The following interview is done with Pete Helmkamp...

Let's start this out typically by you introducing the readers to Angelcorpse with a history.
Gene and I formed Angelcorpse in late 95, and with the addition of John Longstreth on drums in Jan 96, we became a functioning unit. The "Goats to Azazael" demo was recorded in March, a recording deal with Osmose Productions was attained immediately, and the debut full length "Hammer of Gods" was recorded in July and released in October. Bill Taylor joined on rhythm guitar in November, and Angelcorpse toured Europe in Dec 96 in support of Impaled Nazarene. From the last show of the tour we made a 2 song live 7" EP called "Nuclear Hell". In April 97 we entered the studio again and recorded the "Wolflust" 7" EP as well as some other covers (Genghis Khan and Pleasure to Kill). A few shows were played in the US, including the Milwaukee Metalfest, and material was written for the second full length. Angelcorpse entered Morrisound Studios in Oct 97 to record "Exterminate". The album was released Feb 98, and Longstreth was ousted. Tony Laureano joined in March, and the band was on tour in Europe by April: in support of Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Marduk on the No Mercy II Festivals (11 shows), and then with Immortal for 25 more through the rest of continent. An opening slot for the US Cannibal Corpse tour in July, August and September allowed Angelcorpse to play 55 shows in North America. Upon returning home, Taylor was ousted. A follow up tour of the US, with Incantation and Krisiun took place in Jan and Feb 99 (25 shows), with a session rhythm guitarist (Steve Bailey of Execration) filling in.
Tell us about the present situation of the band. What are the happenings within Angelcorpse as of late?
In March 99, Angelcorpse entered the studio and recorded a new version of "When Abyss Winds Return" (originally on "Hammer...") as well as three more covers. The third full length album, "The Inexorable" will be recorded in May 99, with a September release date, and plans are being made for extensive touring later this year. Some titles of the new songs: "Smoldering in Exile", "Begotten (Through Blood and Flame)", "Solar Wills", "Fall of the Idols of Flesh", and "Stormgods Unbound".
Tell us about why John Longstreth and Bill Taylor were booted from the band?
Longstreth's drumming was entirely inadequate live, and his lack of will became a constant thorn in our side. His disappearance was long overdue. Taylor is another story: he's a great friend still, but he just couldn't keep up as far as the speed was concerned, particularly with the new material. We wish him all the luck for the future.
Is the present line-up going to remain solid now?
Absolutely. Myself, Gene and Tony are the mainstays for sure! Fanatical, passionate, persevering. Number four will be the trick!
John's replacement, Tony Laureano, played with Malevolent Creation and Acheron I understand. Would you say he's brought an influence unto the song-writing?
Tony has brought quite an influence in Angelcorpse. He is an incredible drummer, and with his skills, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. We just finished the aforementioned March recording today, and the new version of "When Abyss Winds Return" is proof enough! Over the top hellish mayhem. That is what defines Angelcorpse: a lack of parameters, a denial of limits... With Tony we are complete: speed, endurance, agility - the elements that must be extolled.
Speaking of Acheron, I hear Bill Taylor is now playing with Acheron?
Yeah, apparently he's rehearsing with them now, and will be recording with them in the near future.
I've heard a few stories of why Order from Chaos disbanded. To get the story straight, tell us the truth behind this...
Ahh the truth... It's all relative I suppose, but here goes. Originally when OFC was in its heyday (93-94), there was talk among certain members to quit after 3 albums. You know, the three album jinx that occurs to most bands: 3 great ones, and then only crap... Among certain members. And considering that by early 95, with the recording of

"An Ending in Fire" in full swing, and publicity and response picking up, I myself (and drummer Mike Miller) thought it insane to quit. Not Chuck Keller, the guitarist. So as the mixing concluded on "An Ending in Fire", (May 95) Keller quit: despite the fact that a short tour was being set up for the US, and our second album "Dawn Bringer" was finally released.... Poor timing doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

