The following interview is done with Paul Jacobsen...

First why don't you introduce Allfather to those whom have yet to hear your work.
  • Allfather is basically -even though I hate to label music, we are in the vein of Black War METAL.. Paul Jacobsen plays drums, Justin Hagberg on all guitars, Cam pipes on bass and Chad Klassen on vox.
    I see what you mean in not wanting to place a label on your style of music, there are a lot of bands/musicians giving black metal a bad name these days. What do you think?
  • First of all I want to say that we are not "true" as they say. I'm sick of people claiming this title like it actually means something. I like music for the content and not what a band claims they are or not. As far as bands that suck and those who are giving BM a bad name they can fuck off and attempt to ruin some other music... some gay pop would probably fit their bill. I just respect bands for how good they play and how talented they are.
    Paul So what they represent in say, their lyrics/message, is that important to you?
  • Yeah, it's important to me. I feel that a band is a good band if it consists of both well expressed music and lyrical content. I find to be less attracted to bands that preach about Satan and other bullshit.. it's been way overdone. Bands these days need to have a new edge to their lyrics and come out with something new and interesting.
    On the topic, tell me about what Allfather represents lyric and imagery-wise.
  • Chad and myself write all the lyrics and generally the band feels the same about our views.. I tend to write about topics that interest myself. Like what is really out there in space and time and what relevance this "existence" really has in the whole scheme of things. Chad on the other hand is fiercely Anti-Christian (as is the entire band) and he preaches his hatred of these idiots and what will come to them in the end--their ultimate ruin and destruction.
    Tell me about your knowledge regarding Christianity... have you been to one of their churches, for example? As a matter of, know your enemy.
  • Perhaps the only reason that I would is to go and learn how to effectively destroy them..
    The more you know of your enemy, the better you can judge their strengths and weaknesses, and plan your attack based upon what you've learned. When did you first begin to feel this way? When did you realize your hatred for it?
  • I've felt this way since I looked around at this world and realized how liberty and freedom is all a Christian illusion. I hate how we must abide by Christian rules and live in their society. It was then that I realized that something MUST BE DONE!
    So do you try to fight Christianity through your work with Allfather? Chad
  • Allfather is a war against Christianity and all it stands for. By amassing heathen folk like ourselves and other Christian haters around the world through music only then can we truly make a stand against the Christian rule.
    The name Allfather, is obviously a reference to the deity, is it not?
  • Yes it refers to Wotan the Allfather.. king of gods. We all are of Scandinavian and European decent and our backgrounds are based upon Norse mythology. Before the days of the Christian rule. As Allfather we are trying to bring those ways back to society so that we may escape this web. The idea of 'The All Father' is a highly interesting one historically. Wotan in Germany, Odin in Scandinavia, etc., his likeness can be found all throughout ancient Europe under different names and slightly different appearances, but always with striking similarities and attributes. He is also loosely known as the god of "The lone warrior" and "the god of one against unbeatable odds"... quite fitting to this current world, is it not?
  • Indeed. I feel that it is not purely coincidence that the mighty Odhinn is represented all around Europe. It was once a mighty if not dominant belief and we feel that it is time that the belief in the strong and wise must return and replace the "honorable" ideals of the weak and pitiful that Christianity implies.
    So then, how do you actually see this God, as an actual figure, a force, what?
  • We see him as a force that we strive to obtain. A force that we all should strive to be. One who is mighty and does not pity or bow down to the meager and pathetic. One who makes his own decisions and does not let "society" interfere with his mission of views.
    What of the concept of an afterlife? What do you believe, do you believe that the soul could live on?
  • I feel that the universe is the key to the afterlife. I prefer not to use the word soul as I find that it is more of an essence. That essence transcends time and distance and I feel that once one dies he is more or less "transported" to another plane or "area" deep in the recesses of the universe. Death is the gateway to the universe. Only with death will we truly discover what is out there. Personally I am looking forward to dying and discovering this truth.
    But, perhaps it will not matter then, for curiosity is indeed a human trait, and all that baggage shall be left behind. Perhaps then answers/questions will be irrelevant.
  • Indeed. But for the time being we are left to be curious and only in death will it be irrelevant.
    So then, you believe that every human has an essence correct?
  • Yes. Justin
    What about... animals, trees?
  • Animals and plants also have essences they are just on a different level than the human conscience.
    OK, and a human fetus?
  • Indeed, a human fetus has an essence the moment it is conceived a conscience is created. Even though it may be minute, it still has a conscience.
    So then abortion you would view as murder?
  • I view abortion as murder yes. I find that the people conceiving a child should be very aware of what they are doing and that they should take responsibility for their actions. They are playing with lives, sex is not just sex. It is conception. That is it's purpose.
    What sort of things interest you outside of music?
  • Music does play a large role in my life but I also enjoy feeding my brain with study. I like to keep in good form both mentally and physically and that is what my life seems to revolve around. Personal gain.
