The following interview is done with MkM...

For the book, begin with an introduction to AntaeuS.
MkM : Fairly generik, one creates, then it goes on for some time, then it fades…and dies. 1993 was the very beginning, I did join later in 1994. I am now the only former member, and AntaeuS as of today is nothing.

Tell us about your 'rekordin 2000-1" MCD. Does the title imply you won't release anything else till 2002?
« Rekording 2000 – 1 », means more « rekording 2000 minus 1 » I wanted to have something restriktive, like a backward reading, some negative point added to the whole. No releases were planned when we did rekord this MCD. Aktually this release was out because we had some opportunities to rekord for free, AntaeuS is a band close to death all the time, we have no cash, very little support and we never get anything from our live shows. We all have work besides the band and we are all in others formations or underground aktivities, AntaeuS is my main koncept though, and it has been even more like that since 1997. (I honestly can say that I didn't care much of the band in the 1993/1996 era, spk and impaired were more valuable for me)

MkM You've signed a three-record deal with Killjoy's Baphomet Records. The first will be a re-release of your LP version of your MCD. Any idea yet what the next CD will sound like? I presume it will be a full-length this time?
MkM : You are close to korrekt, though the first release is a full length inkluding the MCD. I shall say it is a three part rekording:

First part has the « MCD » tracks (Inner war / seventh ceremony)
Sekond is a brand new rekording of 5 tracks. (devotee /those with no eyes / specimen 23 / bleeding / nihil khaos)
Third is a live track (daemon, live 1999)

We had no money or so for the budget, Killjoy did help us with 500 usd, some money had to be used to get the dat, the master tape and to have the lay out done, so in the end we did record for 300 usd. When you consider that a small studio with ok equipment cost 300 per day at least, we had to pay some more ourselves. (well I paid to sum up correktly).
We did rekord in three half days. We were in a rush, so we did the very best we could spawn in these few hours time. My only regret would be on the sound, part 1 & 2 are a bit different. But then again, it shows us and the evolution.
After that, we did work on all those intros/outros with the drummer. Got timo of Davthvs to do our lay out (he did something amazing for us, I hail him totally for that, his previous work was for his 'zine (killer), Marduk (panzer division), funeral mist (devilry), triumphator (MCD killer)…)
Baphomet will have our CD pressed via necropolis, it was meant to be out in June 2000 in the UsA, but I think it will be out later, we did agree on some points with Killjoy about that and he gets my full support. The play time is 34 min, and I think that it is the normal playtime for an album of this kind, there is no interest in getting a 74 min hyper blast violent album, those 34 min are an open door to Khaos. Just the feel of it.

My only complaint about the deal with Baphomet would be that they had their license sold to Hammerheart records, and I don't trust the work of Hammerheart at all. I support Baphomet totally, but this license deal leaves me puzzled.

About our LP version, it was meant to be out on eal first, but I couldn't afford paying for it, so we got dropped, after that, solid prod. from Sweden approached us, but again after weeks of wait, no news, so we assume we couldn't agree on something (though he is doing great job), we are now discussing with Ajna Offensive and Stephen O'malley about a possible release with him for this LP version. Honestly, I would be honoured to work about this man since I hail his dedication to the extreme in all its forms since the first Descent mag. Nothing is done yet. But we shall know soon.

I understand from your webpage that you left the band back in 1997 for a while. The reasons behind this?
MkM : To be more correkt, I got fired. I decided to take a rest from a job, I told the guyz I would go to Texas for a while, a month or so, they got mad at me because I would miss some rehearsals, when I came back I found out they went on spreading flyers about getting a new vokalist. They tried, some had pretty good vokal skills, but no one can match me in the area. So we did talk about all that, managed to agree on some points, and I took back again the AntaeuS koncept under my kontrol.

Some of the band pictures are quite bloody we've seen. Your thoughts and personal reasons behind self-mutilation?
MkM : I rejekt the gift of life, I reform myself, like some would use the visuals of tattoos and piercing, while I feel more confident with razors, knives or burning stuff. When I'm done, no one will stand in my way. But the work is daily and I feel the cuts everyday, my diabetes makes my healing pretty bad and all got complicated. So it is like a daily torture on a small level. It provides me pain and Hate. The visual is about negativism of the Self, though one should praise his Ego even higher if he has a link with Him. Also, I love the taste of blood. Which drove me first to cut myself, nothing to do with vampiric stuff or anything, Itz like a cyclik gate. I have a fascination for the inside, I wish I could taste a woman that way to make sure their blood would be equally good as their ideas, or their physic outlook. We all have fantasies don't we ?