And the rest is history. I was running by the time my feet hit the ground. Gene moved down by June 95, songs were written, and the rest.... I've already gone through that. A Phoenix born of the fallen age, when abyss winds return. True vindication: creation from destruction - order from chaos. And probably the best thing that could have happened: Keller was obviously dead wood I was dragging around, with nothing more to offer. And what has become of him? I haven't looked back.
On the topic, 'An Ending in Fire' was released after Order From Chaos disbanded. Tell us the reasons behind its release, etc.?
I myself masterminded that release. I spoke with Herve from Osmose, who's always been a fan of OFC, and we agreed for a limited release of "An Ending In Fire" (which had never seen the light because who in the hell would release an album of a band that has broken up? OFC's split wasn't "the best public relations move ever" that Keller had stated it would be...) as well as a re-release of the out of print "Stillbirth Machine" debut album from 91, complete with the "Crushed Infamy" 89 demo as bonus. Both CDs came out Sept 98, sound and look excellent, so now the OFC legacy is complete.
Tell us about the book you've written, 'The Conqueror Manifesto.' in as much detail as possible and the motivation behind this.
I'm going to cheat on this own, because it's rather difficult for me to be concise on this issue. Therefore I've included the paragraph concerning my book that appears on the ads...

"In the spirit of Crowley's "Book of the Law", Nietzsche's "Antichrist", and Redbeard's "Might is Right", "The Conqueror Manifesto" hails the Self-Will as Father of All. Through the heightening of the two Creative attributes of Strength & Wisdom, "The Conqueror Manifesto" details how humankind can embark on the Quest towards the Plateau of Invincibility and attain Godhood (Homodeus). This process - termed Heretic Supremacy - is fully elaborated with Philosophical, Occultural, and Historical examples. In addition, an apologetic discussion of the both the Swastika and the Pentacle, Historical perspectives on various Judeo-christian myths, the relevance of amoral 'eye for an eye' ethics on modern day society, and numerous other 'forbidden' topics, fully complete this work. Written at the end of the 20th century, "The Conqueror Manifesto" appears to be either the last gasp of an ancient glorious era, or the threshold to an even greater Age. Will we engender the fierce spirit? Only the next century will tell..."

What can I say? It's well written, well referenced, has fantastic artwork courtesy of Joe Craig... 90 pgs, $13, available from:

P.O.Box 8458
Victoria BC, Canada V8W 3S1

Explain to us your thoughts on Judeo-Christianity.
Slavery. And self inflicted at that. A devaluation of life, a mass mediocrity, a plague, a curse on the last twenty centuries...
What would you say are the reasons for Christianity's widespread following over the years? Do you ever see an age without it?
A comment that Anton LaVey made concerning this is most applicable, and this is coming from a man that isn't much of a LaVey fan. He stated something like this: folks are followers, they are just following the wrong thing. When the proper time comes, and the proper ideology, there won't be a need to destroy the Christians. Their eyes will open and they will see. They will follow. Democracy, National Socialism and Stalinism commanded such power to sway people in their heydays, but we know that those weltanschauung were ultimately doomed to failure. When the much talked about new way (day) arrives, and if it is presented and represented correctly, the folk will swoon. And march.
And what about Paganism...your thoughts?
More archaic nonsense that should better be left undisturbed. Shall we look into the future now, rather than the past? Certainly, the archetypes personified by various deities do command respect, and acknowledgment, but the time has come to move forward. Beyond religion is the truth. Is the self.
What would you say is one of the single most important things in life?
Pride. In one's self and one's actions. To sleep at the end of each day knowing that the things accomplished were the greatest that one could command. And to wake the next day and will to eclipse yesterday's deeds.
Isolate for us one of your deepest hatreds... what would it be?
I loathe ignorance. That is the main reason why things are as they are. Folks not only do not understand, they simply are not aware of what to understand. How can one instruct if the recipient is complacently unaware of the problem? It is tragic. And frightening. The 'wisdom' that popular culture teaches, the 'logic' that education teaches, the 'experience' that modern society teaches... Lies at best, foolhardiness otherwise. And yet we continue down this path; society continues to propel itself headlong towards the cliff. Lemmings?
Do you foresee a radical change on the horizon of society and man, a sort of social upheaval some might call 'doomsday?'
Cataclysmic change is always for the best. Neater, cleaner, more passionate and more thorough. When a 'new way' is debated, it is already defeated. All cycles fall as inevitably as they rose. And current trends and systems are showing cracks. That which is falling should be pushed. Thus spake Zarathustra.
Do you think a darker age is inevitable?
Indeed. Every day brings us closer. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Hypothetically, if these things were to occur tomorrow... war, disease, famine, pestilence, etc., outside your door, what would be your first steps toward survival?
Grab my survival kit and head for the hills.

