyed whereas the house with the solid foundation of rock lasted. Untruths always crumble in due time but truth lasts no matter what damage is thrust upon it. That is why with all the murder and persecution by the Christian Church (with the Jews at their root), they were never able to eradicate the Heathen wisdom. It has stood the test of time and even in this dark age, I am seeing the renaissance of it coming back to the light of day. Christianity and the Judaic religion was plagiarized from Heathen sources. That is a fact. Not an opinion. Christianity only succeeded because it incorporated so many Heathen traditions into its religion. To be honest, when you take Heathenism out of Christianity, you are left with Judaism. The current tyrants of the Dark Age lay out the playing field for us.

They give us the following options:
Atheism or Christianity
Communism or Capitalism
Democrat or Republican
Evolution or Creationism

All of them are false. There are other possibilities beyond the mold that people's beliefs have been shaped into. People may think they are smart but they do not know how to think. They only know what they are told. Reciting and remembering a bunch of "facts" and statistics spoon fed to them by Zion throughout their life does not denote intelligence. Intelligence is learning how to think independently. When people learn how to think and act upon their thoughts, then the tyrant will fall.

Despite the mass of drones and idiots wandering about this world, there have been a great deal of exceptional human beings. Tell us who you feel is the greatest human being to ever live, and why?
It is difficult to choose. The five individuals that I hold on a pedestal higher than all others are the following in no particular order. Adolf Hitler, David Lane, Miguel Serrano, Julius Evola, and Savitri Devi. The greatest human is a close tie between Hitler and Lane. Hitler stirred my soul at a very young age and guided me on the path to Aryan spiritual awakening. The love he had for his people and what he did to try and make life better for them amazes me still. Just for the record, Hitler did nothing wrong in the eyes of Nature or Nature's God. He was not responsible for wrecking Germany as a "Movement" Lawyer (translation -Liar In A Suit) from Idaho recently said. Explaining the justification for Adolf Hitler (The Great One as I prefer to call him) and his actions would be a long thorough work. Anyone with uncontaminated reasoning ability can view the facts at hand and the justification of his deeds. Not by believing the propaganda of the enemies of our race. When someone like the aforementioned "Lawyer" ridicules him by using the same slander our enemy uses, he makes himself an enemy of our race too. The only thing wrong that Hitler did was not being victorious. In spirit though, he is eternally victorious and his dream will become reality once this Dark Age ends. Survival is moral. Extinction is immoral.
David Lane is on a different level to me than Hitler. David was a very personal comrade and any insult of him is an insult against me. He, like Hitler, played a major role in the coming of the next age. There would have been no David without Hitler. They were links in the same chain. Both "Men Against Time" as Savitri Devi would say. In the coming Golden Age I predict that David will be held on the same level as Hitler. The 14 Words will be immortalized. They will be realized.