I can imagine an Antaeus show as being extremely charged with energy. Especially keeping in mind your violent and chaotic sound, and views to match. Tell us about your experiences playing live? Do you derive a sort of emotional release through playing live? A vent of sorts, perhaps akin to self-mutilation even. What are some of the positive and negative experiences you've thus far experienced doing live shows?
MkM : Our shows are violent and we have been described like a wall of Hate, which sums up my opinion on how we should sound. Yes we sound very khaotik, sadly I only did witness our shows a month after we did them, and on videos, so I couldn't be objektive.
Stage wise, I am always pissed and I would complain about nothing being done properly, I never got return amps, so luckily we rehearse enough for me to know by heart or so the tracks and their struktures. We do have around 250 and up to 400 people to each show we did. We did reach somehow a Kult status in the parisian area, since we did keep on playin' the same musik over and over again while other bands did either fade away or wimped like fucking fags.
The self mutilation is part of me, but I only did it once on stage, and I thought it was a mistake, people might have seen it as a way to sell the band, and I am against that, we use the visual, but I won't do it again, unless I get really in the correkt mood on time. Nothing is planned, only one thing is sure, I release Hate and Fury. Shows are killing me, we do not pretend, we are how we are, audience and freakz know that, we have respekt for all those who show up and get violent under our aura. For they are the real underground. Positivism is seen through Hate and the fakt we get many death threats, but no one comes to face us while we do shows. (only once, one guy did smash a bottle in my face during a gig, not a smart move from this asshole, he got smashed, and his fag band battlehorns is seen like a gathering of wimps now). Negativism , well it is more down to earth, even with 400 people coming in, we never get paid for shows, and we do lose tons of money, that is why I do avoid getting on bills now. Each gig is a minimum loss of 100 usd for me (since I am the only one paying in the band). I hate Jewish business in metal, but there is no one around organizing gigs in Paris apart from them. The only two worthy girls doing gigs decided to stop for a while.

Someone has described a live show of Antaeus as "25 minutes of hell on earth." Further describing you as "convulsed, completely sick & possessed by evil, screaming, spitting, grinning... " I'm sure you're familiar with this show review posted on your site. Let us though go beyond the eyes of the spectator and into MkM for a moment. As the onlookers are witnessing Antaeus in action, what thoughts are racing through your mind? What energies flow with you during these performances...?
MkM : Aktually, those words were unknown to me until you mentioned them again, I'm not responsible for the AntaeuS site and I do submit some visuals and some texts sometimes, but it is mainly the work of Ophth. (aka David Markey).
About those words, I think they managed to sum up pretty perfektly how I akt while performing the vektor AntaeuS.
Musik wise, AntaeuS gets me in a state of Anger & Hate, I assume I'm getting the status of dealer of such vektor while we perform, I'm one with the whole, we all interact in this « khaos ».
Our live shows do suffer from many problems, including lack of decent equipment supply from the places we played at, so most of the time, we decide to play at maxxximum volume with our own amps and the result is a wall of noise & Vio Len Ce. All is meant to create something, we are truly pissed all the time, and I'm maybe one the most down to earth and rational members of the band. When we do gather (only for rehearsal and gigs), the mix of all of us has this result.
And I feel lucky to have some health and mind problems that allow me to get into such a trance-like situation, where I'm not truly conscious of what is going on most of the time.
Last show we did, I became blind due to high blood pressure, so basikally, no one did notice a thing compared to past shows, though I was focusing myself on other senses « sound, heat, sweat and the aura spread around the pit », it always turns into a fight at least, and I can feel it, it gets my whole sexual energy focused and I truly think that my wish of Sex is as strong as my wish for murder on such cases. It takes me hours to slow down after… maybe because I don't want to.
Some minors problems after AntaeuS gigs would be my blood probs (diabetes, increase of sugar in my blood, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, nervous attackz, heart palpitations, eyes related headache, getting blind for some hours, muscles convulsions…)
I think that due to my MinD probs, I should go on taking those pills given by the Doktors when I had this extensive stay in a hospital. But I feel like the only use for these would be to be mixed up with alcohol. Strong destruktive effectz. On me and the outside me.
I want people to feel me, as much as I feel them as a whole, I wish I could fuck all of them, I wish them all death, and I hope they Hate me and understand what is true Black Metal.
Nothing to praise musik wise, but concept wise, yez, that is what it should be.

