The following interview is done with Vincent Crowley...

Lets begin this rather traditionally... what have Acheron and yourself been up to these dark days?
I have finished writing our next album "THE APOCALYPSE" and am presently working with the others in the band to get it down. "THE APOCALYPSE" will be a concept album based on THE WOLFEN SOCIETY, a fictional/true (you pick) Occultic Fascist movement that takes the reins of power in the next millennium and creates a true Satanic world. Presently, ACHERON consists of Vincent Crowley on Vocals and Bass, Michael Estes on Lead Guitar, Jonathan Lee on Drums, and Bill Taylor (ex- ANGEL CORPSE) on Rhythm Guitar. Peter Gilmore is still doing our intros on the albums and Adina Blase has been filling in on Keyboards at live shows. We have also recorded a bunch of covers for several tribute albums, including ones dedicated to BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR, JUDAS PRIEST and KISS. We will also be playing a few select shows in the future.
Tell us about your latest release from your perspective. Would you say its your strongest release to date? Anything, perhaps, you are unsatisfied with?
Our last release, "THOSE WHO HAVE RISEN," is in my opinion the best album ACHERON has ever released. It was lyrically based on the TEMPLE OF THE VAMPIRE (Hekal Tiamat), which is an ancient Vampiric Cult originally based in the civilization of UR. I received permission from the TEMPLE OF THE VAMPIRE to do this album, so this was very unique. It was also very Satanic, without using the typical devilish symbolism. The only thing I wish we could do better is the final mix.
This latest release is under FMP. Could you explain how this went about and are you satisfied with how things are being handled? Any complaints?
We were originally supposed to release "THOSE WHO HAVE RISEN" on MORIBUND RECORDS, but after waiting a year for them to put it out, we decided to look else where. MORIBUND released us of our contract and FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS signed us to an album deal. FMP has been doing a great job promoting the band and letting us do what we want. The only real complaint is the lack of distribution in the stores. But then again we are an underground band.
Tell us about your encounters with Bob Larson. How did you get in touch with one another?
Bob Larson is a Christian "Shock Jock" that I enjoyed fuckin' with in the past. We got in contact after a friend of mine introduced me to his show. Ever since then I have been his nemesis. I have done 2 videos with debating him called "THE DEVIL AND DEATH METAL" and "HIGHWAY TO HELL." I have also been on his radio show about a dozen times. But I have grown sick and tired of him. I will not do anymore of his projects. I only did his show for my own personal enjoyment. I really thought it was funny messing with his small pathetic pea-brain. KILL BOB LARSON!
I'm familiar with the television station he appears on, but unfortunately didn't hear about your appearance on the show, as I'm sure many people didn't. So tell us about what happened and what all was said? I'm sure he was very confrontational with you?
You didn't miss anything special. It was almost like watching championship wrestling. We debated each other, knowing that neither of us cared what the other said. I really only did the live show at a Texas church so I could agitate the Christian sheep. He ended up making a video out of the debate called "HIGHWAY TO HELL," that only featured 13 minutes of our debate. We debated for over an hour!! I guess he didn't like what I had to say. He's such a fuckin worm.
Lastly involving this topic, did you get the chance to speak with him in private perhaps? Away from the view of the camera? I ask this because I'm curious if his attitude towards you was different face to face-'man-to-man' per se, rather than before his international television audience and local crowd.
Bob Larson is more of a Satanist (attitude wise) than a Christian. He is a true showman that only cares about his ego and personal satisfaction. He loves controversy and is as bad as Geraldo or Jerry Springer. Talking to him behind the scenes is no different than talking to a ring master of a circus. He may play the caring shepherd, but he is a wolf draining the sheep of their money. He is a con-man, but only the truly stupid follow his ministry.
Recently we've faced a lot of discrimination and censorship with what we do involving Mourning the Ancient. The mainstream public views us as some force of evil, labeling what we do as obscene and anti-Christian, etc.. When, in reality, they are afraid of what they do not understand, and more so, they are terrified of our truth. I'd imagine you face a lot of opposition with Acheron and your other involvement. Could you tell us about some of the lesser known problems you've faced with these things in your life?
Unfortunately, in this "Free Country," we are lead by a Christian society. Anything that puts fear into the masses hearts they try to ban or condemn. It is "our " duty to break down these barriers. ACHERON and myself have always received a lot of bullshit from the White Lighters. I've gotten death threats and tons of Christian propaganda sent to me. You could say that ACHERON is a thorn in the side of the Holy. We have even had people try to stop ACHERON shows from going on. But I love to piss them off!
In a country that boldly brags about being the leader of the 'free world' and granting its citizens the right of 'freedom of press,' 'freedom of religion' etc., I find this a gross misrepresentation of reality and outright hypocrisy. Freedom exists as long as you stay within Their boundaries, the moment you step outside the 'norm' of society--freedom is but a fleeting memory, and opposition is abound on every level. Tell us your thoughts on this please.
