The following interview is done with Sir Proscriptor McGovern...

First tell us the history of Absu. ( How and when it was formed, lineups, etc.)
Initially, this band was first originated in 1989 under the first moniker of DOLMEN. Then in 1991, with all the admiration and adoration for occult/alchemic(k)al sciences and Sumerian mythology, the kult became the ABSU. There has been numerous line-up alterations for the past ten years, as now it resides down to just Shaftiel and thyself, including four albums, a MCD/MLP, two seven-inch EP's, compilation, and tribute contributions under our wanded belts! At the present moment, we are currently looking to completely reform the Cythraul Klan of ABSU by recruiting a lead guitarist/vocalist & bassist/vocalist (vice-versa). There are only three regulations to be a prospect to join:

a.) Scotch, Irish, or Germanic descent to bloodline
b.) Grasps a magic(k)al mind
c.) Thinks they can play faster, sufficiently better than King or Hanneman.

If you hold these three characteristics or know somebody who does, send performing abilities on cassette or CDR to the following address:

The Cythraul Klan Of ABSU
c/o Proscriptor
P.O. Box 743307
Dallas, TX 75374-3307

Your latest release seems to hold all of the aggressiveness of the Absu of past releases. For those who have not yet heard it, tell us about your new release.
Our latest release, "In The Eyes of Ioldanach," has been issued since the mid-portion of September and is probably our most progressive, yet baneful release up-to-date! It features four hymns strictly dedicated to "Ioldanach" himself, who is the infamous deus magic(k), knowledge, and cunning dexterity in Celtic mythos.' It is also an osmose productions release as well; I just thought I would throw that in.
What has your response from fans been with your new release?
All I can possibly state that it has been exceptionally well, as everyone really indulges the overall production within the mix of it!
What would you say are the major differences between this release and past releases?
Naturally, it's quite faster within the tempo ranges, more progressive euphonically, more august, lavish, and yet more regal towards it's state of alchemicalizations; well, compared to the previous ABSU releases.
Have you done any touring lately? Live performances? If so, who have you played with and what have your experiences been?
Actually, touring has been rather dormant for ABSU lately because we do not possess a full, yet permanent line-up. The last time we were on a tour-excursion was a little over a year ago in Southern Texas and in Mexico, which was a grand success! Since the band's existence, we have toured/performed with Enslaved, Inferno, Sadistik Exekution, Impaled Nazarene, Opera IX, Ancient Rites, Anorexia Nervosa, UFO, Prophecy, Immolation, Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Morpheus Descends, Fallen Christ, Kataklysm, Broken Hope, Pungent Stench, Autopsy, Vital Remains, December Wolves, Divine Eve, Angel Corpse, Morgue, Magus, Iconoclasm, Dead Horse, Entombed, Gruesome Fate, Embalmed, Crucifix, Maggotry, Aceldama, Exhorder, Kathonik, Pantheon, The Zephyr, Casualty, Type O Negative, Goreaphobia, Azathoth, Argentum, and many more that's countless at the moment! our next tour will be called the "No Mercy" festival tour with Emperor, Morbid Angel, Limbonic Art, Six Feet Under, and Peccatum in the beginning of April. Touring is touring: it all has it's ups and downs, so that's all I can possibly say concerning this particular issue. Overall, I am totally enthralled by it.
Within your lyrics, there is large reference to occultism and ancient religions. Are these personal beliefs, or just an interest? What religious beliefs do you hold, if any?
I believe in tasseomancy, paganism, warding, gnostic science, alchemical science, kabbalah, thoth, and thyself. Allaxitonia is thy religion and thy law more powerful than ANYTHING materialistic on planet Earth.
On that note, what are your views on Christianity? Is it a formidable opponent to be reckoned with for those with belief in the Old ways/Gods? Or has it already done its damage?
All I have to say is that the entire human manifestation is utter shit, it "absu-lutely" disgusts me! Within thy mind and thy music, I travel within thy own personal realms of immortality and the ONLY religion is man! I felt Dr. Crowley was a rather smart individual, as well as Kenneth Grant, and Dion Fortune.
How do you feel about the growing beliefs in 'paganism?'
Really, I am a child of Thoth's beacon, so I am an overseer!
Being that you are from the U.S. one might assume that you see the world situation in the same light as fellow countrymen...but from all the interviews we've done, one might also assume that you share the opinion of the world with most people, world-wide. This is a view of hopelessness, and a belief that the world will get worse before it can ever hope to get better. Tell us what you think about this subject.
Really, I am a child of Thoth's beacon, so I am an overseer once again. Let us cease the temporal seed once and for all.
In your opinion, what is there in this world that you can describe as good?
The music I create, the music I collect/analyze, thy immortality stature, the cabal I practice, thy mistress Nadine (who I shall love perpetually...), and thy comrades worldwide that are surfaced to thy level: proportionately.
If there was only one word to choose to describe Absu, what would that word be?
There's been a lot of talk that black metal bands not from Europe are not 'true.' What do you think about this opinion?
Truth or consequences.
Tell us about your side-projects? How do these differ from Absu?
I shall tell everybody this: if ABSU grasped a permanent line-up, then I most likely would not be as involved as in many projects that I presently am. At the moment, I am working with Proscriptor (Allaxitonian Folk/Art Rock), Equimanthorn (Sumerian soundscapes), Judas Iscariot (Black Metal), Heaven's Devils (Blasphemous Southern Rock), Necrovore (True Balck/Death), MoonRoot (Progressive Phantasy '70's Rock), and maybe Demonic (Norweigan Black Metal).
What's the deal with 'Thrashstorms?' There was some confusion about its release date between Osmose and Relapse?
We never released it because too many bands are covering too much thrash material, as well as contributing to tribute albums. It's over: however, if there was ever to be an ABSU box set to be unleashed 10-15 years from now, I would highly consider putting the "Thrashstorms" mini-disque on it. Relapse made an immense mistake by printing it in their catalog when it was initially never released.
The vocal style of your latest releases differs a lot from your first full length, could you explain the reason for the change?
I am transpiring from one past existence onto the next.
What are some of the things that inspire you in life?
Nadine, Nazareth (the band), The Necronomicon, and Nicotine.
Any contemplation about what death will be like?
Fuck man, you talking to a prime example right now; a primo example! It feels great!
What can we expect from Absu in the coming year?
Hopefully, a permanent line-up and new album before the end of this centaurus, which shall be called "Tara." Also, some touring would be rather exquisite as well!
At last, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Any final comments?
I greatly appreciate this interview, and I am terribly sorry if the answers were not extensive enough. I have just completed 17 interviews in a row, consecutively, thus understand where I am pertaing to. Hail the ancient flame of the ABSU!

Sir Proscriptor McGovern

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