This interview is with artist Carl Alessi. Although his past contributions to the Struggle are all but forgotten today, we hope this interview will help change that and shed light on this talented and interesting old warrior. Read on as Alessi describes his past, present and future...

June 1, 2018

Early Days:

I started drawing age 5, and kept at it till I got fairly good. My father was the local art teacher, but he never gave me one lesson! I taught myself by studying the Classics Illustrated Comix (15 cents), which we were allowed to buy. They featured tales like Moby Dick, Treasure Island, etc. I learned how to draw animals, figures, battles, trees, etc. My father forbid me, or my brother, to buy horror or crime comix! We were also forbidden to go to the movies. In fact he forbade practically everything! My mother was the school's music teacher. I took lessons on piano for 8 years -- my brother and cousins hated piano -- and quit. For me it was easy to learn, so I kept at it. Later, as a teen I discovered, by doodling around, I could make up my own songs that sounded like Rock 'n Roll stuff. Eventually my mother forbade me to play Blues/Rock on the piano -- a familiar theme in my life! Whatever I wanted to do everyone around me scowled and said 'no'! I learned to, as they say, 'walk alone'. The more contacts I had with other people, the less I liked humanity in general! I had become... a hater of 'homo normalis' (as Hitler had).


As a young child I was very innocent and naive. I believed what everyone told me (parents, teachers, priests). But by age 15 I had 'wised up'. I dropped my faith in the Catholic church, for me 'God' was the biggest lie of all! At this time (by a strange twist of fate) I stumbled across Satanism & Witchcraft by Michelet, in the awesome library in my grandmother's house! For the first time I learned the full extent of EVIL in the world, and that some people (the special ones) actually worshipped this all embracing evil. Every week I'd sit and flip through this text (In fact, I have a copy here, which I have reread).

By age 18, I was quite a 'rebel' -- at least in my own eyes. The 'beat' poets and writers fascinated me -- and their wild, free lifestyle seemed the way a real rebel would live. I college, I was a recluse, more or less. I hated 99% of the things I was told to study. But I did get an 'A' in art history. When I flunked out of college my family insisted I worked at my uncle's gun store -- I lasted 1 1/2 years.

1966 -- The Vietnam War (an insanity!):

It had grown into a 'real' war -- 50,000 troops were there -- and anyone between 18-35 was in danger of being drafted! In July 1966 I got the infamous 'letter' -- I was drafted! My family refused to help me evade/get out of this mess, and I was coerced into the Air Force -- shipped to Texas for training! I lasted 3 weeks -- a young, cool M.D. decided I wasn't material for being a soldier... and I was sent home! I went back to the gun store and 6 months later... I quit. I was FREE again -- sort of.


My fascination with the hippies was an obsession for me. I tried to get anything written on them. In January 1968 I decided to travel to San Francisco to 'join' the hippies... but I had no desire to use drugs. My family told me my plan was a 'crazy one' -- if I ventured to the evil city I would be attacked and robbed! I went anyway. As soon as I had arrived in San Francisco, waves of anxiety engulfed me! I was unprepared for the enormity of metropolis! I had no friends there or prospects for a job. The next day I flew back home.


I first became interested in Hitler and National Socialism late in life -- in 1977 at age 33 I again (!) stumbled over a book in my grandmother's attic, called Undercover, the author I forget, printed in 1940, an expose of the more than 100 Nazi, fascist & racist groups in pre-war U.S. The journalist author infiltrated 30 such groups. I became fascinated! I started buying books on the 3rd Reich -- soon I became converted -- if these folks were 'monsters', then I wanted to be a monster too.

