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    Barathrum-|- Broken Hope-|- Burzum
    Carcass-|- Dark Tranquillity-|- Deteriorate-|- Einherjer
    Immolation-|- Indungeon/Thy Primordial-|- Master-|- Rudra
    Sacramentary Abolishment-|- Sigh-|- Theatre of Tragedy
    ...The Soil Bleeds Black-|- Swordmaster-|- Goddess of Desire
    Siebenbürgen-|- Opera IX-|- Abigor-|- Grabesmond
    Messe Noir-|- Subklinik-|- Pazuzu/Raventhrone
    Demoncy-|- Ninnghizhidda-|- ...And Oceans-|- Dark Moon
    Theatres des Vampires-|- Puissance-|- Ancient-|- Daemon/Beltane-|- Absu
    Deicide-|- Månegarm-|- Arckanum-|- Endymion-|- Rossomahaar
    Odium -|- Averse Sefira-|- Angelcorpse-|- Incantation
    Barathrum #2-|- Myrmidon-|- Full Moon Productions-|- Noctuary
    Acheron-|- Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
    Demonic Christ-|- Axis of Advance-|- Banshee
    Frozen Shadows-|- Gontyna Kry-|- Negura Bunget
    Nifelheim-|- Svartsyn -|- Lament
    Tears of Grief-|- Vesperian Sorrow -|- Allfather
    The Sins of Thy Beloved -|- Hixi -|- Judas Iscariot
    Capricornus/Thor's Hammer
    Veles/Dead Christ Commune
    Thunderbolt -|- Sadogoat-|- Evensong -|- Deinonychus
    Antaeus-|- Mortem -|- Autumn Tears
    Abyssic Hate-|- Pagan Hellfire-|- Thornspawn
    Frost-|- Opera IX -|- Angantyr -|- Spear of Longinus
    Ork -|- Merrimack -|- Rites of Degringolade -|- Solace Denied
    Urgrund-|- Midnight Syndicate-|- Ars Macabra
    Psicorragia-|- Acheron/Wolfen Society-|- In Peccatum
    Teratism-|- Sturmfuhrer -|- Ad Hominem
    Prussian Blue-|-Deteriorate (Mike Trush)-|-Antaeus
    Crimson Moon-|- Murderous Vision-|- Branstock
    Ordo Equitum Solis -|-Mortal Wish -|-Goatlord
    Black Widow-|- Black Widow #2 -|- Countess
    Seges Findere -|-Octainium -|-Bitter Peace -|-Haiduk
    Dark Awake -|-Abysmal Grief -|-Amen Corner
    -|-Falconer/Mithotyn -|-Halgadom -|- Melani Hess
    Sarcofago (Manu "Joker" Henriques)-|- Sarcofago (Fabio Jhasko)
    Vulcano (Zhema Rodero) -|- Block 11

    -A Soldier's Journey to Discover the Truth

    -|-James Mason
    -National Socialist and author of Siege

    -|-The Enduring Legacy of Chandra Bose-|-

    -|-Elegy Records
    -The Embattled Forge of the Underground

    -|-Carl Alessi
    -Veteran National Socialist Artist

    -|-Kaci Mohand
    -An interview with the administrator of the Algerian NS page 'El Afkar el Wataniya'

    -|-Gerhard Lauck
    -An interview with one of National Socialist's most prolific fighters

    -|-Vera Oredsson
    -An interview with Sweden's National Socialist Valkyrie

    -|-Otto Remer
    An interview with WWII National Socialist hero by Radio Islam

    -|-Ahmed Rami
    -A Light Bearer and Soldier of Truth (Part One)

    -|-Ahmed Rami
    -A Light Bearer and Soldier of Truth (Part Two)

    -|-Jeff Schoep
    -The National Socialist Movement

    -|-Matt Hale
    -Prisoner of Injustice

    -An interview with Thomas Goodrich

    -|-Der Wehrwolf 'zine-|-

    -|-Veronica K. Clark
    -WWII Historian

    -|-Savitri Devi: The Woman Against Time
    -Looking back with R.G. Fowler

    -|-The Animal Liberation Front
    -With Ann Berlin

    -|- David Lane and the Brüder Schweigen:
    The Men Against Time.