The bands message is one of chaos, among other things. Surely this is motivated, at least in part, by a great discontent of people and the world in general. The hatred and contempt that builds within you, where shall it find its release, when music for you is no more?
MkM : The world has no value as of now, the only things that got my attention would be the architekture of nowadays world, I like industrialized empty cities, like in England where some foundries area are dead, I love the feeling of death surrounding these places, it is a true void I can't escape.
I'm expelled from there and I'm breathing this air.
I have nothing in common with those nature lovers related.
Those pagan aktivitists mean nothing to me, I understand their fight, agree on some points, disagree on others.
They are way too linked with the past, while others are the future Death.
Our Khaos is my Own, I am very possessive on that subjekt.
That is what is leading our discussion on this « me vs others ». Well, I am not a misanthrope, I find it amuzing to witness others people's « rise and fall ». We are all providers. I am dealing things myself, I need people to get things from me, thus we are in kontakt.
I'm nothing like « friendship », kall me « disease ».
Like AIDS is nowadays the most controversed sexual disease, I feel like considering Hate as way more important, and it has been this way for centuries.
We take many shapes, we have one goal.
I won't see the viktory, but at least, I worked on His path.
Musik is only one side. But this side has multiple effekts, so I don't plan on dropping this media.

The slogan used by Antaeus, "Anti God, Anti Music, Anti You." Tell us what motivation lies behind those words, its deeper meaning?
MkM : Those past years, with the coming of the new millennium, we have all seen this increasing amount of new devotion, the fear was there, and we did grow on it, all of us. While some did find the redemption in gods, be it allah, god, or any others icon. I had this truly sarcastic look upon all this. Humans are weak and seek always a deeper meaning for things, and I feel truly the opposite.
I am rather rational, I want Hate, and I want Pain for the people.
On a personal level, that would make me pleased, I would like to share their Pain, but sorry for them, they are bound with these bullshit religions, so their pain is way more confliktual than the one I would get.
So let's say that the torture is better that way.
We are Anti , because of the « negativism » behind link with all this. It is offensive of course, but then again, all is about media and communication.
The problem would be to lie about us, but I don't.
Anti music, well, I meant that nowadays scene, which was once extreme, turned into a mellow pop alike boring atmospheric scene, where death metal à la Inflames sounds like a rock band even less aggressive than a 70's band.
It means nothing to me, and I hate them all. They provide nothing but « happiness » and « cool hype image ». Makes me wanna puke, it is NON REPULSIVE.
AntaeuS is repulsive to many, now that's a reward ! ! !
About anti you, it sounds pretty much clear.
As simple as two words put together. And I truly mean it.

You've expressed a belief in Satanism, which seems to be a vague word, especially these days, with so many self-styled beliefs. What does the term mean to you personally?
MkM : Satanism took many shapes, like He has. I do relate to some, while not to others, I did study books, essays, poetry in the past related to Satanism, I got in touch with the order of the evil eye, the temple of set, some occult organisations in New Zealand (which seemed to have quite a few people involved, great country it seems), and even the very controversed CoS.
I had some interesting reading, others got very boring and too cliché for my taste. It gets interesting when it isn't too much meant for the « lambda freak who thinks about SataN ». The COS is way too much Americanized for me, all these mercantilists ideas and so on, well I did skip that, while other works (like P Gilmore mags, and even some LaVey statements) were more of my interest.

Yes, you are right with this interrogation « why so many self styled beliefs ? »
I would say that Satanism is a well organized Khaos, and it can take as many shapes as possible, unless the goal is the same.
If Satanism is wicca for you, then I will skip your opinion.

If one should praised individuality and rejekt one god, it is not to adopt another one.
The book of F.N of Zarathoustra managed to sum up how I view things, this book is really something I relate to. Very interesting, many interpretations, very mathematiks for me. If there was one book to read, it would be this one, but then again, how could one understand its whole. A great piece of literature.