In 1977 there was an explosion of new NS groups, I began answering ads... and contacted quite a few. The first group I heard from was the National Socialist League (NSL), a 'gay' NS group in Los Angeles, headed by Russel Veh. There must have been $ behind the group, because they printed tons of stuff. Through a 'pen pal' page in their journal, I met (through letters) 2 NS loyalists! One gay, one not. We traded much material. One pen pal was a law student and eventually moved to Saudi Arabia to find work. The other pen pal, who'd been a teacher in North Carolina, moved from group to group, for a time he was with the NS Party of America, headed by Frank Collin, who was always in the news. Collin was eventually arrested as a gay molester of boys, and he had stolen $5,000 from party funds! Collin was convicted of his offenses and sent to prison. On release, he 'disappeared'. [it was later revealed that he was in fact a secret Jew! -ed]

In the late 1970s I supported myself (sort of) by doing art for various erotic zines: Bizarre, Reflections, etc. I usually did comix type things, etc. ('Strange but True' was one feature of mine).


Besides art, I'd tried my hand at writing! Poems, stories, essays, a novella (60 pages) and four books.

The books:

-a bio of Ian Stuart
-a history of 'beatniks' in Venice, CA. 1959
-The Switchblade Generation (juvenile gangs, the 1950s, and pulp novels)
-collected short tales (a 60 page novella, plus stories)

None of these were ever in print yet. The 'British Movement' in the U.K. promised to print the Ian book, which I sent in hard copy... a few letters from them, then silence (?).

But I am not discouraged, my plans include more stories and books. Perhaps because I was 'forbidden' to see films or books about teen crime, I developed an obsession with the leather jacketed 'hoodlums' of the 1950s -- (but certainly not the creeps of 2018, whom I despise!)

[Mourning the Ancient] First, introduce yourself to the crumbling world, tell us about yourself and your history.

[Alessi] First off, I am not who you think I am. A good and a bad thing. I am 72 years young, in good health, after some health problems. Since age 15, growing up in a narrow-minded small town in north east Pennsylvania, I have been a 'rebel' (in the positive sense) and chose to go my own way. As a teen, I was fascinated by other rebels -- the Beatniks, jazz musicians, Van Gogh, Baudelaire, and of course the father of all rebellion -- Lucifer!

Books, creating art, and music have always been my passion. The people I read about (real or fictional) always seemed more real to me than the 'drones' I encountered everyday.

[Mourning the Ancient] Back in the day you did a comic with James Mason, who is well-known for his book Siege, can you tell us what you remember about this work? How did you meet Mason? Do you still have contact with him?

[Alessi] About the comic I did for James Mason in 1979. I have was allowed to do just what I pleased -- art and text. My main art inspiration here was the raw, shocking comix of the 'hippie artists' of the 1960s. I never met Mason -- we kept in touch by mail. After 1990 or so, I lost touch, as he ended his printing of Siege zine.

[Mourning the Ancient] What other involvement in the 'Movement' have you had? What can you tell us about the Struggle back then to wake people up? How do you compare it to the Struggle today?

[Alessi] I was a member of the National Alliance for 2 years. I became staff artist for Battle Ax News printed by the Emancipate White Seed Party. Dewey Trucker, leader, a Christian Identity group in North Carolina. The group, as often happens, just gave up and faded away. In the 1970s-1980s era, I believe there was more being done -- either putting out a zine, rallies, being on the street -- as today many feel content to sit in front of a computer screen. Just my personal comment here.

[Mourning the Ancient] Very surprisingly, the internet is nearly void of your work or your name. I could only find one example of your work called 'Carl Alessi's N.S.L.F. Underground Comics'. This work contains fantastic examples of your style and work. It starts off with a picture and dedication to St. Julius the Martyr [Julius Streicher]. No doubt your detractors will call your work 'evil' and 'racist', but others will call it 'inspired' and 'cutting edge', I am in the latter opinion, of course! Since this is the only published work I have by you, let's talk about this comic for a moment. When did you do it and how did you release it? Did you also write the dialogue?

[Alessi] I did it in 1979. Mason had charge of printing and sales. I got 5 copies, which I traded off! I wrote all dialogue and texts.

[Mourning the Ancient] Your style of art is gritty and dark, reflecting cold realities of crime and race. Your work can sometimes look simple, but is anything but. Have you ever had any professional training? What inspired your style?