In reality there is no such thing as "Freedom." There is always some kind of dominating order that sets the rules and enforces their laws. If we actually lived by the words set forth in "The Constitution," this country would be much more desirable. Thomas Jefferson was very Satanic in his thinking and in fact was an atheist. Anton LaVey proclaimed THE AGE OF SATAN is 1966, this was our declaration of war. It is up to us "Satanists" now to fight for our rights. We must bring back the Social Darwinistic laws of Lex Talionis to our society.
I think its apparent that you are a Satanist to anyone familiar with Acheron. Also, you are a Magister in the Church of Satan. What exactly does this title mean and how did you go about earning it?
The CHURCH OF SATAN has two different divisions. One is being a Registered member, which basically states you support our movement and want to be recognized as an affiliate. This also gives you a chance to let you prove yourself to become an Active member. The second part is the Inner Order, which is made up of a hierarchy of various ranks. These ranks consist of Magisters, Priests, Agents and Active members. Dr. LaVey appointed select people in various positions to help keep the order within the organization. He first made me a Priest, then later advanced me to the rank of a Magister. Everything is based on what an individual does in the Satanic Movement and the Real World. It was a honor to be granted this title by a man I truly admired and respected.
The COS has said in the past that it does not condone such practices as human sacrifice... but, individually, what do you think about this practice, it is afterall an age old custom in practically every culture on this planet. I don't necessarily mean in practice today, but in theory, have you a problem with it? And could you find any spiritual significance in this action whatsoever?
I find no need for such a primitive practice. It really brings forth no true power, unless the execution is committed as an act of vengeance. As much as I hate human beings, I can't justify the ritualistic killing of them. Satanists are much more civilized. Though I do believe in the slaughter of human filth, such as murderers, thieves, and rapists. Human sacrifices are for Christian books and propaganda, not for the advancement of a Satanic society.
I presume you've met Anton Lavey, and I'll base my next question on that presumption... could you tell us about your observations of your initial meeting, and your following acquaintance with him? And lastly, what was the first thing you thought when you first learned of his death? Did you know of it coming... or was this relatively unexpected?
Actually, I never had the privilege to meet Dr. LaVey in person. I had an open invitation to visit him for several years, but never had the time to go. His death did come to me as a surprise, even though we knew he had heart problems in the past. I was saddened to lose such an important comrade and mentor, but his legacy lives on. Anton LaVey was an incredible man, his presence on this planet will be missed.
I can imagine the COS suffered a tremendous blow upon the death of its founder, one that I'm sure they'll feel for years to come. Could you give us some insight into the current happening and future plans of the COS?
Even though the CHURCH OF SATAN has lost our High Priest, we are still carrying on the work. As long as one "Satanist" breathes, the CHURCH OF SATAN will remain alive. Dr. LaVey appointed the people in high positions to continue the work he started. We plan to do just that. There has been some bullshit with LaVey's daughters Karla and Zeena, but they have been removed from the organization. Their greed and insincerity did this. So yes, there has been battles, but the war will eventually be won. We are not going away that easy!
I understand Lavey's daughter Zeena has proclaimed she killed her father with a curse... quite the brazen proclamation I would say. What are your thoughts on this and do you know of her motivation for saying such a thing?
Zeena is an immature little brat that wants all the attention. Her and her husband tried to take over the CHURCH OF SATAN back when Dr. LaVey was still alive. Dr. LaVey wasn't about to retire, so they tried to create their own organization. They failed and ended up joining the moronic TEMPLE OF SET. They are shit spewing vermin.
Let's backtrack your life to when you were younger, perhaps growing up. Could you tell us about what led to your interest in Satanism, and when did you first realize your distaste for Christianity? Have you ever been to their church, perhaps when you were younger?
I grew up in a fairly religious household. My parents were ex-Catholic turned Born Again Christians, so I dealt with all the Jesus crap. I was forced to hear and read their philosophies and ideas, but I never agreed with them. Every time I questioned their bible they couldn't answer it. When I was younger I did believe in the existence of a 'god,' but I always had a hatred towards him. When I was about 13 years old I read "The Satanic Bible" and started my way down the Left Hand Path. I did study various religions and occultic practices, but I always came back to Satanism. It is my true nature. I was born a Satanist!
How knowledgeable are you on the 'Holy bible'? Have you personally read it? Your thoughts?
I know a great deal about it , but I don't throw out verses like a priest or preacher. I did read the Bible and was bored to death. It makes no fuckin sense. You have the fearsome Jehovah that declares, "an eye for an eye," and the meek Jesus that says, "turn the other cheek." The Bible is one big contradiction.
What would you say is the greatest lie of this religion? Above all, what do you hate most of all about it?