From my vantage point, it seems the seed of man is in continual decline. Each generation breeds a race of man lower than the one before it. There are generations of people, including ourselves, who have been force fed lies and propaganda since birth. Yet, there are some who are not as receptive to their deceit. Those who make it their mission to expose this world's enemies for what they are: enemies, not only of mankind, but of nature itself. But still so many of the masses are not receptive to the truth. They are comfortable living their lie, in a world designed to exploit them entirely from cradle to grave. Thoughts?
It is a fact known by all wise men and women that there only exists these types of people. Slaves (the Masses) and Masters (the Individual). Only in the Masters are there the capabilities of good and evil. The masses only do what they are programmed to do. They do not realize that their leaders are leading them astray. When reading David Lane's writings I was able to see that everything he wrote was just common sense and that it was all factual, in tune with Natural Law and he has the correct outlook. I expect the masses not to understand him but yet even in the alleged people who are fighting for our race, I see them ridicule him and disagree with him. Perhaps they are just another kind of slave. Only they are slaves in the White Supremacist cause? So yes even in the cause are slaves and masters. There are some people who are chosen by "The Powers That Be" to be the destined individuals in this world.
Each race is possessed by its own collective soul (energy source). Natural race souls are not evil. Conflict is not evil. Conflict is a way of strengthening oneself. Without it we would degenerate. The negative energy is the energy which seeks to destroy the natural order. This energy can manifest itself in all races. The Jews (the mongrelized race) seem to be the lead vehicle that the negative energy is using in this world. Negative energies attracted each other in all races which became the Jews. Wotan is the God that revealed itself to our race. Others have their natural gods. Each race must strive to be its own God-Man. Under Wotan our race was secure in its existence. The negative energies of the Jews infected the weaker of our race and caused them to betray their natural order.
Aryan man was not defeated but simply gave up fighting. Each race does possess its own soul which can be seen in its natural art, religion, and music. Aryan - order and beauty. Jew - disorder, ugliness, hatred, chaos. Each race creates the world in its own image which explains why the Jew promotes mongrelization. It feels that within its own blood so promotes it to non-Jews. Yet strangely enough the Jews feel a sense of self-preservation of their own mongrelization by having a racial identity and separate living space for itself to maintain at any cost. They are the one human race that is a parasitic element. After all parasites cannot exist in a healthy body and that is why the Jews promote multi-cultural societies. The mischief the Jews commit is less visible to the masses because all different races are pointing the fingers at each other and blaming everyone else for why society is so chaotic. The most unified race will exercise the most power of course. Multi-cultural societies are unhealthy by Natural Law and are the true source of the violence and hatred races commit against each other. In fact the "True Haters" are the ones who consciously know this and still promote this. I do think deep down that there is a plan to all this. I really believe it is Nature's Way of weeding out the weak.

Kali Yuga. Ragnarok. Armageddon. Death and rebirth. This cycle is spoken of in nearly every ancient culture on earth. Is it simply a longing for a better day?
For the past 2,000 years our race spiritually has been in decline. In terms of technology they say we are better and smarter than people of the old days. I believe that couldn't be further from the truth. Julius Evola wrote of this extensively. Without a doubt Christianity was the worst thing to ever happen to our race. But it is a symptom of the Kali Yuga or Ragnarok. Christianity to me was symbolically the same as the Fenrir Wolf devouring Wotan. Christianity lit the fuse for Ragnarok. Christianity brought superstition, ignorance and murder to our best people. I don't want to hear this nonsense from the Christian Identity Spiritual Jews and other race traitors about how Pagans were ignorant and Christianity brought them civilization and culture. Pagan men knew before Christianity the sacred mathematics and knowledge of the Universal Order. Pythagoras, Apollonius, and other Aryan Geniuses of the pre-Christian days were like Gods walking among men. Christianity is nothing more than one of the many plagues of this Dark Age. I think the ancient cultures always knew the inherent weaknesses in mankind. They just knew it was a reality that the world is meant to turn to chaos and upheaval and after that a cleansing comes and things begin anew. Things begin pure and build again in a Natural State. This will not be the last Dark Age the world will see obviously. When things hit rock bottom then things can only rise up and become better again. And the same for when a civilization reaches its pinnacle then it will crumble and fall. That is just the reality of the cycles of existence.

It's obvious that human nature is laden with flaws. Corruption, greed and vice rule the governments of this world. Nearly every single person from the many different countries we've interviewed in the past decade agree that times are dark and will get much worse before better. Your opinion?
Things must get much worse before they will ever get better. When man's back is against the wall and he has lost all his comforts then he will be forced to fight. Once White People are forced to live without these comforts then instinct for survival will take over. Dr. William Pierce made a statement once that in our current situation we should all be living naked and starving in the streets. Being too comfortable and passive is what is allowing this degeneration to take place. That is the only way we can eventually reverse this evil tide. Men have lost that warrior spirit and have become too intellectualized.
When things do hit rock bottom, the savagery, bloodshed, and chaos will be running rampant on an unimaginable scale. But only out of chaos can a new order come. Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise.