[Alessi] My art schooling -- 2 years (1962-1964). I studied to be an art teacher -- I got hugely bored with the phony modernism of most teachers! I received an 'F' in Color & Design class -- but got an 'A' for a sculpture of Lucifer crucified. After 2 years, I flunked out -- my family then began to treat me as a 'type of misfit'! My art style was inspired by the horror comix of the 1950s, expressionist art in Germany, illustrators of books -- 1900-1960 in the U.S.A., paperback and men's zine covers.

[Mourning the Ancient] The characters you draw all seem to have a life of their own. Often times a simple face in the background of your work will have a life and presence to it. It is what I really like most about your work. What's your secret?

[Alessi] As to drawing convincing 'characters' I just try to let the facial expression convey character and motive.

[Mourning the Ancient] Comics these days are largely system propaganda, not worth the paper they are printed on. But the big publishers have always pushed propaganda, even decades and decades ago. What comics did/do you like?

[Alessi] In comics of the past, I loved the extreme horror comix of the 1950s, also the underground raw comix of the hippie era, some of the Italian sex-fantasy novel-comix (Guido Crepax) I like.

[Mourning the Ancient] So what other stuff beside the comic mentioned above with Mason have you physically released? Do you have personal copies of the stuff you've done? Any plans to re-release any of it?

[Alessi] I've not released any books or comics myself. Most times underground tabloids or zines would use what I sent. I have copies of most of these. I had covers on Punk Lust, and I had 10 covers on Blue Beat Jacket, a journal printed in Japan, on 'Beat' poetry and literature. Also a few of my non-NS poems were in there.

[Mourning the Ancient] You are a fan of Black Metal, what are your favorites? How were you introduced to this music? What kind of music did you listen to as a teenager? What are your thoughts of NSBM? Is it a good vehicle for our own propaganda or are we just preaching to the choir?

[Alessi] I only recently became a fan of Black Metal. I think I got interested reading about some of the bands in Resistance Magazine. As a teen, I was a big fan of Blues music and early type Jazz. As to NSBM -- I think any genre or vehicle that allows youths to learn NS ideas is a good thing. The one weakness I see if that it's usually hard to decipher the words in metal songs.

[Mourning the Ancient] I've talked a little about Savitri Devi with you, so I know you are a fellow lover of her works and her person. When did you first read her works and what was the first book you read? I remember first reading The Lightning and the Sun... it filled me with light and love for her and Adolf Hitler. The way she spoke was beautiful poetry, it revitalized my own war-weary spirit. It really gave me hope to fight on despite it all. Tell me how you first felt when reading her works and what Savitri means to you?

[Alessi] I think I first 'met' Savitri Devi when I was with Mason. The Lightning and the Sun was the first of her books that I read. It was like rays of bright light were flooding into my mind. Every page contained a thought equal in greatness to any page of Nietzsche. She, among all the writers I've encountered, is on my top ten list. Mein Kampf is a great book. But as you said, what Savitri created was 'sheer poetry'. Hitler's real genius was in the spoken word.

[Mourning the Ancient] What other writers have inspired you? I'm sure you've read Commander Rockwell's books? What do you think of Rockwell's tactics of being publically an all-out racist to garner media attention, but in reality he just wanted whites and blacks to live in their own countries and didn't really hate them. Rockwell fully understood that it was certain Jews agitating the blacks and whites. He even met with the Nation of Islam and wanted to work with blacks. Your thoughts on all of this?

[Alessi] Rockwell of course. Some others are Jack London (novelist and supporter of white Aryan power) and J.K. Huysmans, author of La Bas (Down There) a fictional retelling of the epic life of Baron Gilles de Rais. Huysmans has been described as a 'supreme hater of all humanity and its putrid productions'.

As to Rockwell's tactics on getting much publicity to make NS in the U.S. grow, it was a good idea I think. Yes, he met with Nation of Islam people -- who serious he was regarding a 'detente' with non-Aryans... hard to say.

