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Ad Hominem is not yet a well-known name in the black metal world. Can you tell us some history and information?
Well AH has gained a good reputation in Europe thanks to "Planet ZOG..." but it's true that this album isn't really distributed on the American continent. I've released two demos so far, "Omnes ad unum" and "Mankind's suicide" (split with CANTUS BESTIAE).
A website will be online soon ( ), there you'll have a whole concept of AH.

You recently released, PLANET ZOG -THE END, which sounds very primitive and carries the sound of yesterday very well. Can you explain to us how you feel about this release, and what we can expect for you in the future.
First, thanx for the comment. The first word that comes to my mind is "pride". This album is for me the achievement of my art. It sounds like I expected and nothing had to be changed. About my future, I'll record the second album "A new race for a new world" this spring (with a drummer this time). It will be released by Undercover (Germany). I can't describe it for the moment, I need to hear the global sound first. But it's still raw and powerful. At the moment I'm looking for gigs, so if someone is interested...

You are also working on another project called CRUCIFIST. Can you tell us about this? What will the differences between this and Ad Hominem be?
CRUCIFIST is a project with my friend Duke (ex-CATACOMB). I composed the seven tracks on guitar, then sent the CD to Duke who added drums/bass/guitar. It's less martial than AH, but there's sometimes my personal touch. The concept is more primitive as the name says. We'll record an album this spring too. Labels, get in touch!

Tell us about some of the influences, outside of music, that influence your song writing?
My inspiration comes from what I see everyday on the street or on TV. My reflections are based on elitist views, so the texts deal with superiority/weakness, knowledge/ignorance...The lyrics are very explicit, that's why they are nearly invisible in the booklet.

It's hard for one to find inspiration in today's modern world... where do you find inspiration?
Musically, I can't explain how I compose. Sometimes I find many good riffs (I composed "Planet ZOG..." in one week!!), sometimes I'm unable to find anything. It is hard to find riffs that aren't already used by another band. Still, I try to compose personal music.

Life on Earth is relatively short in the long run. What do you hope to accomplish before Death's curtain falls?
I think it would consist of uprooting the earth of the degenerate scum, then observe my victory before closing my eyes and forgetting this futile life forever.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
This would be "why am I a human?" My spirit doesn't belong to the same kind of people I cross in the street.

To those with eyes to see, the world is indeed a cold and crumbling place. Society at large is a rotten, soulless beast preying on one another. Your thoughts on this world, its people and its future? Will things grow worse before better?
Of course we live in the decay, the world is dying, no doubt. And it's a good thing. I gloat to see mankind crying on its own tomb. Pacifists, socialist and other humanists run a trifling fight. What about us, you'll say...well according to me we are souls imprisoned by flesh, our rebirth will be a spectral one (or a post genocide life, but we won't be here to see it). Our only fight must be a unification and a mutual support. We won't lead the world toward better days. The main issue here concerns our descendants : the instinct of creation VS the conscience of carrying our sons into a deteriorating society.

Yet another war is looming, like it always seems to be. A war, like many before it, that is largely unwanted by the masses and the world at large. The voice of the people falls upon deaf ears. The appetite of the bloodthirsty ones and their masters shall never be quenched. Your thoughts?
Wait and see...I'm not directly concerned by a war between Judeo-Christians and Islamists. I'd like to see what will become of the normal people in a terrible war. Maybe our state of mind would be a positive point for us.

Your thoughts on the subject of religion? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way?
Religion has never and will never affect me. We are our own masters, only worshipping ourselves. "Lives on" mean after Death? I don't know, I can't know. I'm more worried by life for the moment.

If you had the choice, hypothetically, how would you spend eternity?
In oblivion and in non-existence. There's a time for each thing. My life is made of entertainment, metal, fuck, alcohol, and many useless, stupid things I hate. I hope my death will be nothing but silence and rest.

What are your thoughts on political correctness and censorship? Have you had to deal with any of this in the past? Any problems from the public?
Hopefully not. But I'm compelled to auto-censure so not to have trouble with justice. My works are only aimed at conscious souls, not at ignorant sheep. I'm not political, I don't want to make people change, I just claim my own thoughts. And sincerely I don't think we can't talk of "correctness" when we are aware of the totalitarian democracy that oppresses the few remaining strong souls.

What would you say separates Ad Hominem from all the others?
Hard question...Maybe the judgment of the listeners. They are the objective eye, I am not!

Lastly, your final thoughts and words of wisdom to this rotten world?
When the world dies, then we shall rise. Thank you and stay proud.

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