    So what books have you found interesting so far in the course of your life?
  • I actually just read recently "Might is Right" by the so called Ragnar Redbeard. Very interesting indeed. Also I have taken a very interesting course on philosophy that opened my eyes quite a bit. Most recently I am reading a novel about the life of Alexander the Great called "Alexander of Macedon." Which portrays the life of a true human being.. one who strives to get what he wants and does not stop at anything lest defeat stands in his way.
    Regarding the men of the past, is there someone who has inspired you? And if so, why?
  • Yes, Napoleon is one who has inspired me as well as Julius Caesar. These two men are men of action. Ones who took fate into their own hands and did what they felt it right. It takes a strong man to believe in their views strongly enough to put them on the line and face imminent death from the enemy.
    On the topic of conquerors, a more controversial figure, Adolf Hitler.
  • I believed at first that Hitler was strong as he took his life into his own hands and did all he could to make his beliefs a reality, but I lost all respect for him when he escaped life by using the most pathetic method: suicide.
    For the sake of argument, in Norse/Germanic belief, Asatru/Odinism, etc., it is seen as noble-suicide. To kill yourself rather then let your enemies take your life (or rather than die of old age.) This 'was' very deeply believed.
  • That is one aspect that I tend to disagree with. Why kill yourself when you can have the experience of dying in battle? I feel that it is far more noble to die in battle than to take your own life when you discover that you "can't" do anything to better your position in life.
    I think there are different definitions of suicide, it can , agreed, be a very weak, cowardly action, but, in another sense, it can be very brave, and this is how our ancestors viewed it. It is of course noble to die in battle for something you believe in, what could after all be more noble than to die for what you lived for? But, to kill yourself before your enemies got to you, say if you were outnumbered 1000's to one, that is not battle, that is them murdering you. That in my eyes would not be an option, to let my enemies get the satisfaction of killing me, and spitting on my corpse. We are not dealing with physical sword combat, but modern weaponry after all.
  • Well I feel that there is never a reason to give up hope. You must always strive to win and win you shall if you set your mind and body to it accordingly. In a situation where it is 1000 to one.. well run straight at them.. let out a battle cry and attack the first opponent you see. If you fail.. well if you fail perhaps in the next life you will learn from your mistakes. A body is only a host.. it has no relevance once the essence has left that host, it travels to a new one.. hopefully a mightier one.
    Tell me about your thoughts on the world/society, and its future. Do you see things growing worse, as so many others do?
  • Cam Its future looks grim. I do indeed see it growing worse. I do not like the idea that my life is somewhat "controlled" by another. For example.. if a country has the power of the nuclear bomb.. there is virtually nothing I can do to stop that person from killing me. I would much rather have a life where each human being has his or her own life in their hands. Society is becoming more hectic and in my opinion on the brink of oblivion.
    As you say, you wish you had your life in your own hands. Tell me do you see an end to this era of virtual slavery to our governments? Can you envision a time of freedom?
  • I do! The only way that we will ever be free is if we are released from the choke hold that Christianity has on society.. only then will we be truly free. This is the freedom in which I yearn. We must rise up against the Christian dogs and unleash the true power that nature gave us.. the power of free thought and free action.
    But even then, even if Christianity were to be annihilated tomorrow, do you honestly think our problems would go away, sure some of them would, but I think it is the curse of humanity, beyond religion, the utter ignorance of the populace.
  • Of course not.. but we would have a chance to resolve them personally.. and not let others govern our lives. I am prepared to deal with all the problems that affect me directly.. I care not for the problems of the masses.. those are theirs to figure out. Society spends too much time trying to figure out individual problems. It would be far more effective and efficient if people simply settle their own problems through the power of will and might!
    A hypothetical question, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
  • I choose not to know now.. I would rather find out for myself.. nothing should be handed to someone on a silver platter.. it is that person's responsibility to seek out the answers for himself!
    Ah, but we are taught everything in life growing up, reading/writing, etc. Most things in life are indeed taught...
  • Indeed all these things are taught to us yet they all are there for us to better experience what is taught.. No body can tell you what to expect.. it must be experienced to have true meaning to someone.
    Paul You've expressed the things in your life you fight for... now tell me what you would lay down your life and die for.
  • Good question.. the only thing that I would lay my life down for is nothing! I do not perceive that I will fail.. the only way that I would die is if I was to be beaten. I feel no obligation to anything except myself and my views.
    So in your fight against Christianity you would not sacrifice your life against your enemy?
  • I would only sacrifice my life if I was running into battle against a Christian and I die. I feel that no one should "sacrifice" his life when he could be doing something productive instead of wasting a valuable life (if the will of that person is of worthy cause.)
    OK, let me place before you a hypothetical situation... let's say a Christian, for example, were to put a gun to your head. And he then tells you that he will kill you if you do not renounce your beliefs, and that if you do renounce your beliefs you will live. What then would you do?