[La Bas/Down There (c)1958]

[Mourning the Ancient] I know you don't have the internet where you are at, which is unfortunate because I'd like you to be able to see a project we've been working on called Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind. It is a webpage of thousands of photos of German and Axis soldiers with non-white comrades, both in the field and off of it. The victors of WWII spun their lies that Adolf Hitler and Germany were these homicidal racists who would kill anyone who wasn't blond hair and blue eyes. But what Adolf Hitler and National Socialism really taught is love for your own. All of the races fighting under Adolf Hitler were fighting for freedom of their homelands. It was in fact the Allies who had institutional racism. Japanese were in American concentration camps while blacks were segregated and second class citizens, all the while they pointed their lying fingers at Germany and screamed 'RACIST'!!! Now I'm not saying that the Germans weren't racist to a point, everyone alive is racist in some fashion, it is a normal function. But like the Nuremberg Laws show, the Germans just wished to protect their own. We could go on and on about this, it is really too big of a subject to discuss here. But if you could tell us your thoughts on all of this it would be interesting.

[Alessi] Your comments on NS cooperation with non-Aryan peoples were good ones. Certainly the NS people in Berlin have been unfairly tarred as 'maniac people-haters'. I think in the future NS groups could do well to cooperate with the Arab 'freedom fighters'.

[Mourning the Ancient] Commando Extraordinaire Otto Skorzeny describes the diverse nature of the Waffen-SS in his 1975 memoirs:

'...from 1942 European soldiers from many lands and peoples could be found: Albanians, Bosnians, Britons, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemings, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons, Armenians, Byelorussians, Hindus, Kirghizes, Tartars, Turkmen and Uzbeks served under their own flags in the Waffen-SS. Almost all of these peoples were represented in my unit.'

The German led Axis was truly a world fight against Judeo-enslaved armies. Adolf Hitler met with Chandra Bose, the Indian revolutionary leader and the Mufti Amin al-Husseini, who represented Muslims and Arabs worldwide. The three of them had many plans to shape the world to come, not only on healthy racial lines, but restoring man's personal freedoms and ridding the world of toxic usury. Your thoughts?

[Alessi] Yes, I've read of Hitler's meeting with Arab leaders. I think this was a serious effort to extend friendship to a people who'd been oppressed by Zionists.

[Left to right - Otto Skorzeny, Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini, Indian revolutionary leader Chandra Bose, Cossack General Ivan Kononov and Russian General Vlassov. Men from five very different worlds, speaking different languages, possessing different cultures, but united under Adolf Hitler for world freedom.]

[Mourning the Ancient] Adolf Hitler was also a champion of anti-abortion, a pioneer in animal rights and nature conservation. When Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists gained power in Germany they immediately signed bills protecting animals. The laws were extensive, form the banning of vivisection to laws ending the practice of boiling crabs and lobsters alive. Savitri Devi was also a pioneer in animal rights. Have you ever read her book Impeachment of Man? Please tell us your thoughts on all of this.

[Alessi] I 100% agree with all Savitri wrote in Impeachment of Man as regards to animal rights! I'm glad to see the animal rights groups now are becoming more radical in approach. The one conviction I come away with, after reading Savitri is this: it is horrible to make beautiful, healthy animals suffer or die to benefit ugly, sick, degenerate humans!

[Mourning the Ancient] Now for a few philosophical questions... with everything that we both know that this world is facing - the extinction of the white race, crime, war and the increasing callousness, egotism, lack of values, etc. of mankind as a whole - do you see any hope for the future of the human race?

[Alessi] With all that is wrong and facing the world, I do see hope... as long as there are people like you Molly and your friends, who have not surrendered or given up... or traded their freedom for a case of imported beer and a new color TV!

[Mourning the Ancient] Hinduism has many interesting elements, which go back to the ancient Aryans. One particular interesting aspect is that of the age of Kali Yuga. Here is one quote in particular from Vishnu Purana:
'When society reaches a stage where property confers rank, where wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion the sole bond between man and wife, falsehood the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion... then we are in the Kali Yuga-the Dark Age.'
What are your thoughts? Sound familiar?

