The following interview is done with Vincent Crowley...

It seems like you have a lot of new things going on since we last spoke in an interview. So why don't we start with the reformation of Acheron.
VC- I reformed ACHERON in 2001, after a 2 year break up. The response I was getting from fans was amazing. So I decided to invoke the demonic musical beast once again. I realize now that ACHERON is a part of me I just can't walk away from.

Could you first explain your reasons for disbanding? It seemed like you needed some time away from the music scene and all of its trivial hassles, is this true?
VC- You hit the nail on the head. I was sick of dealing with this fucked up industry, that doesn't do shit for the artists. I actually was going to quit music all together. But after a year of silence, I decided to do the WOLFEN SOCIETY project. After doing this I ended up going back to my roots. So then I was doing both ACHERON and WOLFEN SOCIETY.

What made you decide to come back? Can you also tell us about the new line-up?
VC- My need to create this type of music and the loyal fans convinced me to reform the band. The present line-up consists of myself on Vocals and Bass, long time Guitarist Michael Estes, Keyboardist/Clean Vocals by Aaron Werner and Kyle Severn on drums.

You sent us a two song Acheron demo which we really enjoyed. It is still very loyal to your old ways, yet seems to carry a few added elements as well.
VC- Yes, it is actually being released on WARLORD RECORDS under the title of "XOMALY" on a 10 inch record and a limited 1000 copies mcd. We have kept our roots, but have evolved with some different elements that in my opinion makes the music darker.

Are these the only songs finished? How many others do you have and when will it be released as a full length?
VC- No, we have the whole album written. Some of the songs titles are "Bow Before Me", "Golgotha's Truth", "Betrayed (A Broken Pact), "Church of One", "The Kindred" and "Xomaly". We are still shopping around for a label that will give us the budget we need to record a great sounding album. So I'm not sure. We are not going to rush anything. So we will soon see.

For some odd reason, it seems Acheron never attained the level of popularity that other death metal bands of your years have. Yet many of them have long faded away, while you continue with your style strong as ever through the years. Why do you suppose that is?
VC- The main reason is that our past labels never had the distribution we needed. Due to this fact, our albums were hard to obtain, thus creating our "Cult Band" status. The main reason ACHERON still is going strong is because we all love doing this music. Our music is sincere and to me it is truly Satanic Magick in practice.

In the past, have any 'big' labels shown interest? Or did you not have the interest in them? Do you believe 'success has led a lot of bands to their doom?
VC- we have had interest by some bigger labels, but either we made wrong choices or they were asking us to do things we wouldn't agree to doing. One actually said "Stop doing that Satanic shit". I laughed my ass off and said "What the fuck do you think this band is about, anyway?!" Sure, we would love to have a label take care of us. That is what we are looking for now. But we have no fantasies of becoming rich Rock Stars. (Ha, Ha) Success can lead to a band's demise, but a focused band will prevail.

What do you think of other veterans of satanic oriented death metal like Deicide, for example?
VC- I've always been a big DEICIDE fan. It is good to see they still going with the original line-up. To bad they have to deal with the bullshit from their label. But I hear they have fulfilled their obligations and are doing their own thing now.

Now let's talk about your new project Wolfen Society. Could you explain the reasons for its formation?
VC- I was going insane not doing some kind of band, so I decided to create a project called WOLFEN SOCIETY. But this time I was going to work with others within the scene who I had been friends with and/or admired. The band was completed with Kyle Severn(INCANTATION/ACHERON) on Drums, Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL) on Rhythm Guitar, Thomas Thorn(THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB) on Keyboards and Samples, and Ricktor Ravensbruck (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB)on Lead Guitar. We just released our first MCD entitled "Conquer Divine" on HOUSE OF DEATH RECORDS (USA) and NO FASHION (Europe).

In what ways does it differ from Acheron in your opinion? Is Acheron still your primary band, or will you devote equal attention?
VC- WOLFEN SOCIETY is based on the Misanthropic creed and the main topic is hatred for mankind. Not to mention that WOLFEN SOCIETY is more aggressive and raw. ACHERON is a Satanic concept band, while the music is Darker. I always put 100% in the project I am working on at the time. I'm actually also doing Vocals for INCANTATION now, so I have many irons in the fire.

Acheron's Rites of the Black Mass will always remain a death metal classic. Looking back at that great work, do you ever compare your other material to its standard?
VC- Actually, I think this band has advanced far above the material of the past. I enjoy all the work I did in ACHERON, but the newer stuff is my favorite.

Could you look back for us and tell us your mind set back then and tell us what your feelings and motivation were when writing/recording it? Any plans of re-releasing it?
VC- At that time I was very young and very serious about doing a raw and extreme album using the "Le Messe Noir" (The Black Mass) as the lyrics. It was the first time a band did that. It would be nice to re-release it the way it should have been, with the lyrics and a great layout. But time will tell.

So you are searching for a label for Acheron now, and so far you haven't found the right one. Why have you chosen not to use FMP again?
VC- Because we are not interested in staying at this level. We want a label that will promote us and one that has good distribution. FMP stepped up to the plate and put out the album, but they were unable to give us the promotion we needed to go along with it.

Acheron has recently recorded the track "Dawn of Meggido" for Black Lotus Records for the upcoming Celtic Frost tribute. How did that turn out? Was Celtic Frost an early inspiration?
VC- The song turned out great. I usually hate doing cover songs, but this one came out incredible. CELTIC FROST was a big influence to me. The albums "MORBID TALES" and "TO MEGA THERION" were fucking insane.

What inspires you these days outside of music?
VC- Just my outlook on life. Tapping into my Darkside is the only way I create music.

There have been many interesting events in the world in 2002. The corruption and killings seem to have become daily bread. What are your thoughts on all of this mayhem?
VC- The world has always been this way. It is just that the United States has been sheltered to its dark reality. Maybe this will wake our lazy society up and make us realize that even "we" can become prey.

What are your thoughts on the recent abuse scandals within the church? I don't think many people are very surprised...
VC- It is about time that these sick crimes have been brought to the surface. The sad thing is that I agree with you that people really weren't surprised. That just makes it more fucked up. They know these twisted things are going on, yet since it has to deal with "The Church", it is OK to overlook. Let's just hope these parasites pay for their actions.

You've always been a very outspoken Satanist. Could you tell us your personal beliefs on the subject?
VC- I have my own personal beliefs. I agree with the concepts written by Anton LaVey in "The Satanic Bible" as my philosophy. I also believe in a Demonic world. Not the kind Christians write about, a more ancient and pure one. The only thing that lead me down the Left Hand Path is myself. I just act and do what feels right to me. That is being a real Satanist

What do you think are the top stereotypes people have about Satanists?
VC- That we are the reverse of what Christianity is. Doing everything opposite of what they do. How fucking pathetic! We are much more complex than that.

What are your thoughts on the old Gods/Goddesses of pagan Europe? Have you ever been interested in any of these?
VC- Some of them hold very strong images in my mind. The ones that stand out the most is Fenriz and Loki from Norse mythology.

Please close with your final thoughts and words of wisdom to this world.
VC- Infernal Hails! Make sure you look for the new WOLFEN SOCIETY and ACHERON releases. Also, my first tour with INCANTATION starts July 25th, 2002, so make sure you check us out.

As for my word of wisdom...


Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!

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