1 liter bottle of Old Crow
1 pair clean socks
3 sleeveless t-shirts
1 set extra boot laces
1 goatskin (my 12 year old leather jacket!)
1 box of condoms
1 Sodom "Obsessed by Cruelty" album
$47 spending cash (the booze might run out!)

Shit, sounds more like a tour to me!
When you ponder death, what do fathom awaits you?
Food for worms. However, it is actions and deeds that make men immortal, because if you actually have an effect on things, then your name (because of your ideas) lingers on. For example: I am a seed, and I - my message - grow into a tree because of the influence my message carries. That is what awaits beyond death. If you so deserve.
Name some humans of the past whom you respect for either their minds or achievements.
Alexander the Great. So young and so inexorable. Genghis Khan. The ultimate conqueror - purest lightning. Jack London and Ernest Hemmingway: literary brilliance, with an understanding of the logic and cruelty of the natural world. Cliff Burton - the major rager on the four string motherfucker. Cronos.
There is an old Germanic saying, which we'll quote roughly for your comment: 'A young boy asks his mother; "Mother, how does one become famous...?" The mother looks to her son and replies: "There are two ways, build great civilizations, or destroy them..." What is your favorite conqueror of the past and why? And if you had the choice, would you build or destroy?
Savitri Devi, in her book "The Lightning and the Sun" discusses two great destroyers at length: Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler. In her eyes, both these figures were not merciless enough - they let too many slip from their grasp - perhaps due to their human fallibities. In many ways Devi is correct: a true conqueror, a true destroyer, often wages war purely for the sake of it. However, from this destruction should necessarily come creation. In the case of Europe, it was only after the defeat of Hitler's Germany (and the destruction and chaos that resulted in 6 years of warfare) that Western Europe rose to economic ascendance on a level with the US. Even in geo-political terms, Natural Selection dictates that which will survive. Thus National Socialism was a flawed and therefore doomed path. And ironically, the prosperity that Hitler so desired for Germany evolved after all, but not in the manner that he had set in motion in 1933. So what does all that mean? And what of my answer to the question? Destruction for the sake thereof - random, wanton, meaningless on the surface - wild, natural: pure. Without purpose. Without purpose? Never: to build things back a better way.
Finally, tell us what is in store for the future of Angel Corpse? Future plans?
Well, "Hammer of Gods" was re-released while we were away in Feb, so now it's available again: remastered, new layout and two bonus tracks. But our main concern is "The Inexorable", which will certainly continue the Angelcorpse tradition of speed and brutality. Watch for it and beware! Also, Angelcorpse has an official website at:

Unofficial Angelcorpse page


Snail mail:
P.O.Box 273797
Tampa FL 33688
fax: 813.985.9854

Lastly, final comments and words of wisdom.
Weltmacht oder Neidergang. Vae victis. And a few lines of lyrics:

"The walls of space shall not define
Nor walls thrown up enclose our vault
And as if borne from distant stars
We rage against the bastion of
That which remains unshattered"

- Stormgods Unbound

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