What is the current state of Spikekult Rekords? Its future plans? The reasons for its existence is?
MkM : Tricky question.
SpK got formed on a very simple basis, I wanted to support demo bands, some bands you would never see in bigger labels because of their sound or images.
I started it in '93, doing only a few demos here and there. I did grow up when I did sell around 120 demos of In the Woods (nor), who had a good demo out back then (even if they managed to disappoint me to the higher possible state with their releases on CD). I did many trades, got my name spread, and I managed to get very interesting kontakts, we did share words, opinions. It wasn't tape trading like I used to do. I always thought back in '91 that the tape trading scene wasn't how I wanted it to be.
Most people wanted to get the bigger list possible, without even paying attention to the bands, I got up to 8.000 titles back then, and I knew maybe 2/3 of it. I grew tired of all this, so I did keep in touch with serious traders, deeply in the scene and very aware of who they had in their list, many of them did start bands or now bigger mags. They still have my respekt.
SpK was meant to distribute demos only, I did produce a few demos myself, only raw & satanik bands, stuff that couldn't sell more than 200 kopies… I think that we found people into our work, and we now feel like they are a part somehow of the SpK koncept.
My only mistake was to release a MCD of a Swedish band, having necromicon band members in it, they had an amazing raw reh' sent to me, and I thought that this was one of the most insane reh' I ever got ! I signed them, got them on MCD digipack, and the sound was clean and soft, I was really puzzled on how a band could change in less than a year. Anyway we sold 1500 copies of it.
We also did co-produce the AntaeuS MCD with End All Life prod, 500 copies only, sold out. And these demos, Deviant / Mysteriis (fr) – 200 copies sold out, Centurion Centauri / thylord (fr) – 200 copies sold out, Eternal Majesty (fr) « dark empire » demo 350 copies, sold out. And the Antaeus / eternal majesty split tape (666 copies sold out).
The last release was the GRAND BELIAL'S KEY ep « tricifixion of swine » limited to 300 kopies (co-produced with eal again) and also sold out.
Now the two next releases are the split CD of JUDAS ISCARIOT (us) / KRIEG (us) / ETERNAL MAJESTY (fr) / MACABRE OMEN (gre) , 71 mins of raw underground black metal. I've finished the lay out today and I'm getting the CD master in the coming days, so it should be out soon, limited to 300 kopies. Also we did get to release the EP of French kommando ARKHON INFAUSTUS, including an Osculum Infame member, AntaeuS member (drummer), and ex singer of EPIC (French bm).
Their musik is like a sick mix of Blasphemy / Beherit / Dark Throne and Incantation. It is insane Satanik Hate.
The EP will come out in 300 Kopies and a patch of the band will be enclosed.

Is Impaired 'Zine still in operation?
MkM : As of now, my answer would be NO. But I still have some work already completed, and regards to the bands and individuals who did spend time answering my questionz and sending me materials, I have to find a way to have all this work spread somewhere, but then again, it has to fulfill the void I did have with ImpaireD, if it goes for a generic 'zine with no substance nor filth, then it is not valuable at all.
Lethargie 'zine from France managed to get my attention, they had a very promising debut issue for such a young 'zine, I will submit some of my words / blood, and see if they can add it to their very own pulse. I've also in mind to spend some time on having it on the net, somewhere… just to see how this media works 'zine wise, up to now apart from Mourning the ancient & Apostasia webzine, I haven't been too much into « ezine », they lack of concept most of the time, the generik interviews of Makahru managed to get my eyes witnessing other's words, though I would complain on the minimalistik visual surrounding it.

The current state of metal these days grows quite pathetic in my opinion. Far too many 'representing' black metal who haven't the slightest clue about what it represents. Your thoughts on this? What does it represent to you?
MkM : Yes, it turned out pathetik, I agree, but the pathetik side has to be put aside, for they are nothing for us, while they are what the others focus on. It is a world of gossip and backstabbing, I hope they die. Black Metal represents me as much as I represent Him.
If one asks my opinion on nowadays scene, well as always, the scene is 90% boring and worthless, while the 10% are arrogant. I stand on the side of arrogance then. With the years, I managed to have a truly wide knowledge concerning who was who, and who pretends to be someone they weren't.
I know who I can trust, I know who gets my sarcasm.
But we are learning everyday, teaching as well.
It is a path, no matter who gets in it, it has to reach a goal.
To quote Belphagor of Ofermod : « Black Metal lyriks ain't nothing, unless you truly plan on achieving your words one day ». I would have added « or get someone to do that in your name, or His name… »