No matter how strong, clever or devout, thus far no one has escaped our one collective end: death. For most, it is a dreaded mystery. Generally speaking, no matter your faith or belief, no one living wants to die. Mankind hates the unknown, so we strive to know in life what eventually we'll know in the end, or won't know, if it is indeed oblivion. How do you envision death?
I do believe death is not the end for our spirits. I would never force someone to believe that. It is something all have to discover on their own. Our spirits are the electro-magnetic current that flows throughout our body. That is what it is from what I have learned. When we die our spirits are released back into the cosmos. The cosmos to me is just the mind of the Creator who we call Allfather Wotan. David Lane wrote an article called "Valhalla - Fact or Fiction?" where he discussed this topic. That is something I always believed before I even came into contact with David in this lifetime. Just because one cannot see the spirit doesn't mean it isn't real. Just as one can't see the radio waves emitted from a radio doesn't mean that they don't exist. Also when a doctor is performing brain surgery they cannot see the thoughts in your brain even though they do exist. I also do believe in rein-carnation. Many will call it myth or supernatural. There is no such thing as supernatural. Again I repeat David's 8th Precept, "What men call the supernatural is actually the natural not yet understood or revealed." Man is so self-centered that they believe they know it all. Everyday I learn that the more I know, the more I realize there is so much that I do not know. Also another thing that most will be ridiculed for is believing in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life or "Aliens" as they are more commonly called. In this vast cosmos can anyone be so self-centered and egotistical to believe that we are all there is in creation? Of course 99% of the claims about abduction are nonsense but those who claim that there is nothing else but us here on earth; well they are plain and simply ignoramuses.

If you could travel back in time, to any date of the past, where and when would you go, and what would you do there?
In reality I would change nothing in the past. Everything happens for a reason and there is a certain order to things. The cycles of time are progressing in a certain pattern and even changing something which on the surface makes things appear better may in reality make things worse in the days to come.
But just for curiosity sake, I would have loved to have lived in Hitler's Germany. Even knowing the outcome of that war I still would have fought with my entire heart and soul for National Socialism. Perhaps I was there in a previous incarnation. For some reason ever since I was a child, I always loved and respected Adolf Hitler. I was never taught to. I attended the same brain-polluting facilities called schools that everyone else did. I heard the same lies told about him that everyone else did. I never believed any of it. Even if it were true, he loved his people and tried to do what was best for them. That was all that mattered to me. Miguel Serrano said in an interview past that he was "always surprised that in spite of the decades of brainwashing propaganda, young people are reborn again as National Socialists and admirers of Hitler, as if they were "reincarnated" in order to continue the struggle on this Earth." Perhaps there is truth in that statement. I don't know of any other explanation of why I felt that way in my youth.

It's interesting to think about all the people who have been stranded on deserted islands over the course of human history. Especially those who were alone, and were never rescued. Maybe there are some out there right now? What if it were you, do you think you could survive? What would you miss the most about civilization, alone on your little prison in the sea? And what things would you be glad were gone?
I know I could survive in that situation. It would be quite an adjustment but Aryan man is capable of doing almost anything when his back is against the wall.
I would be glad that the pollution and noise from the skraelings would be gone. The skraelings themselves too of course. Living in a city makes it very difficult to find mental peace. I can find much pleasure in just being able to sit quietly under the night sky and be at one with the cosmos or universal mind. I would miss certain people. Being a man I would miss most of all the company of beautiful Aryan women. Also not being able to listen to the Aryan genius Richard Wagner's symphonies would be very tragic.

Hypothetically speaking, Woden, or God if you prefer, grants you one answer to any question. What would you ask?
Very good question! Difficult to answer as well. I've pondered existence and the mysteries of the universe for as long as I can remember. I would like to know where we came from. But also truly knowing destroys the mystique of life. Perhaps I would ask the "Creator" when this Dark Age will finally come to an end. Many people are saying it will end according to what the Mayan Prophecies have said. The Winter Solstice 2012. Not necessarily as climactic as they think but I do believe that it may be a beginning of a shift that will light the fuse to bring the end of this Kali Yuga. The timing coincides with the coding in the Pyramid Prophecy. These facts have not been published by myself or David. There are some hints though. In due time when it is right, I may shed the light on it.

