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Let's begin by shedding some light on Angantyr, which until recently was unknown to us, and will most likely be unknown to many of our readers until now. A history and information please.
Well, I started in '96 with Angantyr as a synth/ambient project. But that quickly developed into a raw and furious Danish Blackmetal-band, with me as the only member. Then I did some experimenting with different kinds of sounds and recording techniques, and decided in November '98 to begin the recordings of the debut demo "Endeløs". I recorded and played everything myself, that way I got exactly what I wanted out of it. And I'm very pleased with the result. In Dec. '99 I began to record material for the CD " Kampen Fortsætter " which also contains the track "Stilhedens Larm", One of the first Angantyr tracks I ever recorded. It was Released in July '00. Now I'm working on the upcoming demo "Nordens Stolte Krigere".

Your latest demo CD, "Kampen Fortsætter" is great raw black metal. It also has a ferocious cold sound to it as well. Tell us what went into its composition and recording.
Angantyr is basically all of my hatred towards Christianity concentrated in the music, along with my passion for sad melancholic melodies, and gut-ripping distion guitars.

How many CD's do you plan to do of demo 2000? Your thoughts on widely available black metal?
I never put a limit on my releases. If someone wants to hear my work, they can. Also I don't want to make a "special edition full flip- colour- cover- picture- blah blah....etc", and limit it to like 20 copies, so it will get rare as hell and cost a fortune. Everyone has a right to hear the manifestation of my hatred.

Most recently from Denmark I've heard the Sadogoat demos, a very good raw black metal band. What other bands exist in your region? Anything else you can tell us about the atmosphere there?
The atmosphere here is the same as anywhere, drunk people shouting at you in the street because of your appearance and diversion from the pop-culture. Brainless people spending all their time accusing everyone for being "posers" and making a ridicule out of the ones who fight for the cause. But there are also serious guys, who really make sense in conversation, and great music too. Actually there are more serious guys than assholes, and that's a good thing. The bands I would recommend from Denmark are : Skjold, Vigrid, Ad Noctum, Sadogoat, Gothic Domain, Sansâger, Mareridt, Strychnos...

Why do you chose to do the band alone? Is it a direct choice or lack of others who share your vision/ideas?
Both actually. I had some ideas that didn't fit at all in the other bands I play in, and there are no people at all in the area I live in who share my ideas or will to make music.

Black metal today seems to be reaching its height of commercialization. Bands which once were considered against this, have joined the sinking boat of trends and popularity contests. Many have forgotten their roots, or have no roots at all. What are your thoughts on this matter?
My conclusion of the matter is that the music of the bands who have chosen to forget their roots and reach for popularity, has gotten worse. It's a fact.

Tell us about some of the influences, outside of music, that influence your song writing?
The firm grasp that Christianity has on Danes, and that they just let it happen without a fight or questions. They're just mindless lemmings who don't know their basic Danish history, they just know what the Christians have told them.

Do you consider yourself someone who goes against the grain of society?
Well, people find it very hard to recognize "Kampen Fortsætter" as a real CD, just because it isn't backed up by some kind of label or record company. Why should they decide what gets to be released and what music people should listen to? And why can't I make a CD of my own with no label behind me to decide what the sound and lyrics has to contain? – Your minds are ruled by commercialism even though you think it hasn't... ignorants.

It's hard for one to find inspiration in today's modern world... where do you find inspiration?
Within my hate-filled mind.

Life on Earth is relatively short in the long run. What do you hope to accomplish before the final curtain falls?
The downfall of Jewish-based religion.

In life, it is said that only one thing is truly certain: Death. Do you know of anything else as certain?
Pain and anguish of everyday life, the sight and sound of morons everyday, who just won't admit what is true.

Sooner than later, our time here on earth shall expire, envision what your last words might be if your day came tomorrow. What might they be? And, what would you have remorse for not accomplishing, or experiencing?
I don't know..... I'll be back (he he) or something...... – see question 10.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
Why the fuck all those people believe in a force superior to themselves, and why they keep praying for answers from the sky when they've never experienced anything that even comes close to a religious revelation. (whatever the hell that could be.)

To those with eyes to see, the world is indeed a cold and crumbling place. Society at large is a rotten, soulless beast preying on one another. Your thoughts on this world, its people and its future? Will things grow worse before better?
Of course it will, everyone can see where it's going now...

Your thoughts on the subject of religion? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way?
Nope, I would have to see it before I would believe it.

To end with music, please give us a look into your future plans with Angantyr, and by the way, what does the name mean?
Well, I'm working on the new demo "Nordens Stolte Krigere". It will contain 3 tracks of fast furious Danish blackmetal, with fucking great melodic guitar work. Each track is about 7 minutes long. The name ANGANTYR, is the name of the first official king of Denmark, before the plague of Christianity demolished our country. He built up the Danish fleet, of which most was stationed near Ribe, a large trading Capital of most of Europe, so trading ships could get there without any pirate problems. He was also the one who kicked the Italian bishops out of Denmark when they first attempted to christianize Denmark in the late 700's. Hail king Angantyr.

What sort of topics do your lyrics deal with?
The fall of Christianity, and the preservation of true old Danish moral and law.

Final thoughts and words of wisdom to the world?
Thanks for the interest and interview.

-Keep those churches burning guys-

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