I think the praising of weakness is the biggest blasphemy. Self-preservation is considered a sin. Christianity strips humans from their predatory instincts. I really hate the way Christianity breeds sheep. It is a cult of idiocy.
What would you say is the strongest 'selling point' of modern Satanism? Obviously, its a religion of personal freedom, which is of course unique amongst many of the religions of today, but also one doesn't need a religion to live freely and without consequence.
It stands for the evolution of mankind. Catering to the elite, instead of the worthless. It is a philosophy that true individualists and warriors resonate to. Satan is the perfect archetype of the New World Order. Satan wanted to be his own master...SO DO WE!
I presume you are in opposition with what happened during the witch burnings and the inquisition, but if the tables were to be turned, would you 'stoke the flames' for the Christians? Afterall, the Satanic Bible advocates vengeance, and the Christians have been killing, torturing, and abusing the other religions for centuries.
It really all depends on the situation. If someone believes in 'God' and doesn't fuck with me, I have no problem. But those who try and force their views on us should be dealt with. Those who waged the crusades and the inquisitions are long dead, others need not pay for their so-called sins. But those who want to use violence against us will get it back 100 times worse!
What do you think about the Temple of Set? Have you ever met any of its leaders? Are there still bad feelings between the TOS and the COS these days?
They are a joke. A bunch of nerds and geeks following a Mr. Spock look-alike. I have never met any of their high-ups in person, nor do I want to. The CHURCH OF SATAN does not associate with these scum. They are nothing but a bunch of CHURCH OF SATAN flunkies!
Your thoughts on the life/writings of Aleister Crowley? Are you very familiar with his many works?
The Great Beast was an interesting person. He wasn't a Satanist, but he did have some intriguing works. He also was a great manipulator of the press. He was able to be labeled 'To Mega Therion' and was feared by many. He was a true Black Magician.
To end this on a more philosophical approach, let me begin by asking you: If there is any meaning to be found to our existence as humans, what would you say it is?
The fact is that humans have worth in this endless universe. If mankind ceased to exist, the world would continue. But our only job is to survive. This is our instincts. So what is the meaning of life? Who knows. I just want to live it day by day and try to create a better environment for myself and brood.
Do you believe in the existence of the soul after death? If so, what do you imagine occurring after-death? An afterlife of sorts perhaps within grasp of our imagination but yet within the confines of our mortal comprehension?
I don't believe in an afterlife. But I do believe in a 'lifeforce' that is within each and every one of us. This lifeforce is an energy which we pass on after death. So in reality a part of you continues long after you die. It doesn't have a personality, but it still remains to have been a part of you. Almost like reincarnation, but without the soul mumbo jumbo. Energy never dies, it forever lives.
How do you feel about the ever-increasing destruction of nature?
It is pathetic how humans de-evolve when they advance. We are destroying the world and plaguing our bodies with parasites from our mistakes. Mankind will be the reason for the end of the world. We are burying ourselves. This is not meant to sound like a peace-loving hippie, just like someone who wants to live in safe surroundings. I am selfish in that way, I want the best for myself and kindred.
A question we confront all we interview with... which more than likely is answered rather grim. The world as we know it, can you foresee its collapse? When chaos ensues and might becomes right once more? A kind of Armageddon or apocalypse, that won't necessarily be the end of the world and mankind, but the end of things as we know it, and from the ashes of the old world a new world perhaps will rise... what do you think?
Yes, I do. It is Putrification Day. The whole next album "THE APOCALYPSE" is based on this idea. Order from Chaos. The death of the old order and the rise of a new one. We are fulfilling our own destiny. The world is a cesspool and humans are the shit. We love to see each other in pain and suffering. We are morbid creatures that can't live together. The next millennium will spawn earth's Armageddon.
A few hypothetical questions to close this interview... the first, if the Christian god were to be 'listening,' what would your words to him be?
"Fuck You! You dare to create us to be puppets for your amusement. Instill values that don't exist within our reality. You are a piece of shit! If going to Heaven is praising you, send me straight to Hell!" But we all know this conversation will never take place.
And second, if tomorrow were to be your last day (and you were aware of this), what would you spend your last hours doing, and what would be the final thoughts weighing on your mind as you passed 'beyond'?
I would spend some time with those I felt close to, and indulge in sexual pleasures until my demise. My final thought can be a great orgasm. I would not mourn my death, I would rejoice my life!
If you could change any one thing in history, what would it be and why?
The birth of Christianity. It would have stopped a great plague. But I'm sure mankind would have created something similar to fuck things up.
And finally, if you could know one thing, be granted one answer, what would it be?
"How did everything start?"
Please end this with your final thoughts and words of wisdom.
Thanks for your support and interest with ACHERON. It is underground media such as yours that helps to keep the scene alive and thriving. We hope everyone checks out our music and looks for us when we play live. The world is ours, but we have to seize it!

Hail the Wolfen Brood!

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