Speaking of bands, I have to admit I did grow a bit surprised when I got to learn more about the US black metal scene, which was rather nonexistent for some years, now your country managed to have some real people involved, though they are all over your country, not like those dm scenes (Florida, NY and so on). So I assume this scene isn't very « united » somehow.
I hail the work of Thornspawn, Incantation, Necrophagia, Immolation, Krieg and many others… your country is one of the few in which 99% of the people I write with are truly dedicated and have all my respect.
While France do provide a pretty good amount of gay losers, while Germany is getting worse and worse in my opinion (apart from some very few people, katharsis, sombre records, now your ex fellow man Akhenaten and some others…)

You've expressed a belief in 'order from chaos.' That through the problems and ever growing destructive state of society a new one shall be built from its ruins. At this point, I'd have to agree, it's the only way things will change now. Things have gone too far. But it's easy to envision the same disease inflicting the survivors, the ones to rebuild the new world. It's a human disease. And where there will be humans there will be utter stupidity, senseless foolishness. And that ever prevalent disease reoccurring like some terminal plague. Your thoughts? The solution?!


Beyond the commonly expressed hatred's of Christianity, what are your personal reasons for hating it? What made you first realize your hate for it?
MkM : I hate the social values built upon Christianity, the idea to worship a book of lies made by morons is not really something I can relate to. Though I enjoy the hypocrisy of most religions, I feel more pity for those who follow such a path of lights. They are the weak and I hate them.
Muslims and Jews get even more of my wrath, Christianity is on its decline already, and I'm not located in a country where its effects could be anything against me. Though I could be again in troubles for « propaganda for racial violence or attack on the morality values » I managed to get accused of some years back.
I got to read their « holy » books and got to think that the whole thing is bullshit, some very bad book of the law, something to be based on, morality and so on, that bores me.
Predators and prey, that sums up my vision of things. Way more simple, yes as difficult in its achievements. The USA is still very much under the claws of xtianity, so I assume it must get on your nerves to see a church on every corner of the street. And I won't talk about those TV shows about god and so on… this goes beyond me…

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?

« Do you truly love me ? »

It would be « of course ».

Because I speak of his tongue, He is the Prince of Lies.

Do you have a belief in living on in some way after material death? Where do you see such things?
MkM : I would give you an example.

If I want to remain eternal in some way, I'll go and find some people, kill and rape their family and only leave the youngest one to live on, so he will carry with him all the Hate I had, all that I gave to him, and hopefully he will get his wrath spread in the future. In my name, and he will hate me for some more decades.

If you could choose the etching on your gravestone, what might it be?
MkM : « you're coming next. ».
Weird, this question, I did ask it often to bands for my 'zine, and I never had to think of it for my own. I got a few gravestone offered to me, even one sent when I got death threats. The most lovely one was « I'm a proud dead Jew », which was somehow ironic when I discovered that the guy sending that to me was named « cohen ». I assume he sent me HIS own gravestone.

Back to Antaeus... tell us about what we can expect for its future. Can we expect to hear female vocals and violins in a future Antaeus recording?! (sarcasm... )
MkM : Yes, aktually you will hear more female vocals, but those would be mixed and pitched vocals of Diamanda Galas, taken from her « saints of the pits » album. I love the work on her voice and she is a true inspiration, schizophrenik art, insane and chilling screams. One could see angels & demons coming out of her throat while singing.
If you meant women pretending to sing, then no. I would like to take some more visual pictures with women, since most of them hold a true evil aura for they create lust and provide Pain. I even have to admit I know more sick women than sick men. They can go beyond extreme easier.
About violins and other wimp stuff, I shall say that AntaeuS is deeply an extreme metal band, so we will stick to our line-up when it comes to guitars/bass/drums and amps to the maximum.

Lastly, we thank you for your time and thoughts. Final comments to your comrades and your enemies worldwide?
MkM : I highly did anticipate this interview, as said earlier, Mourning the Ancient is one of the few valuable e-zines, so I did wonder on how things could turn out. It is non-generik, interesting, thought providing and got me in a bad mood, so I hail this work.

For the rest, both of them-


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