  • First of all I would NEVER succumb to a Christian. I would simply attack him.. never would I renounce my beliefs.. if I die.. so be it, at least I was in battle. A person's beliefs are far important than his life.
    So then, you would indeed die for something: Your beliefs.
  • In a sense yes. But I am saying that I would never sacrifice myself.. it would be useless. I would do my very best to conquer what is trying to conquer me. Sacrifice is as bad as suicide.
    Well, I would entirely disagree, I think sacrifice is very noble. It is also necessary to obtain any worthwhile objective.
  • Define sacrifice.. it has many meanings.. do you mean to sacrifice oneself or to sacrifice a useless person to achieve your own end?
    Sacrifice in the way that you would do anything to complete your objective, even if it meant dying in the process. To believe so strongly in something that your own life was outweighed by the final end.
  • Chad Well then of course it's important. Yes it is noble to die in the process but you must do all you can not to die and then you may do more to achieve this end even if it is very little. It is the end result that is truly important.
    I agree with what your saying, but also , many times proven, when one believes in something strongly, their is always a risk that someone else on the other end also believes in the opposite just as strong, and when those two beliefs conflict, someone has to die.
  • Yes and WAR is created. The most natural and definitive thing in all humanity. Only the most mighty side will win.. the other will de destroyed.
    History also teaches us that it is not necessarily the strong side, or even the right side that wins. Unfortunate as that may be.
  • Yes that is indeed unfortunate.... but that is the fault of who is in charge... if a force has a weak leader then they are destined to fall.
    Your thoughts on how history has been and is being rewritten.
  • History has been molded into a Judeo-Christian viewpoint.... not all history has been documented.. for all we know it could all be a lie... we must experience it to believe. That is why I believe only in what I see and experience.
    "The Truth is a Lie..."
  • And interesting point... Indeed.. quite interesting... It makes me wonder about what has truly happened that school does not teach us.
    As the old saying goes... history is "HIS-STORY."
  • History is Christian history...they tell us all what we need to know in order to make us believe what they want. But I shall not be fooled!
    So then what would you deem the concrete reasons for Christianity's worldwide centuries of 'success' in swaying the masses?
  • Justin Christianity gives fools something to believe in and it does not see success in my eyes.. I find that it is more of a dark blotch on our past (or should I say white blotch). It's a fools religion.. one created for slaves to give something to hope for when they die.. heaven?! Ridiculous!
    To take this interview back to music before its end... what are your opinions on political correctness in our scene?
  • There is no need for "political correctness" a standard that is deemed again by Christians! People should not be afraid to express their views to the fullest! Those people have no right to be playing and interfering with Black Metal!
    I'm sure you've noticed also, that a lot of the older BM bands have radically changed their imagery/styles for a broader audience/money. Thoughts?
  • HA! That is the most pathetic and undermining thing imaginable! Music is to be played for oneself and it's an expression of your deepest thoughts. Selling out for money is the most dishonourable thing possible. If you get money, so be it. Music should not be played solely to get money and be a "rock star," I crush people like that under my boot!
    Define to me the elements needed for a band to be called a black metal band. I agree that BM must have certain characteristics...
  • Black metal is a state of mind. I feel that a band that uses its power of expression to put out music that is dark and chaotic, then they are playing Black Metal. I want to feel the emotion and expression emitting from the musicians when they play.. I want to feel not hear what they are telling me in their music.
    What bands would you say have that spirit? Cam
  • I base my musical tastes on skill and expression.. one of my favorites would have to be old Tsatthoggua... "Hosanna Bizzare" that is a masterpiece in my eyes. Also Krisiun utterly destroys my mind when I put their releases on.. I feel the anger and hatred and warlust that they are expressing.. I also must credit the sheer brutality of Bestial Warlust's "Blood&Valor" album.. I am ready for war when I hear their might.
    How has the response been with those who have heard ALLFATHER in the underground so far?
  • Well so far it has been extremely good.. People seem to enjoy the brutality that we are putting forth. Which in essence is what we are attempting to achieve.
    When exactly was this CD released?
  • Our promo CD has not really been "released" we have just been sending it out to various connections.. but it was "released" in early 1999... April.. we also have a demo that we released in 1998 entitled "Wrath of the Bloodthirsty"
    I see... so what have you planned for the future?
  • The future? We are seeking out a reliable label to support us and we are currently playing shows around the Vancouver/Victoria/Seattle area.
    You don't have a website yet, any plans for one anytime soon?
  • Funny you mention that because we have an anti-Allfather website that a jealous sibling put up... at We'll get our revenge though..hehe..
    Let us end this with your final comments and words of wisdom.
  • Final comments? All I have to say is to stay true to your beliefs and do whatever it takes to make them a reality.. succumb to nothing! Let the strong survive and crush the weak!!! You can contact us at or Also, thanks for the enlightening interview.

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