    -|-W.O.T.A.N. and Pyramid Prophecy
    -with Georg Baldursson

    -|- As the years drag on...
    An interview with P.O.W. Chris Slavin

    -|- Hendrik Möbus Speaks -|-

    -|- Evelyn Hill (hendrikmoebus.com)-|-

    -|-Reinhard Logewolf-|-

    -|- Unconventional Thoughts-|-

    -|-Gudrun Himmler
    -Daughter of Heinrich Himmler

    -|-Christel Thunen
    -An interview with a BDM and Faith and Beauty member

    -|-George Isecke
    -An interview with a member of the Waffen-SS LAH and HJ divisions

    -|-Maria Ivanovich
    -An interview with a survivor of the murderous Allied bombing of Dresden

    -|-Karl Wolff
    -An interview with an SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS

    -|-Adolphus F.
    -An interview with an early SA man and later member of the Waffen-SS LAH

    -|-Edda Göring
    -An interview with Hermann Göring's daughter

    -|-Rudolf Jordan
    -An interview with a former Gauleiter of National Socialist Germany

    -|-Irwin Rohers
    -An interview with an Obergefreiter of the 7th Panzer division.

    -|- -|-Reinhard Hardegen
    -An interview with a former U-boat officer and Knights Cross winner

    -|-Harald Nugiseks
    -An interview with a former member of the Waffen-SS Estonian Legion and Knight's Cross winner

    -|-Ludwig Ruckdeschel
    -An interview with an former Gauleiter, member of the Reichstag, Waffen-SS, and the SA

    -|-Karl-Heinz Euling
    -An interview with a member of the Totenkopf and Frundsberg divisions and winner of the Knight's Cross

    -|-Irene Rosenberg
    -An interview with the daughter of Alfred Rosenberg

    -|-Leni Reifenstahl
    -An interview with the director of Triumph of the Will and Olympia

    -An interview with a Lebensborn nurse from 1936 to 1945

    -|-Siegfried Wiskow and Liselotte
    -An interview with a veteran of the battleship 'Gneisenau', and his wife

    -|-Mildred Gillars
    -An interview with Axis Sally

    -|-Wilhelm Norkus
    -An interview with a veteran of 29th Panzer Regiment,

    -|-Hansgeorg Bätcher
    -An interview with the extraordinary He 111 pilot

    -|-Jürgen Apfel
    -An interview with a Third Panzer Division and Volksstrum veteran

    -|-Otto Remer
    -An interview with the extraordinary man who put down the July 20, 1944 coup attempt in Germany.

    -|-Martin Sandberger
    -An interview with a member of the SS and head of various departments for internal security,
    including the Sonderkommando 1a of Einsatzgruppe A, as well as the Sicherheitspolizei and SD.

    -|-Trude Keller
    -An interview with a member of the German Red Cross (D.R.K.), 1943-45

    -|-Lina Heydrich
    -An interview with the wife of the extraordinary Reinhard Heydrich

    -|-Max Holtersdorf
    -An interview with a Hitler Youth member and Berlin defender

    -|-Traute Bauer
    -An interview with a German civilian who lived in Berlin during the Battle of Berlin

    -|-Paul Golz
    -An interview with a German veteran of the Battle of Normandy -|-

    -|-Fedor Kazan
    -An interview with Fedor Kazan, Ukrainian 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) and Ukrainian Defense Force member -|-

    -|-Karl Fuchs
    -An interview with a German WWII firefighter in Hamburg -|-

    -|-Wilhelm Brach
    -An interview with a pastor, professor and German Christians member -|-

    -|-Peter Eichhorn
    -An interview with an NSDAP official during the Breslau defense (Festung Breslau - Fortress Breslau) -|-

    -|-Vadim Mikailov
    -An interview with a WWII Soviet soldier

    -|-Bill Davis
    -An interview with an American soldier from the 180 Cav Rgt, 45 Infantry Div