We'd like to thank you for enduring this long interview Georg! Your final comments and words of wisdom to the world?
In closing let me say this. I believe that when living in accord with Natural Law it is immoral to hate other races. As it is also immoral to love them. The only hate one should feel is hate for one's own race who consciously commits race treason and assists our biological and spiritual enemies in the attempted genocide being perpetrated against our race. Lambs and Wolves do not hate one another. It is just Nature. I wish no harm to any other ethnic people. Forced multi- culturalism is destructive for all. People who say "celebrate diversity" do not realize that by mixing the races, they will in fact destroy the diversity of the planet. We must protect and preserve our race at any cost however. Geographic separation is mandatory. Wishing or pledging to commit mass genocide against another race is un-natural. In reality only one racial-religious tribe glorifies genocide in their sacred writings. Anyone who looks into the Talmud or Old Testament can see the astounding evidence of this. The majority of their "holy days" are celebrations of them committing genocide or manipulating someone to commit genocide against their enemies. Also in their consistent hate propaganda against Hitler and National Socialist Germany. They project their own deeds and crimes onto the National Socialists. I do not even hate the Jews for what they do. They are following their inner nature and cannot help what they do.
National Socialism was the stirring of Wotan from his slumber. But Wotan didn't fully awaken, he just opened his eye and stirred. When he does awaken, it is going to be something that was unseen on this planet for thousands, maybe millions of years. The Jews in their spirit know what Wotan is and that is why they are propagandizing so much hate towards Hitler and the National Socialist cause. They are indeed afraid of the Superman. The Jews consistent demonization of Adolf Hitler is certain evidence that they are indeed lying about him because they never stop propagandizing about him. If the propaganda of him was real there would be no need for them to keep reminding people of what a "monster" he allegedly is. It would be understood. They keep beating it into the masses heads because they are deathly afraid of who and what he was a messenger of. The consistent reminders of Hitler from them really should be a sign to any thinking person that there is an agenda to it and it is clear that they are lying. They are scared to death and are really afraid of what is coming next. Let us lay the groundwork and roll out the red carpet for the coming Superman. Hitler knew it wasn't himself. He said, "I know that somebody must come forth and meet our situation. I have sought him. I have found him nowhere; and therefore I have taken upon myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent preparatory work. For that much I know: I am not he. And I know also what is lacking in me."
As Hitler and Alfred Rosenberg have said, we are not trying to resurrect the old Wotan cult. That cult existed in time's past and is vanquished. We do however need a re-born Wotan. We don't want the Wotan of old that was devoured by the Fenrir Wolf at Ragnarok. We want the re-born Wotan. We want the Wotan that was eventually pulled free from the jaws of Fenrir by his son Vidar, "The Silent God of Vengeance." We want a God who has been freed from his bondage. I see the Wotan who has gestated in the belly of the Fenrir Wolf and he will be re-born in a feral state. The Odin of old is the tamed, defeated Odin. The past Odinism is bondage to the "Odinism of failure." Therefore we don't want to resurrect that. We also are not resurrecting the National Socialist cause. That was etched in time and did not succeed. But we can honor and praise them and their attempts. As we can also honor and praise our Heathen folk who took up arms against the Christian plague. We cannot resurrect those days. The Sun shined on those days past and can never shine on them again. We want victory and not failure. We do not want the tamed excuses of these pseudo-pagans who dress up like they are in the cast of Lord Of The Rings and run and hide in fear like a Jew when a Swastika (Wotan's symbol and his soul. The symbol of Aryan Life) appears before them. They deny any affiliation with the symbol of life. They worship death...

Wotan's symbol is the Swastika.

The symbol of Aryan Life.

We are waiting for the fall of this Unnatural Order.

We await the coming of Kalki/Vishnu/Wotan.

The Black Sun shines eternally...

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"

"Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

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