[Alessi] The quote you include on the Kali Yuga (100% corruption, sex replaces honor, lies dominate, $ is all powerful, etc.) describes the modern age as I see it. In 1962 (when I entered college) society was just beginning to slide into the Great Abyss. Now some 50 years later 'we' are deep in that pit. Just a few quick examples:

My Italian grandfather lived in a suburb near Philadelphia, PA -- where blacks were then moving in. But the situation was much different than in 2018. His two daughters, nurses, had to walk home at night from the local bus stop... but (amazingly) local black men, every night, would wait at the bus stop to escort these 'honky' nurses home! Obviously these men felt content to live in the 'place' that life, nature or heredity had assigned them, which correlates to the era of harmony and ORDER that preceded Kali Yuga (as Savitri describes it).

Final note: in this Kali era, only extreme violence can lift humanity out of the corruption of the fallen age. My thoughts? No! Savitri Devi's.

[Kali painting by Raja Ravi Varma.]

[Mourning the Ancient] Do you have any spiritual or religious beliefs? A few centuries ago almost everyone on earth believed in God(s), now atheism is widespread. It would seem that man has traded religion and spirituality for science and 'higher learning'. Can the two peacefully co-exist? Any comments?

[Alessi] My spiritual beliefs? I believe there may exist some essence, or energy, that lies at the heart of existence -- a soulless, impersonal entity.

Can science co-exist with religion? I believe so, if science can accept the laws dictated by nature.

[Mourning the Ancient] What are your beliefs on extraterrestrial life in the universe? Science says that for every grain of sand on earth there is a planet in the universe, and more. A small percentage of those are believed to be capable of supporting life. Do you believe that earth has ever been visited by other forms of life? There are some very interesting accounts of ancient civilizations describing 'divine' technology as well. Is it human imagination? Our longing to not be alone in the universe or something else?

[Alessi] Was the earth ever 'visited' by aliens? Possible, but our problems here aren't going to be solved by alien super-men.

[Mourning the Ancient] We've talked a little bit about your recent health scare, which you've fortunately recovered from! So I presume you've had ample time to ponder what comes next, if anything. What do you believe is this thing we call 'death'? Does it only mean the death of flesh? Do you believe a part of us lives on? Scientifically speaking, energy can never be destroyed, only transformed. Thoughts?

[Alessi] What is death? The end of the thing we call life. Does a 'part' of us live on? Possible, in a form of energy. But in an impersonal form. Hitler believed not in 'ghosts' or 'heaven'. Rather he accepted that 'nature' functions through its laws, as a kind of GOD. We receive this Thing called Life. Make of it what we can... a few special ones, the geniuses, the great ones, make much of this gift of Life. The rest, the mob, the lower ranks, stumble along best as they can. Often the morons succeed in destroying one of the great ones: Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe, Nietzsche. Among the Vikings no man or woman was respected more than he who could laugh at his own death process!

[Mourning the Ancient] Okay, let's say you have a magical machine that can send one sentence back in time to Adolf Hitler, and he would 100% believe whatever you told him. What would the sentence be? What would you tell him?

[Alessi] I've had this scenario in mind myself. I'd beg him: my Führer -- do not invade Russia! It will lose the war for you. I think Hitler was badly advised about the Russians: 1. Not all of the Russians were Mongols or Slavs! Many were (and are) 100% Aryans. 2. The Russian army was not the French army: they were fierce and skilled soldiers.

[Mourning the Ancient] Alas, we've reached the end of the interview. Let's end this by you telling us of your plans for the future? Dream projects? Any comrades worldwide you'd like to say hello to?

[Alessi] My plans for the future? I hope, first, to get out of here, then to enjoy my new found 'freedom'. I have several thousand books to devour. I intend to write stories, maybe one on a Charles Manson character.

I don't have any 'comrades' to say 'hello' to... except all the new friends I may acquire after this interview is out. Sieg Heil! You are only defeated when you accept defeat. It is no dishonor to fight and lose, only to fight... and then give up.

  • Check out a .pdf of a 'zine Alessi did in the 1980s under the banner of the 'N.S.L.F.' (National Socialist Liberation Front) here:

    -Carl Alessi's N.S.L.F. Underground Comics-

  • If you'd like to acquire examples of his art or would just like to write him, he'd love to hear from you. Write him at:

    Carl Alessi
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